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bmwdude 03-18-2006 01:07 AM

Re: '06 BMW HP-2
Looking into my crystal ball, I see one heck of a multi bike shootout!



KLR (why not?)

Hypermotard (I'm wishing here)

Ulysses (if the clutch holds out)

If you're looking for geriatric riders let me know.

Also, I wonder how this thing would do with street tires on it?

xlr8r 03-18-2006 01:53 AM

Re: TOO much $$$$
How many times do I have to say this? BMW price things in the US at the same price as they do for the rest of the world. They are the only manufacturer who do not cut their prices in the US by 40%. It's a world product, at a world price.

KLRer 03-18-2006 02:58 AM

Re: '06 BMW HP-2
And the Triumph Tiger too--I read somewhere that its been improved for 06.

wayback 03-18-2006 03:52 AM

Re: TOO much $$$$
So, xlr8r says we shouldn't be unhappy when we get raped because people in East Slobovia are getting raped too. Funny, I thought the point was that the price is too high, not that BMW is gaffing us Americans worse than anyone else.

Buzglyd 03-18-2006 03:59 AM

Re: '06 BMW HP-2
Were you sitting in front of a mirror when you wrote this comment?

03zx12r 03-18-2006 04:26 AM

Re: '06 BMW HP-2
that $20k will go along way twards paying off my SUV.

pplassm 03-18-2006 04:44 AM

Re: '06 BMW HP-2
Thanks for the write up. Sounds like it may be OK out there on the West Coast, but it doesn't make a lot of sense here in the East Coast off-road environment.

What's with the disparaging remarks about four-stroke singles?

'At highway speeds that hard-working little thumper feels buzzy and breathless, and what if you were being chased through a mountain pass by bandits in Columbia with your wife on the back and two saddlebags full of chinchilla pelts?'

I have ridden many thumpers and that doesn't describe any of them.

pplassm 03-18-2006 04:46 AM

Re: '06 BMW HP-2
BUY me something!

pplassm 03-18-2006 04:47 AM

Re: '06 BMW HP-2
Or how about the new LC8 Superenduro? It's supposed to cost $13k.

red916 03-18-2006 04:52 AM

Re: '06 BMW HP-2
I wonder how that thing would do with some 17s? hmmmmmmmm.......

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