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bigdx 04-03-2006 06:39 AM

Re: No Rice
Wrong again sunshine - I never posted that.

LOL - actually I ride several Harleys. All very real Harleys ...

ikonoklass 04-03-2006 06:44 AM

Re: '06 Suzuki Boulevard M109R
A full-page ad in one of the rags probably costs them $10,000 .... That would go a long way toward doing a proper press intro ....

stoney8888 04-03-2006 06:44 AM

Re: Suzuki missing the point ...
hey maybe you should try a buell blast, I think that v-thingy is to much.

I am just joshing you by the way.

I think my last ticket was in 1999 for not having proof of insurance, and it got dropped at court. plus I was in a cage with the talelights out. I am glad you didn't see that one I'm sure you would have pulled over right there and called the cops. because you would not call on a cell phone while driving, not very safe. I am sure you wouldn't just pull over to the emergancy lane too, to scary.

By the way i've never gotten a speeding ticket in the twenty odd years I've been driving. My gs1100 is manly for the 1/4 mile, but it is street leagal.

bigdx 04-03-2006 07:09 AM

Re: Suzuki missing the point ...
I never take posts serious on this BB Â… not really anyway ;-)

About a decade ago my niece was killed crossing the road by a biker going way too fast. So now I always call in if I see folks going crazy on the road.

Nah, I couldnÂ’t be bothered with broken taillight out or sh*t like that. That donÂ’t kill folks.

The idiots going flat out with no concern of other road users really rub me the wrong way though. Good thing I do not have right to carry otherwise I may not need the cell much Â…

stoney8888 04-03-2006 07:39 AM

Re: No Rice
How did you know that my wife calls me sunshine? are you the one that installed the web cam in my bedroom. L.O.L.

ddlewis 04-03-2006 08:35 AM

Re: '06 Suzuki Boulevard M109R
I knew something was up w/ that "review".

It was so phony and ad-copyish that I couldn't finish, and now I see why. A bought and paid for write up like this passed off as an objective review could easily work against Suzuki.

pdad13 04-03-2006 08:43 AM

Re: No Rice
Judging by the fact that you implied that all Japanese bikes are "sh#t," I think it's a fairly accurate inference to assume you believe Harleys are superior to all other bikes--or at least those of Japanese origin. Hence the assumption of the "real bike" attitude, which is common with many vocal H-D owners.

Actually, I think the poster reads very well. Reading, and, most important, understanding, really means grasping the intent of the writer. I think he read you loud and clear.

If you'd rather play symantic and pedantic games to defend (disguise) your opinions, feel free.

SeanAlexander 04-03-2006 08:47 AM

Re: No Rice
Ever have a couple beers when you ride to those bars?

SeanAlexander 04-03-2006 08:49 AM

Re: Suzuki missing the point ...
Nice one Doc Holiday. Seems your hypocracy knows no limit.

bollert 04-03-2006 08:51 AM

Re: '06 Suzuki Boulevard M109R
Hey guys and gals, I bought a silver one. You can ask me any questions you want and I'll give you the low-down. Hey MO, I'll do the guest editor thing if you want. I can have an article to you in a couple days and it won't be ad copy. I knew something smelled funny when I read yours. Sorry to hear Suzuki snubbed you. I strongly rely on you guys and I've been waiting for your impressions. Couldn't wait any longer though as the bikes are in pretty limited distribution. I sold my ZX-10R and old Honda Magna to buy it. One glaring correction I'll make for now is that ground clearance IS an issue. Granted, I've only dragged the peg feelers, but that can still be disconcerting to some. It was fun doing though.

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