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Default Kinda Weak Acutually

Am I the only person who is going to say this is really a pretty weak bit of work? No maps. Few pics; and no pics of some things specifically mentioned as "must sees," such as the dam. I hope MO didn't pay too much for this. I read more than enough of Mr. Rau's self indulgent rambling on the inside back cover of MCN. I suggest the editors here hold him to a higher standard.
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Default Re: Fred Rau: Tortilla Flat Ride

Hey, Fredmeister: were you the one Jeff Dean was refering to in his R12RT write up for ON when he refered to the journalist who's sunglasses melted in the fairing compartment of his ST13?

"Inquiring minds want to know".

And ignore the snippy post above. What a crock.
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Default Re: Kinda Weak Acutually

I'll join you in that assessment. The cursory treatment of this ride smacks of an article that was banged out in a motel room and submitted two hours before the publication deadline. But one might not realize that unless the area was familiar.

I live in the area and make the ride frequently. The unpaved portion takes a lot longer to negotiate than the article makes out, but it's a real treat; not only for the spectacular scenery, but also because it's free of sport bike riders and do-rag wearing types who wobble around corners and cross the centerline on blind hairpin turns. They join the cagers and motorhomers in making the paved part of Apache Trail hazardous, especially during tourist season.

The bar/restaurant in Tortilla Flats is a tourist attraction; nothing more. And aside from the novelty of eating chili from a bowl made of bread, the food is incredibly average. Its bar is especially popular with the Drink & Ride crowd. On weekends, the limited dirt parking area is choked with cruisers and sportbikes, the owners of which normally return to Apache Junction rather than proceed along the rest of the ride.

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Default Re: Fred Rau: Tortilla Flat Ride

That dinning room must be a noisy place to dine.
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Default Re: Fred Rau: Tortilla Flat Ride

Sounds like a great ride Fred!I am planning to visit the USA next year to pilot my GS1150 through some of your cool scenery.If any MO readers are interested,some of my trips can be seen at www.bmwmotorrad.co.za ,under articles & trip reports, heading, From Australasia .Joe Barker.
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