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Default Re: The Shame Among Us

Really? I think you have voltage/power levels confused with human hearing. Links don't work.

Try this one.


Listen to the 3db, 1db, and .3db level changes. Now you tell me what's what. No need for fancy formulas.

Let me clarify. We are talking about the human hearing level perception, NOT power, or voltage levels. BIG difference as you will notice at the link I sent you. While a 7% change in voltage or power is easy to detect on a meter or scope it takes a very critical ear to detect it.

Am I wrong?
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Default Re: The Blame Among Us

Problem with this is, itÂ’s the same as locking all vehicles at 65 mph to prevent speeding.

Don't get me wrong, I don't agree with excessively loud pipes. There needs to applicable, clear legislation.

Noise is the problem! Equip cops with proper training and tools. Let them give tickets for anything that's above a certain DB. Make it the louder you are the more expensive it is. We rely on the same system for speeding and it seems to be an acceptable method, why not use the same principal for noise.

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Default Re: The Shame Among Us

EXACTLY! Somehow or another, The whole Harley/Cruiser thing has become synonymous with patriotism, and as PATRIOTS, the Loud Pipe Harley crowd are immune from the laws regulating lesser citizens . . . .
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Default Re: The Shame Among Us

Excellent story. I hate those frickin loud pipes(mostly on cruisers and mostly on Harleys) in my city. Even though I have owned 20 motorcycles, I would vote to ban loud pipes in a minute. Enough said.
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Default Re: The Shame Among Us

When people I come to learn that I am a motorcyclist, they are immediately shocked. I happen to be a surgeon, and the comment that without hesitation that comes my way (along with a disbelieving stare), has something to do with the sentiment that after "seeing so many terrible motorcycle crash victims" that they cannot understand why I would be willing to subject myself to the incredibly high risk of riding a motorcycle. So right off the bat I can assure you that John Q. Public is convinced that our pasttime is totally unsafe.

I undoubtedly feel like I have to defend my choice to ride, and launch into an explanation to these uninitiated folk of my broad view of the motorcycling world. I generally paint a picture portraying those who are"performance-oriented" bikers who choose to ride because of the experience of piloting a motorcycle in their particular category; sportbikes, sport-touring bikes, touring bikes, etc. that are chosen because of the characteristics that enhance their designated purpose. After all, trail-riding is best accomplished with a dirt bike, no?

I then go on to describe the groups of people who choose to ride because they wish to assume the "image" of a "biker". Their goal is not so much to experience motorcycle performance as to be observed wearing the designated (often flamboyant) clothing, and piloting a machine outfitted to be noticeable- often both visually and audibly. It is my observation that this sort of rider often tends to gather in larger groups, which may in fact be thought of as a "costume party". These groups are often made up of the "custom bike/cruiser" crowd, as well as the "high-performance sportbike that will never see the inside of a racetrack" crowd.

I happen to ride three bikes, an FJR-1300 for sport-touring, a KDX-220 for trail riding, and an R6 on track days. In each case driving the nail with the most appropriate hammer. Minimizing the risk of injury during each of those activities involves selecting the appropriate attire, and piloting the machine in a manner that remains within the limits of my ability. By no means does this mean riding during these three activities is "safe", simply that one goal is to mitigate risk and make it the least "unsafe" as possible. Regardless, in each case the chosen activity is aimed at the experience of riding that machine under those conditions. Uniformly, the level of noise created by these machines is in my opinion largely irrelevant. I will admit that altering the quality of the sound created by the bike in order to make it more pleasing to THE PILOT OF THAT BIKE is not unreasonable. That being said, choosing to dramatically increase the sound output of the bike without a corresponding improvement in performance I find to be ridiculous.

Those of us who choose to ride in order to be seen (and heard) riding by others will often continue to select machines most appropriately constructed to achieve those goals. Optimizing one's tendency to be noticed by others will often mean increasing the volume of sound the machine produces. One unfortunate consequence is that Mr. & Mrs. Public will immediately add "rude & obnoxious" to the "unsafe" characteristic I already know is universally perceived. Counting on motorcyclists as a group to somehow curtail this behavior is unrealistic, as it goes to the core objectives of a sizable portion of us. The fact that some of us disdain that behavior adds further evidence that it is unreasonable to classify "motorcyclists" as a singular group of people in any case. I think the best we can hope for is that when the overkill solution of banning street riding altogether in any given jurisdiction is attempted, an organized effort to instead only cite noise offenders should be put together, hopefully with the assistance of the AMA.

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Default Re: The Shame Among Us

I am sick and tired of those loud ass cruiser bikes. They are ridiculously loud for no reason and the article is spot on.

Those are the times I WISH the cops were around to give every one of those loud bikes fat tickets.

And don't start saying "well, sportbikes are loud, too" because we all know 9 out of 10 times the loudest things out there are V-twin cruisers with straight pipes.

End rant.
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Default Re: The Shame Among Us

blipping the throttle is completely moronic no matter how loud it is.
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Default Re: Another viewpoint

Um, no. The "rest of us" should not be subjected to the ear-splitting noise that is the result of nothing more than misguided ego. And it's not for just a few seconds, even though the length of time is immaterial, on some weekends I can hear these jackasses go by every few minutes for hours at a time. Not to mention recently when I was forced to sit in slow moving traffic behind some dink custom riders with open pipes revving (hey, d*uchbag, set your idle a little higher!). Their bikes were incredibly loud.

We're not talking about rational exhaust tuning (with minimum volume increases) for legitimate performance gains (as you've done), we're talking about people who desperately need attention, whether it be a cruiser rider or a sportbike rider or anything in between. The fact is that some people have gone way, way too far and we're all going to pay for it.
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Default Re: The Shame Among Us

Enforcement is really really easy. Every aftermarket exhaust on the street is illegal. They don't have to hit you with noise - There's a FEDERAL law about tampering with intake and exhaust systems. Why do you think that new can you bought had the 'closed course' warning. All they need to do is drive up next to you and if you have an aftermarket exhaust you get a smog ticket.

The only thing that saves us right now is the cops don't have time and would get writers cramps with all the tickets they have to write.
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Default Re: 60 miles!

Come now you think I am a fake...You think I don't really have a bike, engineering and business degrees, etc. You have said it yourself on numerous occasions..Actually it's a good idea.."Kpaul does Sturgis" yep..
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