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sarnali 05-18-2005 08:36 AM

Re: Gimmie a minute to stop laughing!
My mum still inflicts the 99GL she bought new in '76 on the motoring public. 280k miles and it still runs like a top. Except for the dents from her running into things it still looks good too.

The V11 Coppa Italia is I think the best looking bike on the road. I think there's even a dealership in Seattle.....

SRMark 05-18-2005 08:43 AM

Re: State of the Guzzi
The Breva 1100 is shipping now to some European countries. I've seen a few brief tests that indicate it is quite a good bike - a rival to BMW. I wish they would soon ship them to the states.

maladg 05-18-2005 09:13 AM

Re: State of the Guzzi
I had the good fortune to spend couple of hrs on a late model LeMans last yr.

I loved it all but the riding position with the bars being too darn low...and footpegs way too high.

I also babysat an early 80's LeMans for a bud who was in the Navy and off having fun in the Persian Gulf.

Yes, I know first hand why Guzzi will not die!

ikonoklass 05-18-2005 10:58 AM

Re: State of the Guzzi
I, too, almost bought a Guzzi, but went with a Beemer at the last second. I wish I'd gotten the Guzzi. It was a California EV Touring, which has the fortune of competing with equally old technology in the form of H-D. For the money, the Guzzi was incomparable. Heated grips, huge luggage, passenger backrest, shaft drive, tubeless spoked tires... just a really nice package. But while the dealer mulled over my criminally low offer, I read online about catastrophic hydraulic lifter failures in '03s, which happened to be this bike's model year. So I went with a BMW R1200CLC to complement my Triumph Sprint ST. That's a decent bike in its own right, but it's a bit wanting in the engine department. If I had it to do over again, I'd go with the Guzzi. Maybe it's just a small dealer network, but I would think Guzzi cruisers would sell very well here, given how popular Harleys are, and how much cooler Guzzis are.

Steven_Verschoor 05-18-2005 11:18 AM

Re: State of the Guzzi
Well done, Gabe and Pete. Enjoyed the read.

I've demoed the Breva 750, and I really enjoyed it. If Guzzi had come out with the big Breva in 2002, I might've gotten that instead of my Beemer roadster.

Anyway, good article, guys.

James_Brown 05-18-2005 12:51 PM

Re: State of the Guzzi
I'm glad to hear that the 1100 is materializing. It may be a while before I get a new bike, but the Breva 1100 would likely make the short list when I start shopping.

theDuke 05-18-2005 03:10 PM

Re: Guzzi Cruisers are No More
I agree with your thoughts, but from what I've heard, the Guzzi California line of bikes is no longer offered. The Nevada is the only cruiser in their lineup this year.

jungkvist 05-18-2005 06:20 PM

Re: Gimmie a minute to stop laughing!
Saab used to be the eccentric's car company. Me, I have a long and twisted history, with Volvos...After seeing the crazed look that the Saab owner's had in their eyes, while preaching about their cars, I was way too freaked-out to buy one.

And, I don't know if the Coppa Italia is the best looking bike on the road, but it sure is pretty.

FrankL 05-18-2005 07:19 PM

Errors and corrections
You guys should have looked at the V11 owner's manual or simply looked at the Ohlin's. The front forks ARE adjustable for both compression and rebound damping as well as spring settings. So is the rear shock. To the unknowing reader, you have done the V11 an injustice by *****ing about the shock "lack of adjustability" - where are you going to put the retraction? I've owned a Lemans in '02 that had the stock shock/fork setup and the Ohlin's are head and shoulders above the stock setup.

MPH cycles in Dallas can send you a riser kit, complete with clutch and brake cables to raise the handlebars as well as parts to easily move the pegs down and forward. I have both on my '03 LeMans Rosso Corsa and it has become a great bike - a keeper for me.


Gabe 05-18-2005 08:43 PM

I meant no offense!
I did spend a lot of time on both a California II and a Le Mans IV, and although they handled nicely for a bike their weights, they didn't size up to my '77 BMW, and anything worse than that is ill-handling!

Nice bikes, but big, long and heavy. Hard to keep them in a turn! Although the one I rode had an 18" wheel conversion. I did like it.

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