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tbrown 02-01-2006 09:41 AM

Re: Chase Van?

I can tell from your post that you've never actually used bag liners. I used to take my bags into the room. I bought a set of used bag liners and NEVER did it again. I've had two new RTs since and bag liners are the first things I buy for them. Try liners on one trip and you'll never haul those heavy side cases into a motel room again. You lose very little room from a well designed liner and it keeps all the loose underwear from coming out of the edges of your bag when you close it. The other great advantage is that you can store clothes and other stuff you need in the room on the inside of the liner and oil, rags, tools on the outside (in the lid part of the case) and leave them in your side cases at night out on the bike. It's best to store heavy things in the side cases rather than up at the top part of the bike. I put my extra tools in the right side case outside the liner and my rain gear on the left side (where I can get to it quick). Whatever system you work out for this, it's a whole lot better with bag liners.

I don't use one for my top case because I usually only store light, bulky things in there. My helmet, or if I'm really packed, my extra layers for cold weather (again, right where I can get to it quickly.)


tbrown 02-01-2006 09:57 AM

Re: 2005 Sport Touring Shootout
Ducati = Sport Tourer???

Gee, I thought Ducati was all about machismo eurotrash racerboys and posturing buffed urbanites with 3 day beards in leathers and sleeveless undershirts.

The ST3 and ST4 are the only sport touring Ducs. Most of the line is 999, Monsters etc. Definitely urban poser bikes or track/trailer queens. I very much like the ST3 and even more like the new ST3S but neither defines the catagory in my book. I would never pick a desmo motor for touring...maintenance is too hard to come by.


Underhill 03-01-2006 07:30 AM

Re: 2005 Sport Touring Shootout
Yeah I've been looking for a review as well.

It seems like the answer for those of us who don't need the off roady bits and stand under 6ft tall. I just wonder if it has the short 1up biased seat of the other Lightnings or if it's more like the Ulysses.

vfrben 04-22-2006 10:55 PM

Re: V-Strom windshield
The taller Suzuki windshield supposedly sucks big time... major buffeting! There are many other choices for a Strom shield upgrade.

Check out:

to learn more.

PVJIM 05-06-2006 03:34 AM

Re: 2005 Sport Touring Shootout
As a BMW motorcycle tech, I have lost count of how many rear drive units I have had to rebuild or replace on "low mileage" Beemers. I would NEVER own one of these overrated, overpriced pigs. Even BMW motorcycle techs get the run around from the factory (remember the severe surging issue that BMW STILL claims does not exist) Buy Japanese and you will not be sorry.

ruffride 05-17-2006 08:28 AM

Re: 2005 Sport Touring Shootout
Gas mileage and maintenance costs would be a nice thing to know about every bike you test. Adding this in a gray box would be more informative than favorite fried food.

bboule 05-17-2006 10:53 AM

Re: Chase Van?
Hehe.. this is way late but I guess it all depends on different bikes.

The VFR hard bags weigh about 3.5lbs each empty. Loaded the max safe weight is 25lbs each. They unlock from the bike in about 2 seconds so I've never bothered to try the liners (like you guessed.) Saving the 7lbs for the generally short trip to the hotel room or tent is not worth the extra cost of the bag liners to me. 50lbs or 43lbs doesn't make much different to me, either one is a bit tiring to carry far and I wouldn't want to do it.

I put "stuff sacks" inside the hard bags to store different items. (Once for clean clothes, one for tools, one for dirty clothes, etc..) I'd still do this even with bag liners as I don't want everything mixed up together. And the stuff sacks take care of keeping rain off clothes, etc.. if the bags get opened in the rain.

My understanding is different bikes make it more or less convenient to remove the bags, if they were harder to remove I'd have bought the liners right away I'm sure. But for the VFR it is key to be able to remove them quickly to turn it back as close to a sportbike as possible.

Like ride somewhere far away, leave the bags in the hotel room, rented house, etc.. , and then go rip the local twisties without the extra 50lbs of weight. That is my most common type of trip with the VFR.

grw 05-23-2006 12:58 PM

Re: 2005 Sport Touring Shootout
Back in 2000 I sold my '95 R1100RSL and bought a Harley. Since then I've had two Harley's and a Suzuki SV650S. During the six years since I sold the last BMW nothing in their product line appealed to me.

On Saturday I sold my Harley and today I put down a deposit on a '06 R1200RT. I was amused to see the MO evaluation after I bought my bike. I agree with a lot of what you said about the bike. My two test rides confirm that it is quick, stable, and comfortable. I have no doubt it will be a fun bike.

I recall an article a number of years ago in MO in which one reviewer stated that his test of a R1100RT (might have been an 1150) proved that "big twins don't make good long distance touring mounts." I find it interesting that there was no hint of "twin bashing" in this reivew which included two twins.

Keep up the good work!

dmglobal 05-28-2006 11:09 AM

Re: 2005 Sport Touring Shootout
Well, as a 'Joe Average' (as opposed to MO experts), all I can say is that my brand new ST is the best. Reasons to be cheerful:

1. I didn't have to pluck down a deposit and wait--unlike the Yammy;

2. Didn't have deal with the arrogance of the local BMW dealer

3. Buell? Wuffo?

4. Got a demo ride and then a great deal on the ST

5. Drove it full tilt off the showroom floor and 1200 miles the first two weeks

6. More 'Shogun' than 'scooter'

7. Handles like a dream and goes like stink

bygdawg 06-25-2006 10:48 AM

Re: 2005 Sport Touring Shootout
Well...I'm an ST 1300 guy myself because of the maintenance and reliability factor. Plus, I don't want to have to ride my bike 125 miles or haul it rather if I have a maintenance issue or have to search for a dealer if I have issues out on the open road. With my Honda, I can get assistance in about any town I'm in from the local Honda dealership. Is it just me or are BMW dealerships in the Southeast dropping like flies??? I would love to see a straight up comparo between the ST 1300 and the new BMW K 1200 GT. Where is that comparo, and where are the rear wheel HP results for the GT??? What gives??? You give the RWHP for everything else but fail to give it for the GT? Don't tell us you're getting kick backs from mother BMW! :-o BTW...I think the added weight of a passenger is a plus in these comparos but remember to include the likes and dislikes from the solo standpoint as well. In my opinion, the ST would be perfect if it were a little lighter, had cruise as a factor option, and a more comfortable seat. All of these, of course, are things that the aftermarket can take care of except for the weight reduction, unless you count me going on a diet as a weight reducing modification. Now get out there and get back to work, if that's what you're calling it these days. LOL

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