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Default Re: Manifesto Part Duex: Gabe Prophesies The End Of Sportbikes

I also wanted the zx10 and found a cool tubular
bar/triple clampÂ*conversion kit for it.Â*Â* Check out these links
to 3Â*images of it after the conversion.


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Default Re: He's Right, You Know...

Damn...you beat me to it!
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Default Heh!

Hey, you didn't offend me. As a matter of fact, I have a V-Strom and a Rune in my garage. I enjoy riding both of them. They are two completely different motorcycles, to put it mildly. I don't feel like any less of a "real" rider when I choose to ride the Rune instead of the V-Strom.

Is my V-Strom more fun to ride than the Rune? Hell yes it is! I love riding the V-Strom and treat it like the nasty ***** it is whenever I can. If my chain makes it to 5,000 miles I will be impressed.

Do I like people staring at me and performing doube-takes when I ride the Rune? Oh yeah! Children point and wave, old men just smile and dogs run away in fear (or is that my checkbook?) when they see the Rune. It's hella fun.

Everybody knows that "standard" motorcycle are better all-around motorcycles than most cruisers, that's obvious. Not everyone needs that level of functionality.

Is my Rune not a REAL motorcycle just because it doesn't come with factory luggage? Is a Ferrari not a real car because it has the trunk space of a box of Kleenex and goes like hell?

Most people have lives and familes outside of motorcycles. Most simply don't have the time to get out and ride when they want to. When they get a chance to ride, I don't think it's unreasonable to think that they would want to ride something fun or cool looking. Motorcycling for a lot of people is a release, a chance to de-tox from their mind-numbing weekly grinds. These people don't want to hop on a Nighthawk 250 on a Sunday morning.

I don't think that insulting riders or their motorcycles by calling them something other than "real" is the best course of action.

I also don't think that there is anything wrong with wanting to constantly improve your products. The whole idea is to get a lot of power into a lighter and lighter package. Does it make ANY difference at all if your bike weighs 1 pounds more or less than last years model?
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Default Re: Elitists Crap

gabe ... @#$#@ em if they can't take a joke.
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Default Re: Manifesto Part Duex: Gabe Prophesies The End Of Sportbikes

Great article. I agree, I have been looking for a good bike for several years, I have a 94 RF-900 Suzuki, and a 89 Yamaha Venture. But, am still looking for the perfect ride to work bike. The RF is okay to ride to work, but even with Heli-bars it's a little to cramped and not enough wind protection to keep my helmet face screen clean. Also even with a tank bag I can't always get everything I need to take to ro from work.

With the Venture I can take everything with me, but to much wind protection when the temperature is in the 90's like today.

Standards won't work no wind protection, I want a comfortable ride, with bags and windsheild. I like power so keep it aroun 100 hp or more.

Handling ang brakes are a must.

I will check out the Buell, but the bags are extra and it a little price, maybe a Triumph Tiger, or a used V-Strom 1000 with the bags.

That's my 2 cents, worth what you paid for it.

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Default Go to the Gym

Hey if you guys would go to the gym like I do 5 times a week you wouldn't have any problems with sportbikes.... Just kidding. The more I sat on the new replica racer 600s at the dealers (CBR 600, ZX-6R, R-6). The more I like my 01 ZX-6R which is the same as the 05 ZZR 600. It would be nice if they made a 600 and 1000 with state of the art components yet adjustable ergos. You could be a standard (ergos anyway) during the week and a hard core sportbike or tourer (with hard bags) the next week.. Some day someone will make that bike. Probably someone like Buell will figure out how to do it. Pop on fairings etc. We can put a man on the moon yet we can't get a stock motorcycle with adjustable seat, pegs, and bars....

Seriously, you should all go to the gym and wear a full-face helment though. Min 30 minutes 3 times a week cardio, 2 times a week weight training... This routine will keep your medical costs down... Don't find out the hard way like I did the consequences for not taking care of your body...
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Default Re: Manifesto Part Duex: Gabe Prophesies The End Of Sportbikes

get in a little late and it take all day to read the posts.

Gabe, right on the money!

Here in the riding Mecca of So. Cal. I've come to notice something quite funny, or rather my wife pointed it out.

