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cdfisher 07-24-2005 05:53 PM

Re: Hyosung GT650 vs. Suzuki SV650
81.5 x 62 mm 647cc

All specs are posted on

SRMark 07-25-2005 02:36 AM

Re: Hyosung GT650 vs. Suzuki SV650
Suzuki and style don't go together. I think their best guy whent over to Ducati to build the Multistrada and 999. They still have the same blind guy doing the paint though. And the new hire who inked the V-Strom is upholding that fine tradition of ass ulgyness and he threw in a crap name to boot. Amen to an all RED (with just a hint of yellow) Gixxer!

Haird 07-25-2005 05:09 AM

Re: I meant
Perhaps it's a function of brightness. One reason the LED tail light didn't come out sooner is it took some time to make them bright enough. I don't know how this applies to the LED in a dusplay, but it seems they coudl eb made bright enough to be visible in any light.

schizuki 07-25-2005 06:27 AM

Re: Hyosung GT650 vs. Suzuki SV650
Oh, you have GOT to be kpaul. I suspected tomK2 for a while, but the gratuitous Bush-bash in a motorcycle post is pure kpaul...

cdfisher 07-25-2005 06:35 AM

My thoughts on the review...
I have been posting this at various places on the internet to point people to MO for the article and to express some counterpoints of my own to the review.

Check out the groups at the following addresses if you want to see others opinions:

MO readers (especially those who love Gabe, you know who you are), this is in no way meant to inflame you. I am a what-you-see-is-what-you-get-kinda-guy and I believe I have established a enough of professional relationship with Gabe that we can agree to disagree. Without further ado, here it isÂ… (this is an on-line subscription magazine) compared a Suzuki 650S to a Hyosung GT650 and the results were interesting. I can't say I agreed with all of the conclusions on the article, but it's a free press, and one man's empirical opinion (even if he was mistaken on a few points). For the Korean's first foray into the US market, it's as good a review as they will get until some changes are made to the bike. But there are some judgments that are highly subjective I would like to comment on.

Let me preface my remarks by saying that I have years of experience in aerospace with enough of it in materials composition and build quality to make some educated judgments of my own. We are also a Hyosung dealer, we sell MZ's (a High Quality German Machine) and KYMCO's, the next known name in ATV's here in the states. I read almost every US Bike and ATV Magazine, and a few foreign ones as well. In other words, this ain't my first rodeo folks...

I was impressed with Mr. Gabriel Ets-Hokin, the author of the article, and I understand his concern about his journalistic integrity. In preparing for the assignment, he had reviewed the many articles on the site, and was determined not to write a puff piece. I participated in the test by observing and was surprised when I read some of his impressions. However, he had expressed a love for the Suzuki, as he had owned one in the past. In my opinion, it's possible he let his previous ownership and racing experience override his objectivity in some areas of the article. With that said, here are my issues with the article.

**The component quality of was a little poorer than I expected. The plastic is that brittle, older-style ABS, and the paint has a fair amount of orange peel.

-- The plastic is stiffer because it is thicker, but certainly not the Chinese style ABS referred to. It compares with a used 2003 GSXR sitting on our showroom floor and does not have the sharp edges associated with the cheap plastic of that ilk. The orange peel noted does exist in a couple areas, and Hyosung should improve quality control in this area.

**The instrument panel dimly lights up with LCD instrumentation that looks like it was lifted from a 1987 Cadillac.

-- Try LED GabeÂ… If I knew what a 1987 Cadillac dash looked like, I could comment further. The Green LED's are a little dim in bright sunlight, but readable, and could use an upgrade to an LCD display like the Suzuki's. The display has engine temperature and is attractive to most people I have shown the bike to.

**The motor fires up quickly and easily, with a raspy sound and noticeable vibration.

-- The bike doesn't have the feeling of isolation between the motor and the frame that an SV has, but under idle, I would hardly call it a vibration. The sound is harsher than an SV, and I disagree with the ear of the beholder, this motor sounds strong.

**The GT has a long reach to the bars, which puts an ache in your lower back after 20 minutesÂ…

-- Gabe forgot to mention he is 5'8" and has short arms and legs.

I'm 48 years old, am 5'10' and my (rather large) gut rests snugly against the tank, but not uncomfortably, and I have never had my lower back hurt as of yet. The SV under test had HELI bars, so there was no direct comparison for this functionality.

**The motor is buzzy above 6,000 rpm, but it is geared fairly tall and cruising at 80 (indicated- I think there's an 8-12% speedometer error) is fairly comfortable.

-- As I said, there is more of a feel for what the motor is doing and as for the spedo error, we haven't measured this yet, but we use the KC Motorcycle Cops Radar when we want to be sure (they hang out at our shop when it rains). I don't think the error is as great as this, because I ride the bike to work sometimes on the Freeway, and I keep up with traffic while the spedo reads 65-70 mph.

**There's plenty of torque for passing if you click down a gear or two, but the buzzing at high rpms is hard to take: your fingers practically vibrate right off the grips!

-- I regard this as an overstatement, what can I say? His writing style sometimes overtakes the point he may be trying to make.

**Hyosung doesn't list trail in the specs, however.

-- Wrong, he never asked for the ownersÂ’ manual (and I forgot to give it to him, too many things to doÂ…), it's in it. Look on our web site

**But the SV does give you a smoother motor, better throttle response and the luxury of fuel injection. Plus, the build quality is superior.

