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brandenw 04-20-2006 07:08 PM

Re: OH. MY. GOD.
Isn't that kind of hypocritical?

ksquid 04-20-2006 08:27 PM

Re: 2006 Middleweight Supersports: Is 675 Cheating?
Wow fun review. The best value in motorcycling, the 600cc ish middleweights just got better. I thought I was in love with the 636 till I sat on one...Think I am going to wait for the 07 CBR... or holdover 06... Honda's fit and finish is important to me. R6 is too edgy for me.. GSXR too much graphics, Kawsaki is pretty in every color but green... The Triumph would be ok but dealers are are far and few...

ksquid 04-20-2006 08:29 PM

johnnyb vs. bigdx
How come you never see johnnyb on the same forum as bigdx?...Hmmm....

ksquid 04-20-2006 08:39 PM

Re: One extreme to the other
Yep I agree...need some one in the middle... I am quickly getting out of that range..this new job requires way to much seat time in the desk.. Soon I'll be Michael Douglas on twinkies instead of Michael Douglas on steroids....

Buz maybe you can take Sean's spot now...Seriously you have alot stuff you can bring to the table..Don't take this the wrong way but you could represent us slow guys...

Haru 04-20-2006 08:54 PM

Re: 2006 Middleweight Supersports: Is 675 Cheating?
1. good one guys. I complained about the liter bike comparison test but you guys have done a great job with this one. All the info but nice and tight so that it doesn't wander on and on and on and on. well done. this is what I like to see my subscription money doing.

comments on the bikes and the test.

1. I am thrilled to see triumph win. They've been trying so hard and so dilligently for so long and this win shows how its all about never giving up no matter how superior and daunting the competition, no matter how seemingly impossible the task for your limited abilities, no matter how many years you spend in the basement. Its an inspiration. And its no mercy win. they've earned it. well done Triumph!!

2. I am 6'3" I ride only on the street and I appreciate roomy ergos and a sit up riding position that is amenable to 300 mile interstate rides at the drop of a hat. I am not into extreme sportbikes anymore but would welcome an 675 speed triple. but I have a feeling that if triumphs makes such a beast, it will still be pretty extreme ergonomically and won't be what I am looking for.

3. this test makes me think how long it will be before Kawasaki bumps the 636 all the way up to 750. The ZX-7 got pretty thoroughly outclassed by the GSXR in the 750 class towards the end of its life, but seeing how good the ZX-6R is, I think kawasaki should reenter the 750 class. I am beginning to see why the 750 class was a big deal way back when. More grunt than a 600 without the overwhelming madness of a literclass. Do it Kawasaki!

schizuki 04-20-2006 09:13 PM

Re: 2006 Middleweight Supersports: Is 675 Cheating?
You're an idiot on so many levels.

Flickmeister 04-21-2006 02:20 AM

Re: 2006 Middleweight Supersports: Is 675 Cheating?
I am really disappointed in your test. Between Sean leaving, the rain, no lap times, no drag strip runs, and no videos, it seems like you were in a hurry just to get the article out. In doing so, in my opinion, you sacrificed a great deal of quality I've come to expect from you. If this is your new standard, I'll let my subscription expire and go back to reading the print media. CYCLE NEWS' recent 600 test blew you folks in the weeds. You also have some serious competition over at They are doing a terrific job and they are free. Sorry guys, just call 'em as I see 'em. Hopefully, it'll jolt you back to the quality work you've produced in the past.

ksquid 04-21-2006 03:28 AM

If Motorcyces were running backs.
Comment #3 is excellent one.. Eric B.. said the old ZX-7 was a great balanced machine... Mladin says the 750 is a great combo of power and agility "a pleasure to ride " Compared to Football running backs the 600 isl like Barry Sanders quick agile but can be caught from behind. 750 is like OJ Simpson/Gayle Sayers speed ability and power and the 1000 is like Sean Alexander of Seattle. Seahawks Very fast and big but he won't win any agility contests.

Buzglyd 04-21-2006 03:35 AM

Re: 2006 Middleweight Supersports: Is 675 Cheating?
Well there's got to be a Triumph dealer in Seattle. Considering you never get more than 50 miles from home, you should be fine.

Side note: the battery was dead on the Geezer Glide yesterday. Not from lack of use mind you (I just returned from a 1500 mile weekend), I left the radio on overnight after I got done washing it!

jonnyspeed 04-21-2006 04:05 AM

Re: 2006 Middleweight Supersports: Is 675 Cheating?
The Kawi 650 is not suposed to compete with those bikes... That would be the Kawi Z750.

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