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Default Re: 5 Years With An Aerostich

Except for my arms, legs and torso, the XS should fit me just fine. I'll look for the JBSE at my local Aerostichery. By God JB, you sure put up with some abuse.
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Default Ugly, Bulky, Too Hot and Heavy....I Gave Mine Away

Ugly, bulky, heavy, too hot in summer/warm to hot temps which most of us ride 95% of the time .......and really does not do anything well in my view except lighten ones wallet.

I gave mine away and havent missed it.

I am still looking for a lighter weight suit with stretch panels in non-road contact areas for a good fit.....then super vented to suit more temperature ranges than aerostich ...plus perfed armor to keep one cool in hot weather.

For rain.........how about a rain suit as a novel approach.

Everytime I ride with people in these suits I love to see them scramble and sweat it out at eating stops to get out of them before the collapse from the heat

Big selling point here they keep you warm three times in summer; once when you work to put them on, riding in them in the heat and ofcourse taking them off

Big market here for a real riding suite vs something that looks like it came off the winter rack at Walmart


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Default Re: 5 Years With An Aerostich

And if you sew two of these together top top bottom you might get one to fit longride.
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Default Re: 5 Years With An Aerostich

There ain't enough Cordura in the universe for that.
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Default my Years With An Aerostich

Always interesting to me to hear opinions on something with such cult status/legend as an Aerostich suit. Refreshing that even though you get a clear impression from Gabe that he absolutely treasures his 'stich, he did relay some issues about it. Did show some balance.

I have been a very proud owner of an Aerostich Darien jacket and pants for about 50,000 miles in 3 1/2 half years. It has performed fantastically. Almost never wet despite riding rain or shine. The only time the water got through was a blinding downpour (all vehicles pulled off the road!) that I shouldn't have been in in the first place and even then I only got a little damp. I have ridden in below freezing to above 100 in comfort. And my armor is still in great shape. No crumbling or deterioration at all. This stuff has been amazing! I would definitely buy it again. And the crash survival stories are many. I don't want to test this however.

The quality of construction and the quality of service is top notch. They have a well deserved reputation. Nothing is perfect and there are now a number of very nice textile options out there, but for me, it's a 'Stich!

I have no problem paying just a little more for something so well done. And a by the way, one of the reasons I opted for the Darien over a Roadcrafter was that the Darien is unlined and I believe cooler in hot weather. I didn't want an excuse to not wear it. I also went for the Hi-Viz yellow and feel it definately has made me more visible to traffic. It also reflects some of the sun quite well!

paul from Minnesota
paul from Minnesota
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Default Re: Five Years With An Aerostich

I've had a Roadcrafter two-piece suit and the Darien jckt and pants. They've given good service. Dislikes are: too stiff, forearm zipper won't stay zipped over a watch and the velcro wrist strap is too short, the neck on both fit too loose and I have a 17" neck. I sold both suits and now use Joe Rocket which I like much better.
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Default Re: Five Years With An Aerostich

i've coming up to 100K on my 'stich. for riding in the san francisco bay area, where i leave my house and it's 55, and get to my office in greenbrae where it's 85, i find it's the ideal solution.

to improve venting, i make sure the big back vent that's under the reflective strip is open, and then make sure both pit zips are wide open *as well as* the sleeve zippers. i'll either wear short summer-weight gloves or cinch up the gauntlet of my regular gloves and put them inside the sleeves. this lets air come up my sleeves and exit thru the armpits or out the big back vent. that helps a lot.

WRT the armor crumbling over the years, the new armor has a layer of fabric bonded to it that prevents it from crumbling. i expect it to last a while. and the old stuff's life could be extended by gluing a layer of tyvek to it.

WRT the zipper pulls, in an emergency i just use a paper clip and some tape. my permanent fix is taking a small split ring (about 1/2") and putting that where the pull was, and then using a fabric zipper pull on that. now i just carry a few split rings just in case. the split rings don't come off, and putting 'em on is *much faster* than replacing the whole zipper mechanism.

i've used both scotchgard and the wash-in nikwax, and the nikwax works much better for me. i've gone 600+ miles in heavy rain and stayed dry on my bmw rs1100rsl.

like they say in the amex commercial, i wouldn't leave home without it. and as gabe says in his excellent article, the best armor is the one you wear everyday.
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Default Re: Five Years With An Aerostich

I tried on a Roadcrafter in their showroom in Duluth two summers ago. I thought I would have heat stoke before I got it on. Later I bought a Cycleport (formerly Motoport) Airmesh Kevlar jacket and pants. If the garments are held up to a light, you can see through them, sort of a screen door effect. I bought a Goretex liner for the pants and a Goretex liner and an insulated liner for the jacket. I had the insulated liner wired for heat by Gerbing. This combination cost more than the Roadcrafter, but I think it is better because it can be used in all temps and does not leak a drop. Customer service seems to be pretty good at Cycleport, AND their high end gear is made in the USA, not some third world country using slave labor.
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Default Re: Five Years With An Aerostich

The "Stitch" is, practically speaking, a cool/cold weather garment. In that temperature envelope it performs pretty exceptionally. Strikes me, however, that most riders are seasonal folks (May thru Sept) - warm to hot temperatures. You know who you are - that's just the way it is, and no criticism intended! The "Stitch's" only real drawback. therefore, is it's lack of fabric ventilation. Let's face it; GoreTex fabric has been touted as "breathable" since it's inception. If compared to something like polyU coating or PVC, it is impressive, but sitting in traffic in mid-August, you might as well be in PVC for all intents and purposes. This is kind of the same thing we have with full-coverage helmets - great protection with inadequate ventilation. Result: Folks who would otherwise wear them, don't! Solve the ventilation challenge and you've removed the last logical objection folks have to wearing truly protective clothing and lids. Then, Aerostich won't be able to keep up with demand and Ditto for the helmet folks. MO has, apparently, not tested the Motoport Air Mesh kevlar jacket yet, but this looks like a promising innovation. Anyone out there have direct experience with this product?
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