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Default Re: 2006 Victory schmictory

im pretty sure mscuddy agrees with you and was being sarcastic.
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Default Re: I heard that bike is loud as hell

Previous discussion about the bike.

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Default Re: 2006 Victory Line

The number one thing Victory needs to attack IMHO is their dealership network. It's crap. At least it is here in Chicago. Down the street from me is a place that sells Polaris ATVs, chainsaws and $18K cruisers.

I hate the Harley boutiques as much as anyone, but at least setup quality bike shops that sell nothing but bikes.

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Default Re: Triumph Rocket III

It's interesting that Triumph came out with the Rocket III in 2005 and is getting ready to begin their second year of production of this bike, and MO has not tested one or even done a riding impression.
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Default Re: 2006 Victory Line

Ruin...hah... that's original. Haven't heard that one before.
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Default Re: 2006 Victory Line

Talking about it just doesnÂ’t get it.

Victory/Polaris has and is doing much more.

The Victory line of MCs _Cruisers is moving ahead. Victory is seeing what the market doing and building bikes that lie in that path.

The sales prove this.

Polaris with buying 24% of KTM just opened a big door into Europe. Got into an already successful line of off-road MC and will get access to new fully developed technology that complements what they already have.

Polaris just became the largest power sport manufacturer outside of Japan.

I think thatÂ’s forward looking and aggressive. $3.00+ a gallon for Gas won't hurt also.

PS. the New Hammer has got to be ridden to be believed.

I have over 2000 miles on mine and the rear fat tire works unbelievably well with the matched front rubber. Yes it has a few quirks every bike I have owned for long enough to find them has them. At $17,200 its not cheep but it will run circles around the Screaming Eagle Duce and V-Rod that run close to $30,000, and it does it with style all its own.

Victory also did not forget to put equally capable brakes on a big machine; the Hammer will stop much quicker than any other bike in its class. 3 x 300 cm full floaters with quad piston calipers and steel lines.

When you think about the big V-Twin. The killer torque, and the 6-speed itÂ’s truly a tremendous package. It may only rev to 6K but show me a Hybusa that has the torque numbers to match.

HP is overrated- only for very go fast. The torque gets you to the HP and then you have shift gears again and go back to the torque. I have been to the 200MPH mark, itÂ’s a thrill, but not something to do often especially on public streets. My old bones/body doesnÂ’t need it to enjoy riding.

Polaris/ Victory are and will continue to improve and take and create market share.

Also donÂ’t forget soon all the KTM dealers will also be selling Victory. This is fairly hard core group of Dealers that have proven to give great service. And KTM is starting to develop high performance street bikes in Europe. I feel that it wonÂ’t be too long until we see some more very interesting new vehicles in the Victory line up.

I can see if Victory can keep bringing high quality new models onto the market and start to increase numbers they will also keep cost in check. The Jap bike builders utilize numbers to keep cost down some what.

We all have to pay for new technology to get it; Victory is doing more than any other manufacture in the market today to put it into new machinery with high quality and trying to do it at reasonable prices.

Yea one more thing, Polaris is an American company, thatÂ’s a nice adder to the equation.

Brain Cox

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Default Re: 2006 Victory Line

Very well said........ I own a Hammer also and agree with your points. It actually corners very well once you get used to putting a little more effort into holding its line in a turn. It has an amazing lean angle for a power cruiser. And that big back tire has some grip on the takeoff ...... which is breathtaking the way it comes out of the hole.

I also own a 2003 Harley superglide T-sport that I use for my trips, but find the Hammer much more fun to ride when I dont need to carry all my crap on a long ride.

The 6 speed just lopes along at 60 mph and is quite comfortable as far as vibration goes.

Every where I go people oogle at how good it looks and are impressed by its clean and simple non cluttered lines.

And above all that it is American made.

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Default Re: 2006 Victory Line

Victory dealer is closer to me than h-d.Wife has been in there,not me! But what is the number 50 bike ?Is that a prototype?
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