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Default Re: Li'l help

LOL thanks. Fenton you have a great sense of humor.....You see why I'll have more time... Actually, back to cube farms for me.on the 31st. No more flex time, no working from home on some days, no reading MO during the day . Nothing but unrealistic deadlines, wall to wall meetings, dysfuntional organizations, office politics, bad traffic, and dissillusioned employees. Hopefully I can help the dissillusioned employees... Deep down I love empowering people especially talented and intelligent people. Fortunately the company is full of those ..People like the MO staff (and Buz).Wife's says I am dreamer, she say's I'll be working at the local discount store in a year...She a strong believer in the Peter principle.... Hey if that happens I'll have more time to lift, read MO and ride...
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Default Thumpers on the Freeway

Yes, that 620 motor is a gem for a thumper. I remember the first time I rode one, how it felt like it would keep pulling past 100 mph. Sweet bike.

The Funduro, on the other hand, is also nice, but not as good. 40-45hp and kind of cheap feeling. It would be fine if it had a Japanese name on the tank, but I think BMW owners demand something extra for the something extra they pay, and a thumper can't deliver that. That's the point I was trying to make.
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Default Re: Li'l help

I had a guy working for me about 6 years ago that would go home and play with his gocarts, video games...etc. I thought, when did I stop doing all the stuff that is fun and unproductive.

Sidebar- I am only one year his senior. But, he's in jail now working on a 10 year term playing games he doesn't like.

I just realized this post really had nothing to do with yours.
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Default Re: '06 BMW HP-2

What's the the eyballing truckers about.Is it some kind of new staring compitition to see who can take thier eyes of the road ahead for the longest time before wiping out?
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Default Look Ma No Eyes!


In fact, we're adding it as a testing item for all future reviews. "Ability to maintain a given heading without rider input"

Coming soon to a freeway near you.

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Default Re: '06 BMW HP-2

Kudos on the big air. And the cross-up too.

Bike looks gigantic.

Thanks for the uber-enduro coverage. Maybe next some real enduro bikes? For all us dirt types out in MO land...
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Default Re: '06 BMW HP-2

this particular bike was ridden off road by jonty edmunds recently (ex WEC rider) in one of the one day enduros in wales aimed at slightly larger cc bikes. He set the fastest time of the day on it on one of the special tests which in wales would be a typically a muddy tree and root strewn affair with some testing sections even for pure enduro race bikes like crfxs or wrs. except for the large protruding cyclinders it seems to have some pretty good off road capabilities
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Default Re: '06 BMW HP-2

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Default Re: Li'l help

YEP,!!1Gave me a great three months inthe guvmint ,so called releaning a new skill,then asked me to resign last friday.Got a job this monday making twice as much different hours,but hey, back to the private sector,thank god!!
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Default Re: '06 BMW HP-2

The HP-2 is definitely expensive, but don't forget, it's a small-run bike made by a small manufacturer. If they can't get their costs back in volume, they gotta jack the price. As far as BMW gouging as much as Harley, at least with a Beemer you get shaft drive, ABS (love 'em or hate em) paralever/telelever, etc., etc. In other words, you get something for your money.
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