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Grum 04-18-2005 03:35 PM

Re: Blue Ridge Parkway
Yee-ha First Post!

Grum (President, MO First Post Club)

I'll go back and read the article now.

pplassm 04-18-2005 03:53 PM

Re: Blue Ridge Parkway
It is indeed a beautiful ride. Be prepared for changing conditions and lots of lovely scenery.

SlowDude 04-18-2005 04:02 PM

Re: Blue Ridge Parkway
Great area. I try to get down to the Gap once a year but really the whole region is perfect for biking. Wonderfully tight and curvy, beautifully paved and most cagers are bike friendly. NC cops seem alright but the state park police have no sense of humor about double line passing and double the speed limits. Look at the pictures, it is impossible to go 45mph.

PS. If you want to go fast and safe, ride the gap during the week. Although entertaining, weekends are full of squidly people who go down about at a rate of one per 3 hours. Good time to run other local roads like the Cherohola Skyway.

Somnus 04-18-2005 04:16 PM

Re: Blue Ridge Parkway
Y'know, the riding in Cali is pretty good. But I've not recently missed the East Coast so much as when I saw the 2nd to last picture (in the gallery at the bottom).

Airfiddler 04-18-2005 04:57 PM

Re: Blue Ridge Parkway
You call them mountains ? Thems foothills son.

Come to Alberta and British Columbia, and we'll show ya'll MOUNTAINS............ wear your longjohns though. it gets cool at the higher elevations even in July and August. I really liked your photos. The road looks a bit close with the green stuff blocking a lot of your view . I would be paranoid about some large critter jumping from the bush into my path.

gbrummett 04-18-2005 05:23 PM

Route 191 formally Route 666 in Arizona
If you are ever in east Arizona near the New Mexico border and want a really twisty ride go ride on Route 191 Formerly Route 666. The fun starts in Clifton and doesnÂ’t stop until you reach Eagar. 95 miles of serious twisty turning high altitude fun all the way up to 9100 feet. No police, no highway patrol, and no gas, make sure you fill up in Clifton if coming from the south or Eagar if from the north. To get there and start from the North side from Phoenix take 60 east to Globe on to Show Low then 260 east to Eagar then 191 south down to Clifton. It's a long drive to get there but worth it.

While in Clifton check out the huge Phelps Dodge copper strip mine the largest in N America and you can see from 191.

One note make sure you don't ride before May or after Sept as the weather in the fall through spring time can turn really cold and freezing rain can fall quickly at 9100 feet.

mikenomad 04-18-2005 06:17 PM

Re: Blue Ridge Parkway
Is the whole Parkway open again Several sections were washed out in storms.

sportbikebandit 04-18-2005 07:37 PM

Re: Blue Ridge Parkway
Thanks Jack nice read and great pictures. I have a brother that moved to NC a few years ago. He brags about the BRP. Having lived most of my life west of the Miss. my brother knows I am kind of geographically ignorant about the eastern U.S. ". With over four hundred miles of two-lane twisties, spectacular mountain scenery and very little traffic, you can't believe you usually have the road to yourself. Commercial traffic is not allowed. " Sounds like sport bike heaven on earth. Great motivation to plan a road trip to visit him. Thanks again.

Sliver 04-19-2005 01:17 AM

Re: Route 191 formally Route 666 in Arizona
I plan to ride this road for the first time around the second week of May. I'll be coming from the south. I look forward to seeing what you are talking about.

Thanks for the post.

longride 04-19-2005 03:25 AM

Re: Blue Ridge Parkway
Beautiful area to ride. I try to get down there at least once a year. Nice article!

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