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Gabe 11-24-2005 11:05 AM

Very good points.
thanks. However, this was a new model intro, not a full test. I only had a few hours to ride it. We're expecting a test unit within a month, and we can spend more time with these practical details.

The F3 motor does use DOHCs and shims (under buckets, though) , so a valve adjustment is an all-day job, although it rarely needs adjustments. A competent shade-tree mechanic can certainly check clearances. The oil filter is right underneath the engine and is easy to get off. You don't have to remove the headers.

I think there's fold-out bungee hooks (actually a pair of cloth loops) but I'm not sure. And the muffler has a heat shield that should keep bungees from burning.

I'll try to pay more attention to practical details in the future!

gforces 11-24-2005 08:38 PM

Re: 2006 Honda 599
My best friend got a 599 last year and has been riding it everyday since, rain or shine. He loves it, and believes the quality of the bike far exceeds other manufacturers, justifying the high price--but I believe he got a real good deal on it (something in the 6's after tax, setup, freight, and license).

I haven't ridden it yet, but I know I like it because the seating position feels so perfect.

gforces 11-24-2005 08:43 PM

Re: Very good points.
My buddy with a 599 showed me the fold-out bungee hooks, and they are slick. My hawk has these ugly bars with hooks sticking out of them. They're such an eyesore, I want to grind them off!

ValkBandit 11-24-2005 11:22 PM

Re: Very good points.
cool. thx for listening.

happy holidays, MO .... from a loyal reader.

KLRer 11-25-2005 01:25 AM

Re: 2006 Honda 599
I like the Candy Apple Red option of the 919 better,although its got about 519 more ccs than I need. Candy Apple reds a color from the late sixties Japanese bikes, e.g., the Bridgestone 180. Those are the bikes i miss, from the days when a 450 was a monster.

I think theres a market for "standards" in the 200 to 450 cc range, plenty fast for most aging baby boomers. Its hell trying to hang on without a windshield above 80 anyway.

Just make them light, reliable, and and zippy up to 60 mph.

maxriderdon 11-25-2005 02:29 AM

Re: 2006 Honda 599
<blockquote>It doesn't meet Americans' demand for porkladencruisers or senselesslyuncomfortablesportbikes.</blockquote>

Sad but true. Bandit12 and Zrex are too of the biggest bang o bucks bikes ever made but due to the above they are gone. What ever happende to just buying something good for the fun of riding it instead of see my bikes shinier than yours or heah mine is .01 second quicker than yours? I say who cares!

lwatcdr 11-25-2005 05:00 AM

Re: 2006 Honda 599...Honda has lost it's way.
"My ZRX1200R gets yawns from my sportbike buddies"

I love the looks of the ZRX. To me it seems like the perfect bike. Fast enough. Big enough, comfortable enough and cheap enough. I am sorry that they didn't bring it back. Now I will have to look for a good used one.

teknoman 11-25-2005 06:01 AM

Re: 2006 Honda 599...Honda has lost it's way.
Yes I saw the zook.Betcha we won,t get it though.Interesting side thought ,though.When the big four show commercials here in the states ,all they really show are their cruisers,no mention of any of there other bikes,just briefly,if at all.

BBD_Racing 11-25-2005 09:26 AM

Re: 2006 Honda 599
The 599 is a great $6200 bike. It is an OK $6800 bike and a ridiculous $7400 bike. I paid $7200 out the door for my Z1000. I'd love to recommend it to a first time buyer, but unless the dealer will chop a G note off the price, I can't.

The 599 and Z suffer similar showroom problems. I would never have paid $8500 for my Z, and few people do. If K had priced it at $7500, they'd sell quite a few more. They sell ZZR600's for that and until recently, they sold ZX6Rs for that. So, the argument that these standards cost a lot is BS.

I keep wondering if anyone will ever put up a competitor for the SV650. As a longtime NT650 Hawk owner, I keep hoping the Red guys will do it.

nweaver 11-25-2005 01:34 PM

SV Competitor...
Kawasaki has one coming out:

The ER-6n (Naked, euope only)

The Ninja 650/ER-6s (US and europe: Same seat and frame, but with a sportbikeish fairing).

650cc parallel twin, effectively identical spec sheet to the SV.

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