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grimey 03-02-2001 03:52 PM

Re: London Show Feedback
first post...woohoo! ok thats out of my system... now, i want a mv agusta with 4 hot chicks.....aawww

motorpsyche 03-02-2001 05:27 PM

Re: London Show Feedback
I wish bike shows in the U.S. had as much gratuitous female flesh as the European shows. We don't get all the hot bikes the Euros get either! We Americans get the shaft (or belt as in belt drive-ba dom bom) on everything! I may have to move back whence I came.

SB8RC 03-02-2001 08:55 PM

Re: London Show Feedback
ohhh yeah! third post is where its at now baby! first post is beat! ha ha ha! oh and yamaha and fourstrokes and harleys still suck.....

ZR-7 03-03-2001 12:27 AM

Less is more...
The phony "girls degrade the bikes." Save the film - dump the show chicks on the bikes.


fr21555 03-03-2001 04:12 AM

Re: London Show Feedback
Is this show open to general public, or an industry only event? I'd love to go next year if the dates become available. Even if I had to look at butt-ugly crotch rockets, it would still be worth considering. The beer is better too.

CADdriver 03-03-2001 05:54 AM

Re: Keep the Half Naked People Off Home Page
Hey MO, I know I sound like a prude to you but I allow my children to view your site and I would appreciate it if you would not place the partly "naked" people on the home page picture for all to see. Even if within some story please give me some warning. I'd rather not have to "censor" a hobby and website so dear to my heart. Thank you.

AstonMartin 03-03-2001 06:59 AM

Re: London Show Feedback
I knew a comment like this gonna come sooner rather than later. Just a note: motorcycle shows in Europe like that everywhere, even in Germany. Partially naked chicks everywhere, you can drink and/or smoke on the showroom floor. Oh, and it's a family event. People with their kids and wives having fun. You don't have to block the access from your kids to websites where they can see perfectly healthy, young, delicious girls in bikinis... That's just human body, very pleasant for the eyes. It is not porno y'know...

But, then again: I didn't see fully dressed ( boxers on guys, one piece bathing suits on girls, which shows as little as possible ) people on beaches, only in the States. Well, I haven't been in India...yet.

And yes, you're prude. But that's okay, I guess. I feel sorry for your kids, though.

lesanto 03-03-2001 08:14 AM

Re: Keep the Half Naked People Off Home Page
what? so you'd never take your kids to a beach where girls would be wearing just about the same???

Yes, you did sound prudish....

lesanto 03-03-2001 08:18 AM

Re: naked flesh???
I agree with the post above in answer to 'semi naked flesh'. I pity the woman's kids. The girls are wearing at the least a bikini.

My kids wouldn't even consider this weird, or rude, or bad, or the work of the devil, they wouldn't even give it a second look as it's natural. OK OK, my 16 year old boy does give it a second look (and a third and fourth - did I corrupt him by letting him see girls in bikinis as a baby? maybe??), but I reckon that's also natural.

And yes, it was a public access show...

Perhaps you guys stateside should worry about other 'moral' issues, like world starvation, holes in the ozone etc etc...

CADdriver 03-03-2001 09:13 AM

Re: Keep the Half Naked People Off Home Page
The beach is one thing, a public, indoor arena is another. I do not approve of it at the beach but then we frequent more "family" oriented" beaches.

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