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teknoman 10-26-2005 11:45 AM

Re: 2005 Sport Touring Shootout
I live in lost wages also [las vegas?] we should get together and ride sometime...

83XLH1000 10-28-2005 04:16 AM

Re: 2005 Sport Touring Shootout
Rode the XB12X yesterday. Dealer demo. No sticking throttle and smooth shifts from the tranny. It's a kick. I loved it! Also, for those of you in the Central NJ area, see Seth at HD/Buell of Edison. He's an "all bike" nut and took good care of me.


83XLH1000 10-28-2005 04:23 AM

Re: Props for Passengers.

shalbleib 10-28-2005 07:43 AM

Re: 2005 Sport Touring Shootout
Couple of points:

1. The article stated in one of the first 2 or 3 paragraphs that MO wanted to take a NEW look at what constitutes a proper Sport Tourer...not their exact words but probably close enough.

then test all the possible bikes jthat constitute this "new" look. i guess you'd by a new sedan by test driving a couple sedans, and suv and a spors car. makes perfect sense???

2. They brought PASSENGERS. Not a whiney FJR owner my a$$... I love the FJR EXCEPT for the heat issues -yes I've ridden on hot days...have two friends with 05's....and the passenger digs are just too danged tight for me and my sweetie.

i said kudos for bringing passengers. kudos means nice job. pay attention. and i'm not the fuy that dry humps his fjr in the garage. i have multiple bikes, so i don't get hung up on the fjr. the heat sucks, the wind protection sucks, and the fact that it has no 6th gear is ri-godd@mn-diculous, but seating too tight. maybe you and the sweetie should check out a little weight watchers or maybe a gold wing trike. there's plenty of storage room for feminine products too.

3. the website you provided the dead link to is Firefox unfriendly.

so try IE. don't whine about it.

So there! Thats my snippy comments for the day.

back at ya

shalbleib 10-28-2005 07:50 AM

Re: Whining Buell bashers; I really should ignore them.
i have a friend that's had a couple buells and has gone on some trips with us - i'd say 4 to be exact. on of them broke down one trip, another one broke down on another trip. i can bash buells if i want to. they wasted 2 days of my vacation time. 2 times, 4 trips. that's a 50% reliability rating.

i'd ride the ulysses and i'd probably like it. would i buy one over a GS? i really don't think so. on paper, it doesn't look like it has the balls to take on a GS. i don't care what MCN says. i bought a product of the year helmet they recommended - not impressed.

besides, it all boils down to what you'd buy a sport tourer for - to ride. i'd just be afraid she wouldn't make it back home, and i'm speaking from experience.

you asked.

GaryFJR1300ABS 10-28-2005 12:19 PM

Re: 2005 Sport Touring Shootout
My FJR1300ABS had heat issues, and I fixed them with one hour of my time and less than $5 in materials from Home Depot (with info from ). I installed passenger peg lowerers, and a Sargent seat. My GIVI color matched top box has a pad for my passenger's back, and the entire box was moved back several inches with a steel plate that was designed by someone on the FJR owners website. The wife says it is quite comfortable back there, and my legs are never hot.

Every motorcycle I have ever owned (suzuki, BMW, Yamaha, Triumph) has seen some tweeking by me, because they are never set up exactly for my needs. It is an amazing motorcycle, so don't let this review scare you in the least if you are thinking of placing an order for one. The '06 models have better heat deflection from the factory, by the way. They are also available with clutchless two button shifting.... The FJR will reclaim the crown, even here.

OhioSteve 10-31-2005 04:23 PM

Re: 2005 Sport Touring Shootout
Buell has come a long way in the last five years. It was great to see that bike shake things up a bit.

jeffs 11-04-2005 05:13 AM

Re: It's Called Satire, foo!
"It seems like you just got together what was available on short notice instead of really giving some thought to putting together a comprehensive selection in the same catagory."

Ding Ding Ding.... we have a winner...

Same thing with the KLR getting thrown into several tests earlier in the year - it was already sitting there. The site either doesn't have the desire or clout to get the bike combinations people actually want to see.

jeffs 11-04-2005 05:22 AM

Re: Sport?
Are you kidding me?

EVERYONE wants to read a 15-bike comparo. That you don't get that baffles me.

docflash 11-05-2005 01:58 PM

Re: Sometimes there is good justification for groupies.
>SV650 motor in it or the Mille 60deg twin . . .

i've done a fair amount of riding in the boonies, far away from the left coast (where i live now).

tho' i'm not mechanically inclined myself, i'd guess it'd be easier to find someone to work on a harley engine w/ problems while away from "civilization" than it would to find somebody to work on a ducati mill.

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