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Default Re: 2006 Honda 599

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Default Re: 2006 Honda 599

Could Honda have made the 06 599 a better bike? Yes. Should it cost less? Yes. Do I regret buying mine? Not a chance. I LOVE this bike! There are certain things about a bike that you will never learn from its specs or it's feature list. There is an intangible quality about this bike that can't be captured on paper. I also think it looks much better in person than on paper. For one thing, the tank looks odd in most of the pictures I have seen because they are taken from a low position. From a higher position and from a riding position, it has a very nice shape to it - sexy almost. At 43, I can't comfortably ride an all out sport bike all day long. On the other hand, I'm not satisfied with cruiser level performance. The 599 is a great compromise FOR ME. I just think about what I want to do and the

bike does it so effortlessly that I'm like "how did that happen?" This is a great feeling from a bike that doesn't require you to have a standing Monday morning appointment at the Chiropractor. I would have probably been happy with a SV-650 and would have saved some money going that route, but to me, the better fit and finish and better styling of the 599 made it worth the extra money. At the price I paid, I'm not sure I could have done any better on an SV-650 anyway. This is definitely a niche bike. That niche isn't big. However, if you are in that niche, I think you will love this bike.
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Default Re: 2006 Honda 599

I agree completely. I looked at the other bikes in the class, and I sat on the other bikes in the class, and I bought this bike.

I've been riding for a total of 17 days, and owned the bike for 12, so I'm not exactly an experienced rider. The 599 has forgiven me when I've cornered over a manhole cover in the rain, and when I gave it too much throttle in a turn, causing the rear end to lose traction. I've ridden 1100 miles in 11 days (650 of them on one Saturday), and the worst discomfort I've felt is my bad right knee getting sore from holding the same position. I've ridden up to 130mph on some deserted super slab, and the bike was steady and smooth (and still pulling) all the way there. (Yes, I know, I'm a new rider, what the ***** was I doing moving that fast )

Do I wish that the rear suspension was smoother? Sure. Would I trade _my_ 599 for any other bike? No.

I bought this motorcycle because I wanted something reliable and practical for twisties, touring and dates. I don't think there's a better motorcycle out there for all three of these purposes. Admittedly the SV-650 comes close, but it's uglier (IMO), a V-Twin (not for me), has a slightly less comfortable seating position, and doesn't have the smooth, wide power band of the 599.
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