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FlyingDutchman 02-27-2001 12:16 AM

Looks vs performance
I for one love the single-sided swinger on my VFR, since I -and probably most of the readers here- will NEVER be able to push bikes to the limit and be able to say "yeah, these titanium lightweigth bolts really make a diffference 8-)" I go for and enjoy the looks.....

Have a look at:

and tell me it was wise of Triumph to ditch the single sider.....

baker 02-27-2001 01:24 AM

Re: Looks vs performance

The single sided swingarm is vital, as is a single seat or seat hump. Triumph will never be able to compete with the Fireblade/R1/GSXR1000 in term if performance and value, as they are only a small company with far less resources. So if they want to compete with the afore mentioned bikes in sales the new Daytona has to look the part. I think the Fireblade/R1/GSXR1000 all far nicer styled bikes than the new Daytona and it would be no contest in choosing any of these over the Triumph. The Ducati 996 may be not as fast, reliable, or easy to live with day to day than the Fireblade/R1/GSXR1000 but most people would overlook these short comings and pay more for the Duke because of the styling, character, noise and handling that the 996 offers - the Triumph should be the same but currently, sadly, is not.

Not_Anonymous_Squid 02-27-2001 01:31 AM

Re: Triumph Daytona Reader Feedback
The gearbox on the y2k 955i was stiff for the first 2k miles. After that it was fine. 5th and 6th gears I only every use on the motorway and I've never noticed any problem - seems an 'odd' sort of problem.

rvfrules 02-27-2001 02:19 AM

Re: Triumph Daytona Reader Feedback
I'm sure it's a better handling, more powerful bike than the old model. But as some here have commented, in its effort to gain on the Japanese class leaders, Triumph has sacrificed the cool looks (now looks like the ZX-12's dorky little brother) and nice touches of craftmanship--like the single swingarm--that set it apart from the competition and attracted buyers in the first place. Nobody ever bought a Triumph for outright performance. They bought it to be different. If it's going to look Japanese, might as well just buy the superior Japanese bike in the first place.

christianl 02-27-2001 02:20 AM

Re: Triumph Daytona Reader Feedback
well put benji,i see alot of honda styling cues.i thought the single sided swingarm set this bike apart from the crowd and as far as power goes 145 is definetly more than enough for the street.when are all these street riders gonna admit that all you really need is a good 600 and well honed riding skills.a big bike is nice dont get me wrong but keep it real,we really dont need any government officials that are getting paid off by insurance cos. to step in and regulate our sport

surfnm 02-27-2001 02:24 AM

Re: Looks vs performance
Gotta agree,

Some bikes should be more than just a collection of numbers. The 'old' Daytona in silver was breath-taking. The new one has had an application of the ugly stick. The single-sided swing arm group that includes Massimo Tamburini's Ducati 996/748 & Augusta F4/Brutale, and David Robb's BMW's is poorer for the loss.

RS-Mike 02-27-2001 02:53 AM

Re: Triumph Daytona Reader Feedback
Your reply gives me hope. As I bought my new Sprint late last year it hasn´t gone 2k miles yet. Unfortunately winter forced me of the road in November. Just to damn cold to ride.

Just hopes the false neutral dissapears as well. On bigger two-lane roads (common in Sweden) it is nice to cruise on the higest gear but overtaking demands a lower gear. When shifting back up I often find a false neutral. You never experienced this? Maybe I should get my gearbox checked.

dirtybmxr 02-27-2001 03:08 AM

Re: Triumph Daytona Reader Feedback
First of all, squids will get us regulated, not hp, and a lot more squids ride 600's than $10k+ bikes.

The reason why everyone isn't going to run out and get 600's is simple; TORQUE!! 600's have none, and it is arguably the most enjoyable tool to have when riding on the street. Not everyone lives with their driveway three miles from the Angeles Crest Highway, or Deal's Gap (or whatever curvy road you like). Day-in and day-out, torquey motors generally make for more fun.

ps - look for the real rear wheel hp of this thing to be 115-120 at the most.

RS-Mike 02-27-2001 03:11 AM

Re: Triumph Daytona Reader Feedback
Hmmm. Smaller twin headlights, underseat exhaust, single swingarm, etc. To me it sounds like you are describing a MV Augusta. Even if I agree on the headlight thing, I can't understand how the Triumph would become more individual by copying a MV? Maybe it would become better looking, but not more individual.

And don´t get me wrong. I like the looks of the single-sided swingarm. But if Triumph can create a better bike by choosing the double side alternative I think it is worth it. But like I stated before. I want to see it (and drive it) before I pass final judgement. But right now I think people are unecessary negative.

dirtybmxr 02-27-2001 03:16 AM

Re: Triumph Daytona Reader Feedback
Note to Triumph:

The swingarm set you apart from everyone else, before the ride, which is where most people shop. Sure the engine is different, but other than that, the bike is just another japanese-looking sportbike. That is good, except that the japanese models all outperform the T. I sure hope they don't do this to the naked version, 'cause that's the only Triumph I would seriously consider anymore.

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