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Default Re: OOPS! My Bad!

"$15,000 to buy a headache," says it all. A Guzzi is cool to look at, but so are lava lamps. And while it may also have a beautiful sound, it's not like anyone wants to ride a violin.

I understand the desire for nice things. Whether it's a chair, a lamp, a motorcycle, or even a well made can-opener, some things just speak to you. The way I see it, having an appreciation for good design is admirable. Unfortunately, some designs, though beautiful, don't really work. Let's face it: if it costs twice as much, breaks down twice as often and it generally, doesn't do what it's supposed to do - it's junk, no matter how pretty it is. And just because some rich guy is willing to pay-through-the-nose to buy it, doesn't change a damn thing.
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Default Re: State of the Guzzi

Great review. Would love to have a v11 sport.

When is Yossef's review of the big Breva due?
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Default Re: OOPS! My Bad!

I don't have any reliability info other than anecdotal (but neither does anyone else) and the Guzzis are rock solid based my (admittedly limited) experience and the comments from everyone I have talked to...I haven't seen any posts here that would indicate that anyone has had a different experience...I guess I'll find out as I rack up the miles.

The guys at www.v11lemans.com do seem to complain a lot, but so do the posters on every site dedicated to any particular brand.

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Default Re: About that...

The compression damping is at the top of the fork inside the blue anodized spring adjuster and takes a metric hollow hex wrench. It moves independent of the blue hex spring adjuster. The compression damper adjuster is at the bottom of the fork leg, essentially pointing down to the ground and is directly behind the front axle. It also takes a metric hollow hex wrench. The V11 series seems to be under sprung when delivered from the dealer and at my about 210 lbs, needed the rear spring adjusted firmer and the front springs adjusted firmer, almost or at the limit of adjustment. Made a big difference for me and many folks on the V11 BB.

Thanks and let us know if you find the adjusters.

Frank Long
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Default Re: State of the Guzzi

I am new to BBs but you need to check your manual. The Olins have all the adjustments.

I have a V11 Cafe Sport and I love it. I also have a 2005 Bmw K1200LT and a 2004 K1200GT both for sale very low miles. I am getting rid of a Suski Vstrom 1000 which I got when traded in a Hayabusa. I AMLooking for a 2002 80TH ANNIVERSARY MOTO GUZZI.

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Default Re: State of the Guzzi

I stopped by a Guzzi dealer in 1999, looking for a used bike. The dealer offered me a test ride, even tho I told him I wouldn't buy it. He told me, ok , but take it for a ride, it's a lifes experience. It's out in the garage now, I just LOVE it. Maybe I finally understand Harley riders.....save the product evaluations for appliances and cars, you buy a motorcycle with your heart. Mine, by the way, has been as reliable as any Japanese bike I've owned. 13,000 miles ( I dont' get much riding time) and the only part I've bought for it is a front brakelight switch, and I replaced the tailight sockets with steel ones for a Ford. It's an EV, not a sport bike. I just don't care for them on the street, regardlesss of brand.....
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Default Re: Gimmie a minute to stop laughing!

Ohhhh! So your mom was the one who got the good one!

My Dad had Saab 99s in '72, '73 & '74 (last one was the pumpkin orange 99 EMS with manual trans). Loved the cars, but decided you had to own two so you had one to drive while the other was in the shop. He was on a first-name basis with all the mechanics at the dealership.
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Default Coppa Vs. Ballabio V11?

I went and looked at Coppa the other day, and it has to be the most senuous bike I have ever laid eyes on. Simply jaw dropping. The pictures do no justice to the carbon fiber bits and oveall effect of color combinations.

That said I'm curious if the Coppa is worth the extra $3K for Ohlins/Fiber/Exhaust+Chip over the more mundane Marzocchi components?

Some have said Ohlins are overkill for the kind of riding this bike is intended for, and the exhaust/chip don't yield that big a difference.

Of course if it was simply sound/looks and $ is no object the Coppa is a no brainer....

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Default You Don't Get the Pipes and Chip

Those are accessorys and I'm sure they aren't cheap!
Gabe Ets-Hokin

Just a guy in the ether...
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Default Re: State of the Guzzi

Nice write-up; as an '02 Le Mans owner I can say without hesitation that I've had more fun on this bike than anything since my RD350 of a million years ago, forget the dozen or so bikes between them.

Thanks to the members of the V11 board, I've corrected the handful of foilbles the bike had (namely $20 worth of relays, removing the sidestand switch, changing the pawl gear spring) and it's been a joy since, a keeper.

Guzzi's are an acquired taste, but once sorted, very enjoyable.
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