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Default Re: Postcards from Roads Less Traveled

Oh yeah right. an off road trail that goes the entire length of California! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Did the Sierra Club and Earth First! go out of existence?
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Default What did you take?

Thanks for the story. Besides fuel, water, food, rain gear, what do you typically bring on a ride like this out in the middle of nowhere? Tire repair stuff? Fix-a-flat? Oil? Duct tape? Chain repair tools?

I did some of White Rim on a mountain bike and brought WAY too much stuff. So I can imagine it's easy to overpack a motorcycle. What's the bare sane minimum?

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Default Re: What did you take?

I bring fix a flat, duct tape, a patch kit, a spare spark plug, and an assortment of tools. Most importantly, however, a spare 1.5 gallons of gas!
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