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mwc 03-18-2001 07:49 AM

Re: Triumph Daytona Reader Feedback
I'm pleased triumph is going to maintain the 3 cylinder configuration, especially since I had read the new daytona was going to be a TT600

clone. Going the 4 cylinder route would have been a serious letdown. I bought my 1999 daytona for the ergos (fits 6 footers) and the great combination of torque and smoothness of a 3 cylinder. The fit and finish helped alot too.

They've addressed all of the faults I've been annoyed with (albeit minorly):

1) Improved the smoothness of the gearbox

2) Removed the leg roasting feature of the fairing

3) Improved suspension

4) double-sided swingarm - adjusting the chain on the 1999's a real

drag - at least until I modified the tool triumph provides for the purpose.

Looking forward to a test ride....

Knightrider 06-20-2001 04:40 PM

Re: Triumph Daytona Reader Feedback
Although I like twins, and was going to get a new one at the end of this month, I will now have to put off buying my next bike untill I see and test ride this beauty.

It just looks right to me.

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