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Default Re: Do not hate me because I am beautiful

Nothing so deep I'm afraid, since MO doesn't have an edit function and preview just posts twice you can't change or add to a post once it's made. If you think of something else you just have to post another reply....

I suppose this would fall under "justification"?
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Default It Varies.

I been thinkin' about drooling and acting feeble. Figure that might get me some PLAY outa sympathy.

That don't work...I'm callin'g ACME!
Yeah, well, you can get up and leave, DEAL WITH IT!
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Default Re: MO Helmet Roundup

the best helmets i have ever worn (and the most pricey) have been shoei's. i had a rf900 for about a year and it was awesome except it fogged up a bit, but i just smeared sampoo on the inside (like chuck yeager did in the bell x1's windsheild). thensomeone flogged it so i tried on their new xr1000 it is the best fitting helmet ive tried. couldnt afford it tho, ended up using my brothers old agv. my housemates have a cms and HJC helmets, and they are both a bt sloppy without the perfect feel that the shoeis have, especially the cms, shich didnt hav emuch padding either
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Default Re: MO Helmet Roundup

Went to a bike show yesterday in Timoniom,Md. and there was a vendor with half a dozen Fulmers. The fit and finish and overall quality appeared to be very good for a 125 buck helmet. Graphics on he bright side but not as gaudy as the ones in the article.
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Default Re: MO Helmet Roundup

Good stuff. Wish you guys would also incude some of the more realistic and easy to aquire brands like HJC or ICON, I just got a new Icon Mainframe and my buddy with the shoi was amazed how nice it was and the fact it was about 200 buck cheaper. Love to see some talk about the ICON stuff since it seems to be showing up EVERYWHERE now.
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