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Default Snake Oil, Revisited

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I guess since most of the readers in here are newer bikers, in the last 10 years lets say, they are not accustomed to reading the old magazines like CLASSIC BIKE out of England. Or they did not have old Brit machines and had no contact with older race bikes that ran on CASTOR BEAN OIL. See any brand name inference in there? Casrol came from that past. I am referring to British and other European race bikes in the 30's, 40's and up into the 50's which were run on castor bean oil. It is supposed to be a fantastic lubricant and they always mention the smell of it in the old articles. I have not used it but it was said to be very good. It had to be changed each race though as it would apparently lacquer the insides of the motor otherwise.
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Default Re: Snake Oil, Revisited

i been motorsicklin for nigh on 30 years now, and i kin remember my Harley-ridin big brother tellin me he would't give a plugged pecker for anything but a jug of Pennzoil. Said usin anything else in the scooter not only wrecked those finely crafted components but left big, hard to get out erl stains on the carpet in the living room, too.

Now, i jis moved my funky arse to Nashvlle Tn for a two year job so I'm gonna be doin my puttin around here for a while, but back in my home state of Nevada, up around the northwest corner where the high desert runs smack into the wall of the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada, the only type of oil I ran in the scoots was a synthetic blend. Becasue of the big hills, cold and heat extremes, lots of lugging on that engine and the number of miles I traveled, i always felt a little more satisfied that my engine was protected as best as it could be by spending the extra buks to provide the additional protection of synthetics. I'm still not sure whether a blend is any better than a standard oil, but both my bikes and my vehicles are all still running--and runing strong. Many thanks for some updates on that piece, Fred and by the way--I do recall it coming out back in the early 90s and the snickers of those clerks at the local auto parts store when some moron would come in and buy that crap anyway. Love the site, glad to spend the measly buks to bvecome a new member, and thanks a zillion for all the hard work ya all er doin for us--saves us the trouble, and the time, of having to do it ourselves!
In the end, it\'s all good....
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