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sv1000rider 07-24-2005 02:31 AM

Re: Hyosung Competitiveness
Did the gentleman that owned the Hyosung franchise in K.C. give any indication of demand or how many he has sold? I agree that a "glut" scenario is highly likely. Although I was a just a lad in the 80's when Harley got Reagan to slap a tarrif on large displacement motorcycles, I think I grasp the overall condition of the motorcycle market during that time. Now it will be harder to take such action if a price war occurs. I wonder how it will all play out? I admit, it would be very hard to pass up on a $3999 GSXR1K knockoff! Then I might be able to afford more frequent tickets. ;)

ncelik 07-24-2005 04:56 AM

Re: I meant
Actually, LED's would be perfectly visible in any kind of lighting condition.

And funky too!

ncelik 07-24-2005 05:10 AM

Re: Hyosung Competitiveness
A couple of weeks ago I was at a Ducati-Triumph-Kawa dealership and the sales guy pointed out the GT650. It is my understanding that the MSRP on it is very flexible (unlike the Ducati's). I'd say you could drop the price close to what you suggest.

As for the Chinese, I say when they come it will be less than $4K for a simillar bike. Just take a look at craigslist in larger markets, it's full of people selling chinese imports, for now smaller bikes and mopeds. The question is if you want it.

The guy who started Subaru in the US and once imported Yugo's, wants to import Chinese Geely cars to the US now. Those are basically 100% knock-offs of Chevy and Toyota models. He lined up a few dealers. One of the first dealers went to China with him and when they came back the dealer promptly canceled the agreement. Word is that quality is, well, how shall we say,...not there? Things like doors not closing etc., should really not be, especially on the model you are showing the first potential dealer in the US. Makes you wonder about the rest of the production.

cdfisher 07-24-2005 06:06 AM

Re: Hyosung GT650 vs. Suzuki SV650
There's an even better sticker that was spotted on a Lifan Virago knockoff we once carried...


I still don't understand why the Asian marketers don't realize that a little grammer goes a long way.

sportbike_pilot 07-24-2005 01:07 PM

Re: Hyosung GT650 vs. Suzuki SV650
This is the best article I have read on MO in a while. Great work Gabe and Sean.

pdad13 07-24-2005 04:09 PM

Re: I meant
Well, that speedo seems to be an LED. An LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is what we've all got (or at least those of us with digital instruments.) Including that horrid LCD tach on the ZX-10/6R

My clock radio isn't visible in every kind of lighting condition and it looks a lot like the speedo on the GT650R. Which brings up an interesting question: Why do LED tailights work so well? I think it has something to do with the configuration. Anyone know?

MyVec 07-24-2005 04:28 PM

Re: Off Topic
Yep, agreed connolly_p. Teething problems tend to happen most of the time. It applies to almost everything. We have a case here in Malaysia, where a 2005 model Merc E200 Kompressor had transmission problems.

To me, the Hyo, being a freshie, may have these problems. But we have to admit that they have done a great job...for a start. Give it another few years, if they're good listeners, expect much better products coming in... which would be great for us... don't you think ?

I would suggest a few things to Hyo, Bro MO.

1. Hyo should carry an international name. "Hyosung" seems too Koreanish to sell globally, now. (it might worked in the 60's, but now...they'll take too much time to catch up). Remember Ssangyong with Rexton(a range from the brand), or the Toyota with Lexus, Honda with Acura.

You see, strong universal marketing strategy. Here in Malaysia, those Hyosungs are called, NAZA Blade 250, 650. (I personally think it sounds better)

2. Iron out those paint, lever vibes, and other easy wins. (I don't think it's too difficult)

3. Excellent dealership and aftersales service.

...Then, they're on their into the BIG PLAYERS arena.

Good Luck HYOSUNG.

Grum 07-24-2005 05:09 PM

A word from the President
As the self-appointed president of the First Post Club I must point out clause 37, sub-section 2, para. 3 of the Rules & Regulations of the MOFPC which states ..."Any financial member of Motorcycle Online (hereafter refered to as MO) shall be awarded the right to claim a "First Post" if, indeed, they are first to post.

Successful posting of such First Post shall also infer automatic and permanent membership to the First Post Club (est. 2005), and all the benefits and entitlements that are attached thereunto.

Having nothing worthwhile to say is not a requirement per se of First Post membership but is acceptable by virtue of the very media by which the claimant makes his claim"

FrankS1 07-24-2005 05:19 PM

Re: Hyosung GT650 vs. Suzuki SV650
If the Korean bike is indeed a 90 degree V-twin, why does it vibrate as reported? After all, Honda and Suzuki copied the engine layout from Ducati for more and better reasons than revenge for Superbike defeats. And, like Ducati, they are quite smooth without any counterbalance shaft.

Or does the Korean bike have something other than a single throw crank? (You need that to get the primary and secondary balance in the engine.)

Gabe 07-24-2005 06:35 PM

Is that Frank Snively?
Nice to hear from you, if so! I don't know why the Hyosung vibrated more than the SV, but I do know it did! Maybe it will smooth out with break-in. The SV was very much smoother.

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