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Default Re: Let's Hear It

First post. Too bad I have nothing to say.
Go Hinckley or go Home!
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Default Re: Let's Hear It

I bought a 2004 suzuki v-strom 1000 in July. it is the best do it all motorcycle ever.

in December I bought a 2005 Triumph Speed four, and I absolutely love it. If i had to choose between the two. . . I would probably keep the triumph the strom has a face only a mother could love the triumph is just too much fun in the twisties and relatively comfortable for a semi sport. don't believe all the bad press about bad F.I. Triumph rules! Bring it on mofo's.
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Default Re: Let's Hear It

I'll take the bait. The difficulty is that there is no one bike for every purpose, or for everyone. There are very few sucky bikes out there.

Best street/commuter bike - Suzuki SV650

Best canyon dancer - Ducati 749

Best tourer - Honda Gold Wing

Best sport tourer - tricky question, either the VFR, the Aprilia Futura, or the BMW R1150RT (depends on height, weight, and your definition of beauty.

Best all around streetbike - VFR

Best sportbike - Suzuki GSXR 750

Best big scooter - tie between Honda Silver wing and Suzuki Burgman 650

Best cruiser/tourer - Harley Electra Glide

Best cruiser - Yamaha Road King

Just my thoughts.


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Default Re: Let's Hear It

This one's easy for me. I like to work on bikes and lately I've been rebuilding my HD motor after 75,000 miles - top end only. I really like how easy it is to work on and solidly built-especially the clutch, gearbox and lower end. So that's the first requirement. Next it should be an old Triumph - very light in weight, excellent in handling and relatively convertable to commuting, touring or sport riding (as it was 40 years ago). Third it needs updating to modern spec in the engine, braking and suspension department, like my new Triumph. Finally, it should be mass-produced to lower price. So, I'm looking for a mass-produced Kenny Dreer Norton, <$10,000, with options for converting to touring, commuting or sport riding. And after 75,000 miles I can redo the head myself with few or no special tools. I'll sacrifice the race-replica bike option to get it.
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Default Re: Let's Hear It

To me, the perfect bike would be the ZX-10R with relaxed, near standard ergos, slightly more wind protection, but the same weight. I would put a center stand on it and bungee hooks and ride it every day.
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Default Best Bikes

I've owned some ridden the others and wished for some of them, anyway here's my thoughts on the best motorcycles.


Canyon - Buell XB12R with Ducati 999S engine

Cruiser - 2006 H-D VRSCR Street Rod

Street Race - Kawasaki ZX 10R

Tourer - Honda Gold Wing

Sport tourer - Yamaha FJR1300

Street fighter - Buell XB12S with racing kit and 9,000 rpm redline

Old and neat - Honda CBX inline 6 cylinder

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Default Re: Let's Hear It

I'd like to have a syncopated, loping, torquey, narrow-angle, single-crankpin V-twin in a standard bike with comfortable ergonomics, excellent brakes, and excellent cornering clearance.

The Buells are too cramped. The Street Rod doesn't lean far enough. The 90-degree twins like the Ducati and SVs don't have the syncopated charisma and low-end grunt. Sportsters are uncomfortable for long rides.
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Default Re: Let's Hear It

I'm not real knowledgeable here, but sounds like you just read off the specs of a Buell:

1. Low-tech simple Harley engine, clutch, gearbox, etc.

2. Light weight, excellent handling (according to reviews I've read), standard riding position available (don't know if it would do touring very well tho - luggage room?).

3. Thoroughly updated engine, suspension, and braking (compare to Sportster!).

4. Price? Not bad - xb9 for $8700, xb12 for $10,500 - pretty close to your requirements.

I'm on an SV myself, never ridden a Buell, but looked into them a lot - love V-Twins
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Default Weapon of Choice:

It doesn't exist. Weapons are tools, and for different jobs, a different tools are needed.

But... Lets face it... we all have one job that we do more than others... and we all have priorities...

I may lust for 1000 different guns, but if I could only have 1, it'd be a Springfield 1911... because for me, defense trumps hunting.

But 1 gun.... that's easy compared to the 1 bike discussion....

What would be MY bike???

2002 zx-9... the black and gold one... with a full yoshi exhaust.. removable hard bags... Zero grav windscreen, and a corbin seat...

Yeah... that would do me just fine.
911 is for Pussies.
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Default Re: Let's Hear It

OK I'll bite. First off I'll say upfront that my Trophy is the best bike I've owned based on my criteria of reliability, comfort verstility and performance, so anything on the list is "in addition to".

The reality is I'm a man of fairly simple and pragmatic tastes so the ultimate exotica wouldn't really appeal to me from a practical point of veiw, That said my list would be;

Second bike (all round catagory): New Bonneville, shaved, ported and polished head, Norman Hyde TOGA pipes, drilled stock airbox (it rains alot here) dyno-jetted, IKON shocks, Progressive springs and valving, low black ceramic bars with Napoleans, D.I.D. rims and Thruxton fenders.

Second bike (teenage wet dream come true catagory)'72 purple and white Triumph Trident...my heart still races when I see one, James Bond would ride this bike...

Second bike (play bike catagory): New Tiger with TOR pipe for Forrest service roads and general riding around

Second bike (cruizin' catagory) New FXDX Sport Glide, pretty much stock, cammed, piped and jetted for gettin' out with "the boyz"

Second bike ('cause just lookin' at it gives me wood catagory): '04 Moto Guzzi V11 Pro Italia...'nuff said..

Second bike (ol' school cool catagory): box-stock gray '78 Low Rider. This is the closest the AMF Shovelheads came to perfection, honestly, too cool for school

Second bike (really neat catagory): '74 black BMW R90S The best bike to come from Germany IMO

Second bike (scare myself shiitless catagory): '05 GSXR 1000 I don't think my skills would exceed the bikes potential....

Third bike (dirty bike catagory): "73 390 WR Husqvarana for serious F.S. roads and "over the pass to Yakima" runs

Third bike ('cause I always wanted one catagory): '73 radial finned 250 coffin tank Maico moto-crosser in bright factory yellow

Third bike (park it in the front room and look at it catagory): '72 Bultaco 250 Pursang.. absolute raw sex on wheels....

This could go on all day so I'll leave it at that...
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