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Nutabegga 02-16-2001 03:56 PM

Re: First Ride: Yamaha FZ-1
Yaaah! The obligatory first post!

Gwardy 02-16-2001 04:16 PM

Re: First Ride: Yamaha FZ-1

Gwardy 02-16-2001 04:17 PM
I give the Yamaha FZ1 2 thumbs up


fz1 02-16-2001 04:25 PM

Re: First Ride: Yamaha FZ-1
That's about as wishy-washy as it gets. Either MO hates it as a R1 wannabe or sorta likes it as sport-tourer, but.... Until someone has the cajones to pit similar rides (get it MO and others; the SAME KIND of bikes) from Kawa, Yammi, Aprilia, Duc, Suzuki, etc. and give honest objective comparisons to bikes of a similar nature, we the buying public will be left guessing.

BTW, it might be a good idea to start checking fluids and pressures before riding...even if you don't care 'cause it's not your bike.

PSS: MCN had there review of this same outing 10 days ago...can't blame this one on snow.

hondabill 02-16-2001 04:32 PM

Re: First Ride: Yamaha FZ-1
2nd means you are the first LOSER.

rvfrules 02-16-2001 05:29 PM

Review falls short
A freebie is a freebie, and I appreciate MO giving us a more indepth look at the bike. But the review was, like MCW's, a bit wishy washy. The writer could have said in a sentence or two that it didn't match the R-1's performance parameters, then, judging the bike as a standard, could have clearly reported on its performance in a variety of situations instead of giving us a meandering tale that raises more questions than provides answers. During the road test or in that 10-day gap since it took place, MO could have also rustled up a Bandit to do a brief comparison. That would be the kind of reporting that would make MO top dog and get people to open their wallets and subscribe....

--Jim Adam

tony 02-16-2001 05:43 PM

Re: First Ride: Yamaha FZ-1

Do you have the web page for mcn. I'd like to add it to my book marks.



blip 02-16-2001 05:44 PM

Re: Review falls short
Jim -- the was a press introduction in Spain, so no comparisons are possible, and we didn't get to take the bike through our normal paces/comparisons.

fz1 02-16-2001 05:59 PM

Re: First Ride: Yamaha FZ-1

It's a Brit publication. They have some of the most timely reporting on the web, IMHO.


fz1 02-16-2001 06:04 PM

Re: Review falls short

He didn't say a comparo at the intro....he said in the last 10 days (since MCN filed their report) you should have been able to get your hands on a B12 (and ZRX?) and made some comparisons.

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