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sportbikebandit 10-04-2005 02:00 PM

Re: Finding a Future in the Past
At least those guys wave at me. :)

seruzawa 10-04-2005 02:23 PM

one more thing...
Routing the wires and stuff through the handlebars is NOT an advantage. Have you ever tried to change bars like that? Whattapaininthe@ss.

Aside from that the bike looks pretty good, really.

seruzawa 10-04-2005 02:28 PM

Re: Finding a Future in the Past
You're right. Whatthefock is wrong with calling them Yamahas? It's not like HDs aren't substantially made of import parts any more.

Lastwatch 10-04-2005 03:10 PM

Re: Finding a Future in the Past
Shadow Aero was double hard a$$!

Fenton 10-04-2005 05:18 PM

Re: Finding a Future in the Past
What a good looking line of bikes. That white one all "toured up" sure looks like a great way to go on a long scavenger hunt.

Thanks Pete.

mscuddy 10-04-2005 05:18 PM

Re: one more thing...
..all it needs are tail fins...

maladg 10-05-2005 01:40 AM

Re: Finding a Future in the Past
Neat dare-streak styling! Wow! Thundermatic 6000 V-2 power! AutoFlite Touch-N-Go GrindoMatic Shifting! 4% Smoother with Triple Turbine Surgemaster Injection! New Gyro-Cloud Full-Spring Suspension. New saddle material of WondaWeeve, the new double-strength material-like substance! Naturally available in Abyssinian Mauve, Foamfroth White, Thuringian Indigo & Tijuana Gold!

Rather than crib from the Word of McCall, I'd better get in my 1954 DeSoto, fire up the tube type radio, put on some smooooth tunes and get to work. Maybe later I'll get in the Lockheed Connie and fly down to HQ for some stupid meeting in the godforsaken wastelands of SW FL.

Heighooooo, Silver! Time to go! My Hopalong Cassidy watch just said so!

Is anyone else as unimpressed as I? MAYBE someday somebody will use retro right.

longride 10-05-2005 02:19 AM

Count me in
......for being unimpressed.

I guess it's easier to dredge up old American 50's car lingo than to actually engineer something original. First, they copied Harley, and now they go this way....with their Harley copy. Pretty sad for a company that declared the V-Twin an 'inferior engine design' in the 80's and wanted to teach Harley how to make a proper inline four. Oh, I forgot, V-twins weren't selling then. I forgot another thing. This isn't Yamaha! It's Star! Somebody please tell me this is nothing but a bad joke, and Yamaha will spill the beans and say it was really just a big gag. Classic?? Retro?? Give me a break.

beetsme 10-05-2005 02:20 AM

Re: Finding a Future in the Past
I don't get it. Guess I am not a cruiser guy. Had a 56 Olds starfire once, that was back in the 60's, don't want another!

teknoman 10-05-2005 03:58 AM

Re: Finding a Future in the Past
Now that,s funny?!!!

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