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pplassm 10-11-2005 05:49 AM

I thought everybody knew how to U-turn like that.

johnnyb 10-11-2005 05:58 AM

Re: Gee....
I'll never forget a classic line penned by Lee in one of his columns: "`I'm sorry, Mark,' I said apologetically."

mscuddy 10-11-2005 06:12 AM

Re: Better Living Through Motorcycling
Great article Gabe. But it's "trap", not "skeet".

NevDog 10-11-2005 06:31 AM

Re: Better Living Through Motorcycling
Great article! Total Control is by far the best book on motorcycling skills I have read. Too bad I lent it to someone...

I would gladly pay $295 for an ARC course! Bring it to Texas Lee!

longride 10-11-2005 07:30 AM

Re: Better Living Through Motorcycling
The Lakers are going to need a lot more than a guy that can dunk from half court this year. They used to compare Kobe to MJ in the past, but over the last two years I don't hear that anymore. He got exposed when The Diesel left town. Go White Sox!

pdad13 10-11-2005 08:53 AM

Re: Better Living Through Motorcycling
I think hanging off can be useful on the street. It doesn't mean you have to drag a knee; and you don't have to be so obvious about it. All you really have to do is drop the inside half of your butt off the seat.

If if allows you to use less lean angle, why not? I do it quite often, especially in the wet.

edward44 10-11-2005 09:33 AM

Re: Better Living Through Motorcycling
I guess I was thinking about hanging off as shown in the animated pick of two riders: god like/un-god like. I assume the rider almost entirely off the bike was supposed to be god like, but I think it would be really stupid to take every corner like that. Shifting the weight to the inside a bit seems to work well and as you say, not be too obvious about it. In fact, I put a larger rear tire than stock on one bike I had, and over 40mph on tight turns, shifting my weight to the inside was the only way I could get it to turn. I remember doohan shifting his body to the outside to pick the bike up, but that has to be extreme.

rossbiker 10-11-2005 09:40 AM

Re: Better Life Through Motorcycling
Yes, and I ride almost every day (I'll bring the car when I need to run errands or when I'm wearing nice clothes).

Also, I do this in LA. Further, I almost have to use the worst intersection between the worst two highways in LA (though my timing is opposite the really bad traffic and I only occasionally have to weave through a serious jam).

Up the 405 from Santa Monica to the 101, get off at Van Nuys, and take Ventura Blvd. across into Burbank. Head back the other way on the way home. The 101 is usually insane and I get off as quickly as possible. I wouldn't even take it except that the Ventura exit is out of business for the forseeable future.


Buzglyd 10-11-2005 10:35 AM

Re: Better Living Through Motorcycling
I'm gonna have to jump on the bandwagon and root for the Angels.

I see the Bulls are right back where they were pre-MJ!

longride 10-11-2005 10:44 AM

Re: Better Living Through Motorcycling
Bulls aren't where they were, but at least they are moving in the right direction. Doormat of the East no longer! If the Sox play this series like the last, your rooting will only go 4 games before we move on to the series. Should be fun.

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