-- I won't argue with anything but the build quality comment, the former is subjective opinion. Maybe Aluminum welds looked better to Gabe than steel welds, but the quality of the bike in construction, is on par with Suzuki. Show me where it's not before you make a statement like that. Remember, "finish quality", is not the same as "build quality".

**Another consideration could be resale valueÂ…

-- Look at the NADA book for 2004's SV650. $3575-4700 is retail. HmmmmÂ…. A 45%-29% drop. That would make a 2005 GT650S worth $3024-3904 in 2006. This makes next years Hyosung's very competitive in the used bike marketÂ… I don't think this is a valid issue.

**Â…and warranty service, a pitfall for new brands.

--Yes, the parts problem is ongoing, and many dealers who have signed up for these brands are not qualified to work on them, or have the facilities to do anything but change the oil. Parts aside, I have witnessed the same problem at many rural Honda dealerships. Is that an excuse? No, but time and popularity will improve this area.

**The overall build quality is cheaper than what I'm accustomed toÂ…

-- Too broad Gabe. Where? What? Get specific. The only place I can find fault is the swing arm. It could be built of aluminum, but the quality of the steel unit is not cheap, just plain old steel.

Okay, that's my critique of the article and I'm sticking to it. The article is well written and besides these few issues, I enjoyed it. The people at are good solid professionals and I would let them have another bike to test (of course they may not want to after reading this). Thanks Amy for volunteering your time and your SV. Everyone has an opinion and MO has the bully pulpit to expound on. The on-line magazine system is a bit dated, and the forums are a little hard to navigate based on the latest in forum software, but at less than a buck a month, the price of entry is worth it.

I urge all you potential US GT riders to get into your local dealers, view and if your in the market, ride the bikes. Then read the article. I'm sure you'll have other opinions to add.

Oh yes, I wrote the piece about the dyno in the article, but has a Dynojet to test with, and they thought my remarks were too controversial, as in somebody might not agree (Dynojet maybe?). They ended being edited into a softball piece. Oh well, you can read the real thing on our site under Dyno techÂ…

Curtis Fisher

MidAmerica PowerSports Plus

blitz 07-25-2005 07:16 AM

Re: Hyosung GT650 vs. Suzuki SV650
The bush bash and the bold typeface.

I am not going to renew again. It was a nice

couple of months when he was gone. I am SO

over his drivel.

Gabe 07-25-2005 10:02 AM

Re: My thoughts on the review...
I wasn't going to respond, but I think I should.

1. ABS quality: I never say it's Chinese-style ABS, just that it seemed more brittle than the more flexible, damage resistant stuff used on some other brands.

2. Instrument Panel LED/LCD: in the initial draft I said it was an LED display, but Sean has final say in all things technical and changed it to LCD. It is visible in direct sunlight, but barely. It's a poorly lit, poorly designed display that needs to go back to the drawing board.

3. Buzzy Motor: The motor buzzes more than the SV. Does it vibrate at idle? A little. Did I say it vibrated at idle? No.

Maybe it will smooth out over time, like I said, but compared to the SV it is very buzzy. I purposely took the bike up to the rev limiter, as riders will do that on the track, and the vibration is quite intense up there. Will it shake your hands off the grips? Maybe not literally (that's why I said "practically"), but your hands will get numb and it is harder to grab on.

4. Build Quality v. Finish Quality. I'm uninterested in such a distinction, as I dond't think it matters. I lump it all together and take "build quality" to mean: "how well is something put together, including quality of materiels and assembly?" The Hyosung just does not measure up in every category to the Suzuki. The welds look nice, but almost everything else isn't as solid, finished or well-designed.

When I say it's not as nice as what I'm used to, well, just look at our archives to see what I've been riding. BMWs, Suzukis, Yamahas, Hondas, Triumphs, a KTM and Kawasakis. MZs and Derbis, too. Only Derbi isn't better than Hyosyung.

That's pretty tough competition, so Hyosung should know that they had better match the other brands if they want to sell $6000 motorcycles to Americans. It surprises me, as Hyosung makes components for many of those manufacturers! That can only make me assume they save the "nice" stuff for export.

If they haven't done their market research enough to know that Americans demand high quality (and check out a Kymco to see a company that does know that), what else are they lacking?

5. Specs. I admit I was lazy and took the specs off the Australian site. I will make a better effort in the future to locate better spec sheets for articles.

Everything else I agree with you, Curtis. I just can't state it the way you do and appear to be objective. If Hyosung (and you) want to compete against Suzuki, I will compare them to a Suzuki.

I would like to say that the Hyosung GT650 is a good motorcycle and is worth the MSRP. I hope that came through in the article. And thanks again for all your help!

cdfisher 07-25-2005 10:16 AM

Re: My thoughts on the review...
Great response Gabe, we have different outlooks for sure. I think of this brand as competitively priced, given the current state of the market and I'm happy to continue to debate and discuss everything.

Again, you gave a great review and I look forward to seeing you in the future...


connolly_p 07-25-2005 12:03 PM

Re: Off Topic
Good point about the paint and the name. My bike is garaged at home and at work, and the paint has still deteriorated more than you would expect. Still, it gives me a good reason to pull it apart and make it a new colour. I'm a bit tired of red...

As for the name, the most common comment I get about my bike is:

"How do you pronounce Hyosung?"

Nplateau 07-26-2005 06:30 AM

Re: Hyosung GT650 vs. Suzuki SV650
As the unofficial campaign manager for the Kpaul for America campaign, let me just say, "Adios biatch!"

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