200 lb. dudes wearing leather chaps, big boot, heavy jackets and gloves all the while sporting a salad bowl on their heads.

130 lb. duds wearing big flashy helmets that cover every inch of their heads all the while sporting flip-flops, shorts and a tank-top.

Now that's a disconnect.
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Default Re:

I have been seriously considering the Derbi GP1 250cc scooter because of this. I currently ride a BMW F650CS which also gets sneers from many motorcyclist for it's funky styling. The BMW is my sole transportation and it is small, very comfy, and since the gas tank is below the seat has a very low center of gravity.

But I was a second ride and the Derbi scoot looks like a boat load of fun.

I think small, light, easy to maneuver and carve corners is so much more fun that big heavy low rider or hunch back sportbikes. Why people need a bike that does 100MPH in 4 sec is beyond me when we spend most of our time between 30-40MPH on normal roads and 60-80MPH on the highway. You don't need a bike that does 180MPH to pass. You can have a bike that does 100 but had more torque and you will be better off.
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Default Re: Sorry, dead horse, but...WHACK!

I live in Kalifornia which is a motorcycle mecca, and while I see more motorcyclist riding daily here than most anywhere else, still most people I meet are weekenders and even then it is only the occasional weekend. I think that is what he means.

I guess I am weird here in that I ride my little standard (F650CS) all week as my daily trasnport, but on the weekend my wife and I cruise around in her little mini copper (It is hard to take brach chairs, cooler, and volleyball on a bike).
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Default Too many choices

Interesting, very interesting.

This has been a good year as I purchased a new 955i Daytona, and a Buell XB12S to go with my 95 Road King. It has made me think a lot about what we want and what we need (kinda like the song).


Pros: power, handling brakes

Cons: sore wrists, sore butt after an hour

conclusion: Great bike but not for long stints


Pros: fun fun fun

Cons: lack of top end power, needs 6 speed

conclusion: great commuter and all round bike;good riding position (put on 950km in a day). Is a bike that takes time to acquire a connection with.

I have wanted a sport / sporty type bike for years, and now that I have them and have taken the Buell to the track I find that there really isn't a great use for unlimited hp and handling when you're on the steet.

I commute about 50km a day, and have some great roads to ride. The problem is that to get any sort of "thrill" I have to be doing 2X the speed limit. Between the animals and tourists this isn't a great option.

It seems the story's are true, it's more fun to ride a slow bike fast, than a fast bike slowly.

When I ride my Road King I can cruise all day @ 130 kph and still be ready to ride after 1000km. The drawback of course is the handling and stopping. My suggestion and wish; Sportbike suspension, brakes etc on a cruiser style bike (i.e.Rocket3). It wouldn't be any track weapon, but the idea of having a decent handling cruiser with good power and brakes really appeals to me.

I'm now thinking that I will upgrade my Harley suspension and brakes to something more sporty.

As for people not riding their bikes, that's nature. I have bought quite a few Sporty's from people who want to ride (pose) and then decide it's not for them. I looked at one bike 3 years old with 500km. Seems the woman only rode them on Toy / Charity events. She had put a pile of money into bike she never rode, and was worth half of what she thought. I bought it for my wife, she rode it for a year and I sold it for what I paid for it as well as selling a lot of the "jewelry (live to ride crap) that had been planted all over it (I got a box with all the original parts)

In regards to biking "costumes", I find this true as well. I believe in being protected, but seeing the sport bikers with their replica leather, helmets and bikes riding around on the street is a little overkill.

I find it amusing when I see these guys stop for a beer. It doesn't seem to fit the situation like a guy in chaps, vest and bandanna. Both just want a beer, but which image is the one you always think of?

The clothes that people wear are generally dictated by the type of bike they ride. On a cruiser most people wear an open face as they have a windshield, and are maybe looking for a little weather / road rash protection.

Chaps work fine on a cruiser, but they don't work too well on a sport bike when you've got your legs tucked up. Loose fitting jackets are ok on a cruiser as well, but on a sport bike it doesn't take long to realize that a flapping jacket is a real pain.

I've found that I've had to upgrade my riding gear selection for riding sport bikes. I like my full face so much I might start wearing it when I ride my Road King. No, I guess I can't cause that wouldn't be the right image!!
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