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Outlander 11-26-2005 06:32 AM

Re: 2006 Honda 599

Outlander 11-26-2005 07:59 AM

Re: 2006 Honda 599
The $5999 599. I like it. Make that the firm price and I think it would hit their target and Sportster markets hard. I'd probably buy one just because.

Oh well. They will sell out of the '06's, but it probably won't be until the '07/08 model years.

maladg 11-26-2005 11:57 AM

Re: 2006 Honda 599
Regardless of the merits or lack thereof of the 599, you gotta admit: nekkid is good!

Todays Wall Street Journal (Sat 11/26 - Weekend Journal) has a nice but short article about nekkids....

Gabe 11-26-2005 09:09 PM

Until you ride them both...
And then that 600 bucks would seem cheap. The 599 is much more pleasant and fun to ride, although the FZ-6 does have the fairing, FI, and centerstand. It is also buzzy and heavy, although it is pretty fast.

I like the 599 better. Three or four years down the road, you might still have the bike, but that $600 will be a long faded memory.

SlowJeff 11-27-2005 04:58 PM

Re: 2006 Honda 599
Actually, "Yes" I did read that comparison, today in fact. But, I will also point out the piece that was negative against the bike then was it's "looks" but it wsa praised for its "setup".

Now two years later it is praised for its "looks" but the "suspension/engine/brakes" are pointed out how far behind the times they truely are.

As the price of the bike goes up, the modernity should too.

So, yes it is a very pretty bike, but way behind the times.

SRMark 11-28-2005 03:48 AM

Re: 2006 Honda 599
I'd rather see them bring back the Nighthawk 750 with shaft drive and hydraulic valve adjusters. Low tech/low price with a function. Make it in the form of a trailie and keep the price at <$7,500.

Ned 11-28-2005 09:48 AM

Re: 2006 Honda 599
The addition of a centerstand (which I think should be included on all bikes but especially a standard) would make this machine more appealing to me and the price a bit easier to accept.

Gabe: did you happen to notice if a centerstand can even be added? I believe Honda offers one for the 919 but not the 599.



nweaver 11-29-2005 06:50 AM

Re: I'm Forwarding this to Honda
REMOTE preload on the rear gosh-darnet. EVERY sensible bike should have one. Heck, the $6500 WeeStrom has one, why can't a $7300 honda?

reepicheep 11-29-2005 06:51 AM

Re: Your Opinion, Stated as Fact
Fair enough.

My Buell (XB9SX) with possibly a little less power, but significantly better *street* handling, cost right around $7400. But it never needs a valve adjustment, so given the fact that I put 10k+ miles per year on the bike, that saves me the equivalent of 3 months of bike payments a year.

Plus I get the ZTL front rotor (which improves handling, not braking), better mass centralization, top notch suspension, and it sounds right ;) For street handling (bumpy roads and ugly pavement ) the XB9SX handling is literally world class.

I only get a 5 speed, not a 6 speed, but that could go either way. One could argue that a 6 speed tranny is a kludge to address a peaky powerband.

Don't get me wrong, I think this bike is one of the nicest Honda's I have seen in a long time. I am a die hard naked standard enthusiast, their exact target audience.

What I don't see is why I would choose this bike. I would either take a cheaper bike with just as needy a suspension (SV-650) or a slightly more expensive bike with far better street handling (XB9SX). And even if I did want this bike, I don't know why I choose it over a used Kawasaki ZR-7 or even a bandit for a third of the price.

Of course, this is more or less exactly what was said in the article, so I guess we agree :)

DonM 11-29-2005 05:57 PM

Re: 2006 Honda 599
Marketing-wise this is a classic middleweight standard. The only new motorcycle I ever bought was this bikes grandfather, the CB550, and they've improved every part of that bike in this one.

If Honda wants to keep the price up, they could add more value by including a rear rack with passenger backrest and a real fairing.

It must be frustrating to write about great motorcycles that are priced not-to-sell.

Good job, Gabe. But at the next Honda Intro it looks like cold pizza for you.

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