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Outdoors_in_MN 07-22-2006 08:36 PM

Re: 2005 Sport Touring Shootout
I agree with the height benefits of the Uly for tall riders. The Uly has lots of sport but even with the larger wind screen you'll be worn out after a couple of hours vs. the protection of the RT, ST and FJR. Up here in MN rain is a regular occurence and I'd hate to be "touring" on the Uly when riding into the next shower.

dillon42 08-08-2006 05:35 AM

Re: 2005 Sport Touring Shootout
I have a 2006 ST1300. Perhaps more reflecting my pathetic riding ability than the comparative ability of both bikes, but i actually feel more comfortable in the twisties on my ST than I did on my previous bike a 2005 R1. I know many of you will have just choked on your dinner and will be hitting the moderate button as I type... but even tho' I was able to ride quicker on my R1 and loved the bike so, there is something about the ST that just does it for me, I feel it is an easy bike to ride and punches above its weight (no pun intended!) when it comes to delivering sure footed handling. I test rode the new Sprint and believe it would have won this comparo if included. I also test rode the 2006 FJR - which was still powerful and appeared to me to have addressed some of its heat problems. I immediately left the Yamaha dealership and placed my order for the ST. Couple of observations about the Honda - it sure sounds like a sewing machine at idle and lower rpms, and the 8250 rev limit appears to be so easy to reach - until you happen to glance at the speedo and see you are clipping along at 100mph - sure does fool ya. Being a marketing manager may I make a suggestion guys? Study the market before deciding on the bikes you are to include in your various comparo's. I appreciate sports bikes deliver the greatest advancements in technology and love them, however, since joining the world of middle aged shogun scooter riders, I need to inform you - I aint seen no one touring on a Ulysses. Gabe should be listened to.

pegscrapr 09-10-2006 06:09 PM

Re: 2005 Sport Touring Shootout
I own a 1200GS, and I can tell you that the seat will have you and your woman's ass hurting after just a couple hundred miles. Great bike otherwise though.

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