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Fenton 06-13-2005 01:58 PM

Re: A Year With the Triumph Speed 4
"Sturdy, well-engineered, engaging to ride and will last for years."

I want a motorcycle too.

clively 06-13-2005 05:15 PM

Re: A Year With the Triumph Speed 4
I've been looking at a black one at the local shop for awhile. I had no idea about the maintenance costs though. The dealer said it was much less than the oriental bikes but you proved him wrong there. Thanks for another great article!!

fyodordos 06-13-2005 05:55 PM love...
I understand that just because professionals are required to do comparos, the pick of the litter is not necessarily the best. Lazy, escapist years have been spent sifting through moto-verbiage and obsessing over glossy pages, much like the time my best friend and I got shot at for peeking in a window. As I recall, it was pretty fun.

But eventually it is time to grow up and admit that I am capable of love. Although the latest models are quite good, the best choice has less to do with reason. When I hear her coming, I always look -

The Speed 4 may be one of those bikes. Seems like it could be. Having recently come to a rather pleasurable conclusion of my own - I do applaud the choice.

And...10K is a good number for a test.

sportbikebandit 06-13-2005 06:33 PM

Re: A Year With the Triumph Speed 4
"At speeds over 60, a freeway jaunt on a naked bike with upright superbike bars is like an extended upper-body workout as the wind blasts your head and upper torso. Suddenly you feel like a big jackass." OK I stick to my guns that the 600 Super sport with a fairing is the perfect motorcycle. Just Kidding. Hey Gabe first you almost talk me into getting an Aerostich and now that I have been lusting for a big yellow Daytona you have to go an say that your Triumph is reliable. Great article love the side bars about the add-ons... Sean this guy worth every penny you are paying him and more.. Beautiful bike by the way....

Gabe 06-13-2005 07:08 PM

I live in San Francisco, and shop rates are $75-110 per hour. It costs just as much to inspect and adjust valves on a Japanese 16-valve engine...but the Triumph needs an inspection every 8k. You could probably get away with 15 or 16k, but Triumph wants you to maintain the bike carefully.

Only two of my valves were changing clearance, so the adjustment shouldn't be too bad at 16k.

Also, the air filter is $50, the fuel filter is $50, and Triumph wants you to use their special synthetic Mobil One oil...$45 a gallon. My filters looked good enough to keep using, and I used cheaper oil, so I saved some bread.

I don't think the higher maintainance cost would outweigh the other savings in insurance and purchase price: you're saving almost $2000 over the price of a Honda F4i- that's a lot of valve adjustments!

allbikesbiker 06-13-2005 07:09 PM

Re: A Year With the Triumph Speed 4
good article but I think I'll keep my '05 999 and the '02 H-D 883R.

I know, I know... they're at opposite ends of the spectrum.

but, so am I.

sarnali 06-13-2005 08:09 PM

Re: A Year With the Triumph Speed 4
Nice bike, why'd you let that weirdo sit on while you took the pitchers?

pdad13 06-13-2005 08:45 PM

S4 on track and a somewhat OT question: FZ6.
Nice to hear about the S4, Gabe. I'm playing with the idea of getting a track-dedicated bike next year, and that little freak looks like a good choice. I've seen a few used ones for sale. Now if I can only make the committment to travelling to the track days, I'd be all set.

Coincidentally, I was re-reading the MC-USA Reality Bike test today because I've got a friend who's interested in a sporty middleweight standard. Since he's not all that knowledgable, he's relying on me for advice. Poor sucker.

I first reviewed the MOfo comparo and they didn't have a high opinion of the FZ-6. It faired better in the MC-USA test, but still far from great. My question is whether the FZ6 is still reasonably good for a rider who's got a couple of years of experience on an older, smaller UJM and is not likely to push the bike to any great degree. The abrupt throttle response/EFI has got me a little concerned. It seems to me that Z750S is a better buy, even for the higher asking price, but it's an even bigger jump in power. This dude is very responsible and conservative, so I'm not worried about him doing anything stupid. The Z seems like it would be easier to ride, even given the higher power output. So am I right?

The SV-650 is running a distant third because he wants some decent wind protection and it's almost impossible to find a 599 around here.

Any other MO staff or MOrons feel free to jump in if you wish.

Gabe 06-13-2005 09:58 PM

FZ-6 v. Z750
That's a tough choice. My instinct is that the Kawi is easier to ride, but the build quality and 26k valve-adjustment intervals on the FZ-6 make it a good choice too. He can't go wrong either way.

I think an SV650 is a better track bike than the Speed Four (after modifying it), but maybe that's just because I was a faster rider when I had my SV. I think the Triumph is just a bit lardy and bland on the track. It's really a great street bike, though.

fizzchem 06-14-2005 01:41 AM

Re: A Year With the Triumph Speed 4
S4 owner here.

You might have gotten a weirdly set-up bike if the springs were too soft for you. Check preload? (Maybe Sean sat on it for awhile...) I weigh 25 lbs. more than you and my S4 is not overwhelmed at the track at all.

Putting wide bars on this bike ruins it for track days. It upsets the weight distribution of the bike, and IMO, if you can't crank over a 600 with clip-ons, you need to go to the gym.

Oh, and the Scorpion slip-on sounds rad.

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