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pplassm 11-24-2005 05:12 AM

Re: 2006 Honda 599...Honda has lost it's way.
Have you seen the Suzuki Stratosphere?

pplassm 11-24-2005 05:17 AM

The real problem
What's the real question here? Isn't it the differring standards for motorcycles around the world? I mean, if there were no government regulation, we could buy anything available in the rest of the world right here in the good ole USA, right?

Are we ready for global standards for street bikes?

nweaver 11-24-2005 07:09 AM

Harsh rear suspension, check.

$500-1000 more than the competition, check.

Old carbs rather than "Push and go" EFI, check.

An unadjustable front fork designed for looks (USD), check.

No ABS option (unlike Europe)

Tell me again WHY I should buy this bike over the far cheaper but just as capable SV, Fazer, etc?

WHY should I not get a ZZR-600 for the same price?

Gabe 11-24-2005 07:14 AM

Wel, I used to have a Civic...
And it had vinyl seats and no a/c, so in the summer, I actualy would get pretty sweaty, um, you now...

sarnali 11-24-2005 07:55 AM

Re: 2006 Honda 599
The new for Europe Bandit looks like a screamer, I'd love to see a better range here but I guess we can forget it. I'll see if I can pick up a used Bandit for a second bike I guess.

neu 11-24-2005 07:59 AM

Re: 2006 Honda 599
Yes, I apparently was one of the few that bought the '04 599 and I have no regrets. It's my first bike, I have 7,000 miles on the odometer, and whenever I'm on it I don't want the ride to end. I paid a discounted-$6,350 new, and it continues to be worth every penny. (I wouldn't be down about it now had I paid the full $7,099 list price then!)

tomk2 11-24-2005 08:26 AM

I think Honda isn't charging enough for the bike...
They could really make this a premium bike, up the price $500 and added EFI and higher grade suspension components.

I bet there is a huge aftermarket for these in Europe, I look at this bike and imagine it with a lightweight can, monoposto seat, adjustable rear sets and pro-taper bars.

After having a Buell and now with my Multistrada when I swap bikes on group rides and get on something like a Vstrom or Yamaha FZ I can sure feel the difference a parts-bin low cost suspension makes.

SeanAlexander 11-24-2005 08:37 AM

Re: 2006 Honda 599
I get your point, but I do believe the Civic is the modern equivelent of the 60's muscle car, in so much as it is the one teenage boys want to buy so they can mod and beat their friends. (I know, FWD, 4cylinder doesn't equal ultimate driving machine, but neither did ladder frames, live axles and tall profile bias ply tires)


SeanAlexander 11-24-2005 08:41 AM

Re: 2006 Honda 599
You got a great deal and now own one of the coolest bikes on the planet. The 599's charm isn't oin its spec sheet or it's overall curb appeal. Its charm is in the little details like the charecter lines in the rear fender, the view from the saddle, and the way it actually works in the real world. Now that you're more experienced as a rider, I can only recomend that you keep that 599 and love it for many years. -Sean

ValkBandit 11-24-2005 10:07 AM

Re: 2006 Honda 599
i keep waiting for moto mags to "get it," and realize the things that are important to mainstream motorcyclists.

you guys do a great job with sportbikes and a reasonable job with tourers, but when it comes to general purpose standards like the 599, you don't seem to understand the demographics. so, as a potential buy of this kind of bike, i'll help you out be spelling out what's important to me and a lot of others. as a note: all the important stuff revolves around utility and general usefulness.

1) does it have a centerstand? that makes maintenance and general repair much easier.

2) passenger comfort?

3) how are the valves adjusted? shims over buckets put it out of the league of most shade-tree mechanics.

4) bungee hooks for tail bags?

5) will the pipes melt throw-over saddlebags?

6) how easy is it to swap the oil filter?

these are not typical concerns for sport-bike weanies, because they are too busy living fantasy lives to worry about practical matters. but guys who buy bikes like the 599 think about stuff like that.

we already know that standard ergonomics allow you to ride faster and more safely than the racer crouch, which is as about as useful in the real world screen doors on a submarine.

just so's ya know ... and maybe consider including those details in your tests.

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