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Default Re: Sometimes there is good justification for groupies.

No I love the looks of the Firebolt. I have seriously considered buying one. I rode an Cyclone at a demo once. Was impressed with the torque but it had average fit and finish and shook like a paint shaker. I am gun shy of the Buell engine, because of the reliability issue. I think it needs a better engine (SV1000 twin). But I am going to test ride one next spring. I have Ninja ZX-6R now. So the tranmission needs to be better than the Cyclone I tested cause my Ninja was silky smooth compared the Cyc.
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Default Primitive specs to a primitive mind?

"Primitive" is in the eye of the beholder, sometimes the brainwashed beholder.

If it is "primitive" to make 65 mpg, with zero valvetrain maintenance, no radiator, or water pump to maintain/fail, gear driven cams instead of failure prone chains or belts, half the cylinders, one fourth the valves, a single throttle body, where dirty clutch-debris-laden tranny lubricant is separated from the engine oil, a dry sump, a computer controlled multi-speed ducted forced air cooling system, all on an engine that meets 2008 pollution regs without needing a catalytic converter... if that is what you consider primitive... okay call me a lover of primitive technology.

But I've never worshipped at the throne of peak HP or ineffectual extravagant technology (V-Tec anyone?) on a motorcycle.

\'97 Buell M2 Cyclone
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Default Re: 2005 Sport Touring Shootout

Hey, you guys are all kids!! What about getting the comments and riding evaluations from some old farts like me. I'm 60 years old with a bad back and just started riding again 3 years ago after a layoff longer than any of you have been alive! I ride a Valkyrie, which I like, except for the weight. I would like a sport touring bike, and I'm still confused over all the comparos that I have read as to what I would want. Also, I would probably buy used(cost is a factor), and might like to try out a 98 VFR. would that wreck my back even more? I doubt if I will ever take a very long ride, probably no more than 300 or 400 miles in day. I try to get in about 5000 miles a year in our limited riding season here in the Cleveland, Ohio area. So, what would you suggest out there in MO land?
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Default Re: 2005 Sport Touring Shootout

Sounds like we need another comparison test. It could be the SPORTS-touring shootout, instead of the sports-TOURING shootout.

Would it help if I said "please"?
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Default Re: 2005 Sport Touring Shootout

And the winner is Aprilia Futura. There, I saved all the reading.
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Default Re: 2005 Sport Touring Shootout

Last place does seem a little controversial for the Yammy. But I have a feeling theyre calling them like they see em. That doesnt mean someone else wouldnt totally disagree. If realibility and resale value mean anything, the Yamaha is golden. And the 06 is new and improved.
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Default Re: 2005 Sport Touring Shootout

Hey you guys are a piece of work!

Drop 20K on that Bimmer and all the recall work is free!!

Complain about heat. How did those feet feel on that toe roaster!!

Why didn't you throw in a GoldWing if you were going with "two up " criteria.

No credibility
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Default Re: 2005 Sport Touring Shootout

u forced me to go back and rede my first ride on new ST1300 in june `02. I still don't like it even tho i haven't been on one since then. This is a transvestite of justice dammit... actually maybe it is better with shorter windscreen but it is still a pig next to FJR. a PIG!
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Default Re: VFR and 21 Year Old Demographics

Alright. Perhaps I phrased that a little oddly. No, I am not immediately in the market for a new motorcycle. I was merely trying to illustrate the demographic that does in fact, only ride one bike. Said demographic could ride a couple of older bikes, but insurance here does not reward that sort of thing.

Your mention of price made me take yet another look. Looked up the Canadian MSRP for a new 1200RT ... $23,250? For a bike that is not even your primary ride? The mind reels.

And you make a good point. Most of these probably would make good used bikes. If I didn't believe in used bikes, I could have bought a new scooter for less than I paid for my Radian! But their value won't decline as quickly as other bikes. Plus, I mean, you can have someone who may not do 3 miles wheelies every day the key gets turned, but you can have someone who gets into motorcycles later in life, with money to start with something big, but neglects things like maintenance. When I took my rider training course, I saw some more mature (in body, not in mind) riders-in-making make mistakes just as bad as the younger ones. There is a piece of mind that comes with buying a new bike, that's seperate from the "Oooh! Shiney!" factor. You *know* the bike has been properly broken in, because you did it yourself. You know that it hasn't had a valve adjustment skipped, the oil steeped longer than optimal, or damage from being dropped that may be repaired externally, but not 'under the skin'.
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Default Re: 2005 Sport Touring Shootout

I guess I'm just going to say the same thing many others have already said in a little different way. The essential problem is that a mismatched set of bikes, insured a mismatched 1 ~ 5 rating. It didn't establish the true strengths of each bike in its' own correct element.

With the development of niche sport touring classes, there are at least 3 segments-

(1) sport touring (big,plush, fast) BMW K1200

Honda ST1300, Kawasaki ZZR, Suzuki Busa',

& Yamaha FJ1300

(2) sport touring (sport), Aprilia Futura, BMW 1200 RT/ST, Ducati ST 3/4, Honda VFR, Triumph Sprint ST, and maybe Moto Guzzi Rosa Corsa

(3) sport touring (adventure) Aprilia Capo Nord, BMW 1200GS, Buell Ulysses, Ducati Multi Strada, the euro Honda twins, KTM 990, Suzuki V-Strom, Triumph Tiger, and the euro Yamaha TDM.

A more targeted mix would result in a more accurate review that would help your readers make more informed choices. ( Myself, I gravitate toward group 3 )
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