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Default Re: 2005 Sport Touring Shootout

Some of us are less concerned about the cool factor and want a comfortable bike that won't break down in the middle of Montana.

My last day of a 2500 mile trip was 730 miles from northern Nevada to Seattle. Body and bike were fine after the 13 hours and no worries about a breakdown.

Give me the Acura-like qualites of the ST any day. I have better things to do than constantly bringing my bike in for valve adjustments (BMW) or picking up various parts along the highway (Buell). The FJR may be faster but the ST has all the off track power you could ever ask for. Goes from 60 to 125 very rapidly.
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Default Re: 2005 Sport Touring Shootout

It's funny reading the complaints that "their" bike choice isn't there or the winner, or questioning the choice of rides. My vote is for a 1952 Harley hydraglide with a double seat, windshield and leather saddlebags, although I did ride my 1946 war surplus Harley 45 from LA to Frisco and back when I was 16.

The real heros of the test are the gals that had the guts and stamina to ride passenger (or as us old folks used to say "on the pillion", if you remember what they were.)
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Default Re: 2005 Sport Touring Shootout

Of course, in a broad sense, it is true that all bikes are winners. Not really the point. I could and would probably be happy with any bike in the comparison. However, I have this bad habit of looking for consistency - credibility's first cousin, and the hobgoblin of small minds. It matters not what bike you pick as the winner from this group. We bitter, middle aged firearms enthusiasts know what we got.

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Default Re: 2005 Sport Touring Shootout

Hmmm, things are strange at the big MO. Mismatched bikes definately. FJR last? (no I don't own one, so this is not bias talking) Definate flip flop there with the st1300. The buell coming in 3rd in this crowd makes me think someone is playing too much golf with eric buell. Your article said on 2 different occasions "how we gonna "sell" this buell?" I don't want you to sell me this buell. leave that to the salesman. I want a good OBJECTIVE review of these bikes. Sure, it's not all specs, but it's not all personaility either. Come to think of it, MO has devoted a lot of press to the buell line lately, maybe paying for that gold cigar case. It's time for you all to decide who paying the bills, us or buell. As for me, I'll take a bike with less character and more mechanical precision any day. Oh, now for the bias part - my futura will smoke them all, with the possible exception of the VFR of course, in the twisty bits. (gee, it won the comparo against the FJR, and has not been reviewed since.) BTW, I agree that we need to start dividing the sport tourer class into a 500 pound class with bags and a heavy class(600+) pounds.

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Default It's Called Satire, foo!

Dude! You need to learn about satire. It's like sarcasm, but written. Go to www.theonion.com to get an idea of satire.

Sean has never golfed with Erik Buell (or anybody, as far as I know, but he'll probably tell you he's an expert golfer anyway), nor does he smoke Cuban cigars or own a gold cigar case. He also lacks a manservant, at least for now. I think Buell would give out carbon fiber cigar cases, if it did such a thing.

You also need to know how to quote...we never wrote "how we gonna "sell" this buell?" We wrote, satirically, "How are we going to sell this one?", referring to "selling" the idea that a Buell could be placed in a second shootout where it was a little out-of-place and retain the reader's faith we aren't just putting Buells in every test. I think most readers got that joke. We include Buells because they are widely available and very fun and interesting to ride. But they don't make any traditional bikes. They are hard to categorize. If we tried to match them against bikes that "looked" like them, we would be hard-pressed to have nay Buells on our site, and that would disappoint many of our readers who are Buell and Harley fans.

As far as objectivity goes...well, I really wrote the test based on what the tester told me and how they ranked the bikes they rode. How much more objectivity do you need? If you just want to rank them by measurable statistics, (weight, HP, range, seat height, etc) you hardly need our analysis. Why else read a motorcycle review if you don't want some subjectivity?

Before you start talking about "smoking" anything, you need to ride both bikes, back-to-back, on a twisty road. Now who's being biased and subjective?

In any case, I am glad you read (and enjoyed?) our story. Thanks very much for reading MO!
Gabe Ets-Hokin

Just a guy in the ether...
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Default Re: It's Called Satire, foo!

Gabe! You guys need to learn about consistency, planning, and meaningful comparisons. We all appreciate your humor and irreverency, but IMHO MO all really dropped the ball on this one. Is this going to be the sport touring comparo for the next year? Sure, the U. Bike is fun and interesting but so are lots of other bikes that could have been thrown in. It seems like you just got together what was available on short notice instead of really giving some thought to putting together a comprehensive selection in the same catagory. Maybe it's impossible to get the bikes you need when you need them, I don't know. You're right about the need for subjectivity, but subjectivity is pretty meaningless unless you're comparing apples to apples -- that's why it's called a "comparo". Really what is needed is 2 comparos because there are more than enough great bikes to fill 2 subcatagories such as adventure and sport. I love MO's subjectivity and slightly twisted take on moto-reality and here's hoping you'll redeem yourselves by doing a bigger & better comparo before another year passes.

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Default Re: It's Called Satire, foo!

Gabe, was that condescension? You know, telling some one to go screw themselves, but written.
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Default Re: No comment re the big Buell? R U 2 little? :D

I'm guessin' that he & his inseam are not impressed... remember, his column was called "Bitter LITTLE man."

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Default Re: 2005 Sport Touring Shootout

I agree with the rankings as they stand. I love Yamahas but I hate the way they sell the FJ and I hate being roasted while I ride. If I had to replace my ST1100 (which I don't) I'd get the Buell, then the ST1300 and then the BMW. But that's just picking nits. I do think the Beemer is the best bike, followed by the ST. But I just love the idea of the Ulysses. But my local Buell dealer pisses me off more than the Yamaha sales tactics and the BMW is just too pricey. So, the ST1100 will just keep on rolling and when it stops, maybe the Harley buttholes that I deal with locally will have sold out to someone who knows how to treat a customer. If not, I'll go get an ST1300.
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Default Re: 2005 Sport Touring Shootout

So, you took out my post - SACKLESS WIMPS! How many others did you remove? Can't take the heat of subscribers who think this article was a worthless excercise comparing dissimilar machines? Next time, I'll vote with my wallet by NOT renewing my subscription.
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