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xmike5 03-27-2005 09:49 AM

Re: 5 Years With An Aerostich
I can vouch for T-Pro and Johnson leathers. I live in SF three blocks away from that shop. Nice place with quality custom leathers and the proprietor, Alan, is a great salesman and very knowledgable guy. About six months ago I went down hard on my shoulder in a T-pro armored jacket and afterward my shoulder couldn't tell I'd been in the accident AT ALL. It was almost weird considering that the shoulder leather showed very noticeable damage.

Anyway, I think Johnson leathers is the exclusive US importer for T-Pro - at least they were a couple years ago.</p>

sportriderjed 03-27-2005 09:58 AM

Re: 5 Years With An Aerostich
Great write up Gabe. My experience has been a little different from yours though. I have had my red/black roadcrafter for 4 years and put about 60K miles on it commuting and general sportriding. I have had the zipper pulls break, but never the zipper itself. I find that zipping them a little more slowly reduces zipper pull breakage and most problems. I have ridden in torrential downpours and fog for four winters and never gotten wet so I am not sure what is happening with the crotch leak...I do tend to scoot up close to the tank and I use a tank bag a lot so maybe that helps. I wash the suit every 6 months or so and reapply scotchguard the same as you. I use a gerbing jacket liner and commute home at 2-3 am and am not cold at all. I agree that at about 90 degrees or so it doesnt work well but I have not tried the ice trick. That sleeve trick works well but as soon as you stop you will absolutely bake. I have not worn out the first set of pads but they are starting to crumble a little. The red fades to a pink after 2 years...way more than the blue in these photos. If I had it to do again I would buy grey and black. I also notice that the inside zippers tend to scuff the tank a lot on my bikes. Overall, its very comfortable at anything below 90 degrees, and offers the protection of leathers with the easy on and off and room for regular clothing underneath. I have looked around alot and I have not found anything that would seem to work better. The fit can be totally customized...I had the sleeves rotated forward to fit better on a sportbike and the legs lengthened 2 in above the pads bacause they rode too highly for me on the bike, and the back make longer and wider where I specified to make things feel better at full tuck. On thing I really love is the stays soft and keeps the bugs and junk off the neck. I think the hip pads work ok but it is tough to get in to your pants pockets with them in. Maybe a comparision is in order...hey Sean/Gabe send me some of the competitor stuff and I will help you do a comparo!

jggowan 03-27-2005 12:09 PM

Re: T-Pro
I just picked up a full set of the T-Pro (back, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees). After a lot of research, the T-pro stuff comes out on top by a wide margin.

The Johnson Leathers folks are the tops as well. After I placed my order, they called me up and we spoke for 10-15 minutes so they could be sure what I orderd was right for the gear I had. Great people.

It's *not* cheap, though. Ended up paying more for the armor than my jacket. I suspect the armor will last longer, though.


Vlad 03-27-2005 01:23 PM

Aerostitch and Motoport
Motoport makes excellent gear. I have a Canyon suit and it is the only suit that I have owned that is a worthy competitor to the Aerostitch. So I can wholeheartedly recommend the Motoport line to those that prefer the features, want to save some dough, or have problems with the 'Stitch. And their customer service is very good.


Nplateau 03-27-2005 04:08 PM

Re: Cool vs Not Cool
Well come on now Ebass, have you ever seen anything that Sean wears look cool? I mean, seriously dude, you could put him in $2000 leathers, a $5000 Armani suit, or even a $500,000 Ferrari, and he would make them all look bad. The man is completely, utterly, inept in the style department. I'm sure he'd make the substance over style argument, and as a motorcyclist or driver of an automobile, he has the skill to shame just about anyone on any given day. This is all well and fine if you want pointers on how to ride, but never, I mean never, take advice from Sean when it comes to matters of creative expression, such as style.

As for the Sean being a hypocrite and you being a poseur thing, well, I'm just going to hold my tongue on those discussions, for now. All people are flawed, and I think in these matters, we should all practice a bit of patience and forgiveness with each other. Much like I did in the previous paragraph, at times we all tend to judge eachother harshly. The trouble lies when we go from poking fun, to genuine condescension. Yeah, Sean is condescending to you, me, and others for one reason or another at times, but hey, that's just life. We move on and try to be better for our experiences.

On a serious note, Ebeezie, the arm chaps and skull bucket are retarded, and you really should consider trading in a little bit of that "cool" factor for full-face helmet. You're too talented a writer to risk becoming a vegetable when a full-face could save you from harm.

Nplateau 03-27-2005 04:28 PM

Re: Cool vs Not Cool
Humble and Sean, yet another oxymoronic juxtaposition.

Alright, I'm done Sean bashing for today. I feel bad.

Sean does have some very good qualities. They just get obscured from time to time....

mheathman 03-27-2005 04:39 PM

Re: roadcrafter fit on sportbikes
I had planned on getting the arm rotation, and possibly the added "ellipse" on the back as well. I'm going to have to save my money for awhile though.

I've got Helibars on my SV too, and they helped a great deal. I almost went with the LSL superbike bars, but I liked the clean look of clip-ons. I also put on SV650N footpegs, which made a big difference for my poor old knees. With the Sargent seat it's pretty comfy to ride now.

I've got a Yosh 3/4 system on mine, along with a PCIII, a TRE, and a 42 tooth rear sprocket. Great lunge out of corners now. Great bike.

sportbikebandit 03-27-2005 05:21 PM

Re: Proposal
That's excellent observation. My personal favorite is there and their. You are on to something seruzawa. Nothing like a good human editor to review things..

webdev511 03-27-2005 06:56 PM

Re: 5 Years With An Aerostich
I've had mine for 14 years and my only real complaint is the zippers. I've done two kits to fix them.

For really rainy days I use a frank thomas aquasport over my Stich. Works out nice too.

Most trackday organizers will let you wear a Stich too. Mulit use!!!

Gabe 03-27-2005 10:02 PM

Dude! Great writeup!
And I think you hit on my point- there's nothing else that I've tried that is so versitile.

I do want to get some competitor's suits to compare them. I've had my eye on the Fieldsheer Highlander suit for a while, as it's the closest knock-off. Stay tuned!

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