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banda 03-02-2001 09:08 AM

Re: Offtopic posts
So why the heck don't you do something about it? Why not use the community moderation/karma incentive that uses?

For those not familiar, each regular reader has the chance to be a "moderator" on any given day. You log in, and you get a message that says you have 5 moderation points to play with. You can use those moderation points to add or subtract "points" from any post in a conversation that you have not yet posted to. The result is that each post gets a point total that reflects how a random sample of the readership feels about that post's insightfulness, informative value or whatever. First Post idiots get points taken away from them if moderators don't like reading "First Post" all the time.

Each user that acts as a moderator has his/her own running point total that reflects the actions of other moderators on his/her posts and whether or not the user uses his/her moderator points to point out good stuff or to stomp on garbage. That point total is called Karma, and it's easily viewable by anyone. The karma total is a good incentive to users to post and moderate in a way that benefits the community.

So why isn't MO doing this? Enough people are about the FP stuff, there are point totals (currently meaningless) on the posts, and each user has the opportunity to filter the posts for any point total threshhold.

Get off the dime! Make this a better place to post! Switch the karma machine on!

ssmiley 03-02-2001 09:24 AM

Re: Different Strokes - Give a W/Bonnie a Try
Hard to find the PERFECT bike, isn't it? Why can't they build a one-off with exactly everything I want and nothing more?

The 2001 W's seat is somewhat stepped and definitely seems more comfortable. I believe itÂ’s available thru Kawasaki as an accessory, but not sure whether it would latch right on a 2000 model. Might as well get that 2001, right? (sure wish they imported the red/black - very sharp!)

Corbin makes a solo seat, style wise it's so-so, and I hear you can order a Gunfighter plus Lady seat as well (more of that stepped feeling).

But for my money I'd recommend Sargent. They can customize about anything, they're easy to get along with, and their work is top shelf. I plan on sending them my seat in a few weeks.

I like the bench (and I'm only 32), so I'll just have the front slope leveled out and the foam replaced with the super cell Atomic foam. Most comfortable seat I have ever owned was the stock bench on my '73 cb750. Are the manufactures in league with Corbin or did they just lose the know how when it comes to making a decent seat?

Back to the bike question: Have you checked out the redone Honda ACE 750 in white? Don Canet was very complimentary in Jan.'s Cycle World and at the show it seemed like a well put together machine. Only about 38-40 rwhp stock, but I'm sure with a little pipe/jetting mod more is readily available.

The Sportster - great looks, my favorite Harley looker - fairly comfortable - handles well - sounds great - but after 30 mins above 60 mph that all goes out the window considering the amount of vibration reaching the rider. Some models and individual bikes are better than others, but none are what you would call smooth. Someday I could see myself on a Dyna Glide Sport (when the lottery comes in) or possibly a T-Sport, but my buddy is always pushing back "why don't you settle for a Sportster Sport right now?" No way bub.

Let me know what goes down with your next purchase -

LimeSqueezr 03-02-2001 10:15 AM

Re: Different Strokes - Give a W/Bonnie a Try
You're right not to get a Sportster as a *substitute* for a BT. Sportsters are for people who like them for what they are, and that's not everybody. You have to LIKE vibration for one thing. I've done a 700 mile day on a Sportster and the vibration never bothered me. It never has at anything resembling "legal" speeds. The stock seats do bother me though, a lot. IMO to be even "fairly" comfortable you've got to buy an aftermarket seat. Fortunately there's an infinite variety of them. I agree with you on the looks, handling and sound but do NOT buy one if the vibration drives you nuts. You won't enjoy it. That's the about the only thing on a Sportster that can't be changed!

MrDeadeye 03-02-2001 12:05 PM

Re: Flame Warz
If Harley riders cared about biggest/baddest/ performance/ ect. They wouldn't be riding Harleys now. Lawers who buy Fatboys want the Harley name. Then they can wear Harley jackets and other things that are authentic (made in china) Harley items. Honda doesn't have the same cachet with this crowd. As for the Harley "faithful", they would rather die than "ride rice" ....even if the VTX had 500hp and handled better than any cruiser on the planet.

