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Default Re: Victory Early '07 Line-Up

While I expect Option A is the most likely to go into production, Option C is the one I want to see production. I doubt I'd be able to afford one, but I kind of like the over the top Buck Rodgers styling.
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Default Re: Victory Early '07 Line-Up

Wow, Victory Kingpin Tour...18k...Makes the Harley look like a reasoanble purchase. For the same money one can get a roadglide, which has cruise control, a stereo system w/CB, and frame mounted fairing. Not to mention a seat that isn't a maxi thin. Victory doesn't get it. They should fire the Nesses and stop watching american chopper idiots. For 5K+ less, one could get a Nomad or Royal Star Tour Deluxe and put on their own trunk, or for a few dollars more, get a K1200LT or Goldwingn (or a Royal Star Venture for less). Sometimes I wonder what kind of crack marketing people smoke.
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Default Re: Victory Early '07 Line-Up

Re: The concepts... I don't know what it'll eventually look like, and I know it'll be more money than I can ever spend, but I've been wondering why someone doesn't build an aerodynmic bike with cruiser ergos. I would love an FZ6 that sits like a VStar Classic!

The Victory sketches all had sportbike fairings! They'll improve gas mileage a bunch that way, and the front wheel will stay planted when the wind is high.
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Default Re: Victory Early '07 Line-Up

Option A is ok. The rest really blow. They should get Stan Lee from Marvel Comics to sketch up something. That top box on Opt A looks as if it is ready to unload. I wish these manufacturers would see if they could get their luxoboats down to around 450 lbs. The lighter they get these things the better the gas mileage and easier to handle. How about a direct injected 2-stroke V-twin with continuously variable auto tran like the tranny they have on my Prius.
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Default Re: Victory Vegas

"I have come to chew bubble-gum, and kick ass. And I'm all out of bubble-gum............"

You'll need either more ammunition, or more gum to have a good time in Vegas these days!

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Default Re: Victory Early '07 Line-Up

Yup, they're purdy. But how 'bout this for a concept.....a good looking cruiser that would actually turn, stop, be comfortable, and get up and go?? Lessee, shouldn't be too tough: 1) real brakes (a la sportbike heritage); 2) a frame with a little ground clearance and reasonably quick steering thrown in (do we really NEED a 25" seat height??); 3) lose those insidiously fat rear tires and design a front wheel that will support a real piece of rubber (17" sounds like a pretty good number, ya think?); 4) The Victory V-twin is pretty close, but why do they have to buy their exhaust and frame metal from the same company that supplies armour plating for US Army tanks (if sportbikes get titanium pipes, radial mount brakes, and aluminum frames for 11 grand, why the heck can't these guys stick 'em on these things for 15 to 20 thou'?). With a neat paint job, chrome in the right places, and some modern technology in, it oughta go great, be comfortable, and drop dead gorgeous all at the same time. For years, cruiser buyers have been ripped off for bling, bling looks and gonadus minimus performance. And it's our fault because we have willingly paid inflated dollars for mediocre performance and function in the name of style. It sure would be nice to get a to-die-for figure and haul(a)ss function a a fair price. The fact is, it is doable. Any of this make sense? Whaddaya think?
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Default You talkin'

I completely agree.

To date the attempts at following this recipe have been:

-V-Max. I know, it's not really a cruiser, and it's engine is writing checks that its frame and brakes can't cash. Fun freakin' bike though.

-Harley V-Rod. Nice bike, but not enough clearance or comfort and too raked out.

-Harley Sport Rod. Nicer bike, solid build quality, but too raked out. Anyone else think the ergos are weird?

-Yamaha Warrior. Great performer, but Yamaha missed their chance by not going upscale enough. Too much plastic, weird long tail on the thing...if Yamaha had raised the price point another $3,000 and spent the money on cleaning up the design and quality body parts we might have somethin'.

-Suzuki M-150 or whatever that new 2007 mondo-cruiser is. Nice quality (weird headlight shell, though), asphalt-rippling power, usd forks (yeah, baby), brakes from the GSXR. Closest thing yet but it needs to lose 100 pounds.

So I don't think anyone has really hit the target yet. When they do, a true performance cruiser will sell.
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Default Re: You talkin'

Kawi Meanstreak, got 40,000kms of smiles on mine! Addresses all your negative points above except power. But it has enough power to do what it needs to do and very well.
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