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Default Re: A different perspective

Your interest in a 400 supersport is well founded. A few years ago I bought a VFR400R, GSXR400RR, and Japan Spec FZR400. What a riot. Having owned everything from open supersports down to a Suzuki RG250 (2 stroke sportbike), the GSXR400 was the most fun ever on a bike. Riding around town was effortless and laughs all the way, and track days were impossibly fun. Sold the GSXR by accident, shouldn't have. Get one if you can!!
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Default Re: Hot Curlers

I suppose the soot could give the girl that "Goth" look that is so cool.
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Default Re: A different perspective

Nice collection of bikes you went though there! Was the GSXR 400 much better than the VFR400? I've seen one or two VFR400's and a FZR400, but never a GSXR 400 here in the states.

do they still make them? I wonder how hard it would be to get one here. If you have any tips on getting a 400 superspot let me know.

My dad has a street legal RS250 aprila, he rides it everywhere, even up from LA to laguna seca and back.
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Default Re: Best of the Best: 2005 R6 v. 2005 GSX-R1000

Most sensible.
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Default Re: So to clarify...

I'd just like to see more bikes that I like tested. Maybe I'm the only one who cares. The last standard comparo was 3/31/04, (Two standard comparos in 2004, which I won't complain about...) but in 2005 there weren't any that had the bikes I was interested in compared. To an extent I understand, as the Speed Triple and others new to 2005 were late into country and now with the new FZ1/Tuono it warrants waiting till that is available, but I'd like to see some standards compared. I think there have been a good amount of single bike reviews in the standard area, but no way to compare. If I am the only one who cares, by all means, keep comparing the sportbikes. I'd just like motorcycle.com to do a comparison, as I feel you all do a better job with detail while keeping rooted in reality (relatively speaking.)
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Default Re: Great for town?

In all my years of reading I've never heard anyone say, "Clip ons are/are not a pain in the ass when it comes to getting around downtown traffic in comparison with other bikes." And since I am the only person I know that rides motorcycles and haven't had the experience personally, I'd like that cleared up, amongst other things. I'd like to know the degree to which different bikes are different. Are sports-tourers really clumsy at low speeds in comparison to a standard? Do standards lose a ton to a sportbikes in the corners? The FZ1 v. R1 comparison helped, as well as some of the others, but I would like to have a clearer notion of what to expect, which I won't find in print magazines. And not on comments either- you read and see what kind of spectrum there is. I see people ok with a 1000 for a newbie all the time. So who do you trust?

Surprisingly, I realize that people ride bikes that aren't great for every situation, but I'd like to find a bike that fits what I want. For the sake of length I left out some points that you wanted to get anal about. Thanks for hoping to clarify issues about unclear and condescending as possible.
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Default Re: Best of the Best: 2005 R6 v. 2005 GSX-R1000

There are some fundamentals that maybe you haven't confronted that these experienced riders take for granted, but write so eloquently about.

To go fast around corners you need low weight, shallow fork angles, short wheel base, short gearing, high pegs(ground clearance), and a high spinning engine. These each require you the rider to give up a bit of comfort to beat the next "slower" machine. Every motorcycle design is a set of compromises to achieve a marketing goal of "performance" versus cost.

Be honest with yourself and you'll buy the best combination of performance vs. comfort for the amount to time you have available to ride.

But no beginner should buy either extreme, a liter bike or a big cruiser.
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Default This article was a...

...friggin' joke. And the joke was apparently on the people who replied because they truly proved once again that they are MoRons. Just like the editors who don't have a clue about the points of the compass in S. Cal.

Get a grip, the test was conducted by one person who could ride and two who could not. Those two need to get off their pretentious horses and back on their Ninja 250's where they belong.
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Default Re: This article was a...

As probably one of the few people on this board still in college I feel that it is my responsibility to make the idiotic reply to this idiotic post.

What crack is u smokin my migga? Lol.

Let me know how you came to the conclusion that if you possibly like a 600 over a liter bike, that you must return to the 250? I have a 900rr and there are several factors that I dislike over my previous 600f4. A 900rr does not chicane, watching me try to chicane that bike looks like having a monkey trying to jump off of it with its hands and feet superglued to the bike still. I've also had several experiences where the power of the bike has been rather frightening and that is with a 10 yr old bike putting out 130-140 hp vs 158. Nothing like a rolling burn out (unintentionally while trying to pass at maybe 4k rpm in 6 gear) at 80 mph because the roads were still just a little wet even though they looked dry. Or like the first time I spun my back tire in a turn while leaned over. That was an exciting experience I'd love to repeat, nothing like the feeling of being about to highside. In many of these cases I would love to have my 600f4 back, and no I wouldn't go back to riding my first bike a ex250 (my ego is still hurt). Even on my fat, ugly, 10 yr old, lowly 130 hp 900rr, I often question my sanity of riding such a machine in city traffic.

This rider thinks that he'll wind up trying to own both, a nice flog me 600 for around town driving, and a liter bike for those 200 mile trips at interstate (cough 100 mph+) speeds. And yes I have a young flexible back *grin*. I feel sorry for those who complain about 30 mins on a sportbike. I ride mine 200 miles a day. The only time I take my truck now is if its raining or if I know I'm going to run into one of the ignorant people out there who will assume I'm unprofessional unless I'm driving something with 4 wheels. Well or if I'm waiting for new tires to replace my 10k mile old BT20s.
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Default Re: Best of the Best: 2005 R6 v. 2005 GSX-R1000

It sounds as though you guys are having a bit more fun than I these days... Thanks anyways. As always, get what you want and ride off into the sunset in a state of blissful euphoria (although I always prefer riding away from the sunset or sunrise).
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