So, how is Honda going to pick customers off of Harley's tree?

caderider 03-02-2001 12:20 PM

Re: Come into this decade
-Honestly, she liked it though-

That's what is important.


CBR1000F 03-02-2001 01:20 PM

Re: Magna, Valkyrie, V-Max an other NON-V-TWIN owners...
Does that mean I could bring a Ducati 996 and that'd be ok? Just wondering. V-Twins aren't a Cruiser-only phenomenon... But Hugeass V-Twins that make no horsepower IS a cruiser-only phenomenon. Engine configuration has NOTHING to do with whether or not it's a cruiser, and the exact things you mentioned do. If you're ever in doubt, just check out how you sit on a machine, and that'll let you know what it is. If you crouch on it, all folded up with your feet under your butt, it's a sportbike. If you slouch on it, hands and feet way out in front of you, it's a cruiser. If you sit straight up on it, it's a standard, if you sit halfway between straight up and a crouch, it's a sport-tourer, and if you sit on a saddle as wide as your handlebars and have more storage space than two Mazda Miata's, it's a touring bike. Notice the engine configuration had nothing to do with what kind of bike it was...

CBR1000F 03-02-2001 01:24 PM

Re: Motorcycles never seen one that I didnt like

I have to agree, even though I'm one of the people that was cappin' on that bike. I HAVE seen bikes that I don't like, and would never consider buying, but if offered a ride on one, I'd take it, and keep an open mind. On the other hand, I do try not to cap on whatever bikes OTHER people choose to ride. I figure as long as they're happy with it, then WTF, right?

P.S. Why didn't you correct the kid and tell him your Duc was a Pasta Burner? :)

ironmike 03-02-2001 02:39 PM

Getting old..?
Don't knock it, Ollie... just consider the alternative... Your right about the new Goldwing, too (I just added one to my stable and I'm not the least bit disappointed.. :-)

john 03-02-2001 03:17 PM

Re: Some dealers charge $1500 over MSRP to "dump" them...
well, lets put this in a different light. Let us say that you are a dealer for Brand X motorcycles. You carry a "big" model, and a "not as big" model of bike. The last 5 or 6 years have seen both models of bikes carry a premium, and perhaps you have become a godd businessman, and want to get the most off of every bike you sell. For every big model, you get an extra 5 or maybe even 7 thousand dollars on top of the MSRP of the big model. For every not as big model, you get 1 or 2 thousand over MSRP. Let us assume that you can sell both models just as soon as they hit the floor (this is not the case in some places). Let us now assume you get about 30 bikes a month. Would you like to sell 30 bikes at an additional 5g's per bike, or only 18 of them at an additional 5g's per bike. Well, as a dealer, the big bikes are gonna make you more money. Now, if the brand X company says that you only get the big bikes if you sell a certain number of not as big bikes, then i bet you will be damn sure to sell all the not so big bikes as to get a bigger allotment of big bikes the next year.

Here is the deal, and why i say dumping bikes. You make a bigger profit selling big bikes. Smaller profit selling small (relatively speaking) bikes. Unfortunatley, you are required to sell the small bikes, this cuts into your possible profits by a considerable margin.

You and i know it is a dream for many other brands to be able to sell all their bikes AT MSRP. We both know that Harleys comand over MSRP. All i am saying is that many dealers get greedy. In their position i can see how. Harley is at a point right now that very few companies have ever been in on such a large scale.

And i know dealers dont always tell the truth, but this 60% figure is what i was told by a dealer with a surplus of Sportsters that they could not get rid of. They would have to sell them at MSRP (oh no) to dump them.

luckydog 03-02-2001 03:19 PM

Re: Honda VTX 1800 Reader Feedback
You are a f@#$ing idiot. You couldnt find your ass with a mirror and a map. Suzuki RULES moron!!!!

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