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rsk173 12-20-2005 04:06 AM

Re: Rant: Put a Cork In It!
You'd have to be a republican to like loud pipes! Liberals are never obnoxious.

electraglider_1997 12-20-2005 04:09 AM

I like quiet
I'll enjoy the day I can ride a whisper quiet fuel cell powered electric-glide. Puffing nothing but water vapor out some orifice. 150 ft-lbs of torque at zero revs on up. We ***** about loud motorcycle pipes but the real noise makers are the 18 wheelers. Not only do they have excessively loud exhaust but their tires make a constant racket that costs us tax payers a fortune. Notice how we have to pay for all the vertical slabs of cement that help abate road noise from the knuckleheads that live along side the major hiways. I live a mile from I80 but it is a constant drone when I walk outside.

Buzglyd 12-20-2005 04:17 AM

Re: I like quiet
You've been puffing nothing but water vapor out of your orifice for years.

ccd3 12-20-2005 04:25 AM

Re: Well let's see...

teknoman 12-20-2005 04:33 AM

Re: Rant: Put a Cork In It!
From a medical standpoint ,I feel for ya.Having a reanimated heart,when I get near the four wheeled boom boxes,I can actually feel the pressure on my chest,and cannot wait for the light to change!And this from a guy who plays guitar in a rock band!Certain sounds can trigger certain symptoms.The military [according to msnbc] is getting ready to use a sound weapon in iraq,like 250 focused decibels.I used to have a neighbor who rode his bike every day at 5:30am.How did I know?He had loud pipes and would wake me up every single day whether I was off that day or not.Thank God he moved to Alabama.

GrufRude 12-20-2005 04:41 AM

Re: Rant: Put a Cork In It!
Loud pipes will cost us rights in the long run.

VERY disturbing incident the other day. I was riding to work on my whisper-quiet, bone-stock 1984 R100RS Beemer and saw a mom wheeling a toddler down the street in her stroller. As usual in such situations, I started to give the little girl a friendly wave when the kid reacted in horror and clamped her hands over her ears!

THAT kind of reaction bodes ill for all of us . . .

Fenton 12-20-2005 04:42 AM

Re: Well let's see...
I won't be on my bike. Life long friend moved down there and we manage to get together 3-4 times a year. Play a bit of golf at Loma Santa Fe and The Farms.

I looked for homes in that area a while back. Great place. Fairbanks Ranch wasn't exactly in my price range.

pushrod 12-20-2005 04:45 AM

Re: What a bunch of ...

Where have you been, man?

pushrod 12-20-2005 04:49 AM

Re: Notice....
I'd assume the reason is because we've all been trained to say, "Yes, Dear!"

Also, I think she is the ONLY female to post on this site.

eddyline 12-20-2005 05:15 AM

Re: Rant: Put a Cork In It!
"They could be whisper quiet, and many, many people would still want to ban them."

Y'know, I just recently replaced the stock can on my R850R with a Remus GP w/premuffler. Yeah, I know: why bother?

Well, the main reason is: people ignored me on the road. I actually had people steer into me because they didn't have a clue I was there. That BMW *was* whisper quiet; the valve train was louder than the exhaust. It sounded like, as one of my HD riding friends used to call it, "The Dishwasher."

Now, I have a bit more top end power, the same bottom end torque(kept the same headers), and more low end sound, similar to a quiet Duc(but more clocklike), and cagers notice me on the road a bit more.

You're right, Longride: cagers who hate bikes will hate them regardless of what they sound like. OTOH, startling them out of their living-room-like, Barcalounging sleep while Navigating(TM) down the 405 or 5 is pretty damn dangerous....

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