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Default Re: Macau GP Reader Feedback

I agree...16 paragraphs of buildup and one paragraph of letdown. Finish the article.


It's true that many of us hit this site several times a day and are inflating the numbers. This is especially true when you have these kinds of forums which encourage people to keep reconnecting to check responses to their posts. I've been visiting this site now for more than a year and have recommended it to several other people. I would be happy to contribute if the services and quantity/quality of articles were enhanced. I check this site frequently (especially during the winter) only to find that there's nothing new for weeks at a time. $50 dollars will buy me a subscription to a good European sportbike magazine which has current reviews, product information, articles of interest and (semi)naked women. You may have to give us a little more if you want more from us.
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Default Re: Macau GP Reader Feedback--The End?

And so, like the article, the discussion seems to have ended--unfinished and unsatisfying. Nothing more from the staff?
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Default Re: Macau scaffolding

Interesting that you note the bamboo scaffolding ... one of the first things that struck me when I moved to Hong Kong. But builders here claim the Western style steel-legos are less safe because they don't bend with the wind (this is absolutely true). More important, bamboo goes up in minutes vs. days (you have to see this ... the workers clime up to the end of a 20 foot pole, held only to the lower scaffolding garbage ties, and swinging around, attach the cross-members with more ties. gutsy.

I'm not sure I'd like to race at Macau either, given the nature of the track (let alone the bettors ... gambling is roughly 50% of Macaus economy). But ... you should go up to ZhuHai right across the border ... the track looks fine until you hit the bathrooms (squat toilets ... primative ...ugh!)

Unfortunately, ZhuHai is closed now ... while the Chinese customs officials figure out how to extort more money from the racers. Seems that everytime there is a 'mistake' found in a manifest on one of those big boxes you spoke of, the offending asset had to be confiscated. The customs guys in ZhuHai have the best racing gear around.

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Default Re: Macau GP Reader Feedback

for more on macau check out

www.asiabiker.com and follow the story there....there is a full 2001 report (from late November) and some local lads story
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You GO! HAGA!!!

What a super nice letter of complain. With backed-up info and sincere fire!

...don t need to apologize at the end though...when you tell it like it is the apology should come from them!
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