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Fenton 12-06-2005 05:16 PM

Re: 2005 Milan Motorcycle Show
The Guzzi tourer looks like a neat bike. I think the garage fund is a little weak after seeing the Ducati. The mirror/handgaurd/turnsignal combo is tricky.

Too bad you the cost of such an item won't make it a common "naked" accessory.

Fenton 12-06-2005 05:37 PM

Re: 2005 Milan Motorcycle Show
Sorry for my english, I'm from CA.

SeanAlexander 12-06-2005 07:55 PM

Re: 2005 Milan Motorcycle Show
We are be from CA too.

Holy_Kaw 12-06-2005 08:42 PM

Re: 2005 Milan Motorcycle Show
Nice!!! cool bikes too I suppose.

teknoman 12-07-2005 01:31 AM

Re: 2005 Milan Motorcycle Show
Can anyone give us guys exactly or aballpark figure onhow much these f800.s[st] are gonna costI heard any where from 9,990 euros for the s to 10.900 for the st .Seeing that I don,t know how the exchange rate is or will Bmw lower their costs etc.Can someone get a line on this?

dirtyboots 12-07-2005 02:13 AM

Re: 2005 Milan Motorcycle Show
Why don't you change the name of this site to he seems to be the only one who adds any decent content.

pplassm 12-07-2005 02:34 AM

Re: 2005 Milan Motorcycle Show
What was that first bike? "Generic"? Stop it!

pplassm 12-07-2005 02:35 AM

For including the female eye-candy.

HelterSkelter 12-07-2005 02:43 AM

Fap, fap, fap......
Damn, I can't take my computer into the bathroom!

I didn't get past the first BMW girl. Yossef lower camera angles next time please.

When is that S4Rs due for release? Oops talking of releases, gotta go.

KLRer 12-07-2005 03:50 AM

Re: 2005 Milan--Euro Ladies
Both BMW ladies and the one on no. 59, if I'd been there I'd have asked them one key question--got anything on under that?

Bikewise, thanks for the pic of the blue and orange KTM Adventure 990 S. I'm hoping Santa brings me one of those.

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