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Default Stop the insanity!

I really wish people would quick the bickering and talk about bikes once in a while.
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Default Re: Stop the insanity!

Bikes? As in bicycles?

Who here owns a Trek?

Now, who owns one O' them Mal~Wart specials.................
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Default Re: On the contary my poor misguided friend

"I think perhaps that YOU Sir, are not in possession of the facts of the PRESENT."

Time will surely tell.
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Default Re: Stop the insanity!

I'm guilty of "going political" here but believe I usually respond in agreement or disagreement to a post. I could take it or leave it although all told I prefer it.

I do think it's a legitimate gripe by those that don't like it. Maybe MO could set up "moderate" somehow with a "Political" so those disinclined would have some relief?

I wouldn't censure myself and could enjoy the free-for-all that erupts on occasion around here while those that don't like it could have an experience more closely resembling what they're looking for here.
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Default Re: uhhhh.......

And adding to that is another "scientific" article I ran across today - http://www.spacedaily.com/reports/Ex...rth_999.htm l. Okay, that's an overly-dramatic title, but essentially a team of Danish scientists have proven that electrons produced by cosmic rays are a factor in cloud nucleation in the lower atmosphere. So presumably they're a factor in global _cooling_. Problem is, the sun's magnetic field has been expanding "during the 20th century", reducing this effect. So theoretically, this could be a global warming factor.

There's other research I've seen documented from Israel and Germany; measurements of how much sunlight certain agricultural areas received over several decades, and indications there are that upper level pollution, in particular jet contrails, are causing upper level cloudiness which would seem to be a factor alleviating global warming.

So who's right? Are we causing it with nasty exhaust fumes, is it part of a natural cycle, or are the Cylons pointing big magnets at the sun to extend its magnetosphere and bring an end to mankind?

All that being said, I live in an area (Denver) with 'way too many "brown cloud" days, and I believe we need to stay focused on NOT messin' our own nest (and I include the entire planet in that description). On the other hand, the native Arapahoe were surprised when white settlers parked themselves here; they referred to the area as "The Valley of Smokes" and wouldn't camp here more than a night at a time. Ah, the joys of temperature inversion. All the catalytic converters and draconian transportation laws in the world may not help this purely local issue in any significant way.
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Default Re: uhhhh.......

Well, maybe someone in my family does suffer from two the diseases you mentioned. I fully agree that research needs to be done, and you are right on the money about the journalists. They repeat whatever they are told. The outrageous statements are the ones that really get them excited.

I still maintain that the esteemed scientists who are making the doomsday predictions are trying to one-up each other to get the money. The arguments they present are not total BS. They are putting forth some good ideas for discussion. Competition is tight for research money. You are right again when you point out that we've seen deep cuts in spending for medical reearch. But we all know why the cuts have occurred; the war is eating us alive. We''ve gotta pay for it somehow, and maybe even find some more cash for some future war activities. That's the top priority; war seems to be the current administration's answer to everything.

I'll make myself clear: I am totally fed up with the current administration. I don't have to knock them; their record speaks for itself. But I still don't buy the way some scientists are skewing the numbers and running the computer models when it comes to the definite warming trend we are experiencing. It's good theory, but it is not fact, and they are doing themselves a disservice by presenting all the extreme statements as proven, scientific fact.

The oil company guys could use computer models and such "data" to prove that what each person on the planet really needs is a Ford Excursion. They aren't trying to sell us that one yet, because most people would find such an idea laughable at best. And Ford doesn't even make the Excursion anymore, anyway.

So I'm not disputing the need for research OR the fact that there is some large-scale, human-sourced trashing of the planet occurring. I just want the scientists to present their ideas as ideas instead of hard facts. They can't take one or two measurements and make note of a glacier that's melting and declare that they know the one big reason for their three observations. The clmate is a lot more complicated than that. I say, let's do the best research we can with the conditions that exist and make some solid plans for addressing the problems.

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Default Re: Excellent Post oldtim too intelligent for MO

By actual measure the average IQ of college students drops between admission and graduation.

Send an idiot to college and what do you get? A college educated idiot.
"Make no mistake, Communism lost a big argument - one we know today as the 20th century."
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