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jungkvist 02-07-2005 03:47 AM

Re: Let's Hear It
I love my 90 VFR...Paid $1500 for it...It does most-everything really good, and...I can probably replace it for close-to the same money. Other than that...

IN THE...Non-Fantasy...Just walk into the Show Room...Swiss Army Bike Catagory: The Suzuki V-Strom...It does just-about everything but look pretty...Any fault is has (actually mine) Seat's Too Tall!

IN THE...Non-Fantasy...Just walk into the Show Room...Nakid Bike Catagory: The Triumph Speed-Trip...Torgue, Tude, and it's a Triumph...The Limey-Bike dreams of my youth, will not be denied (need to do something about the headlights, though).

IN THE...Semi-Fantasy...Wouldn't it be fun to Stomp the Squids...Hey, I could actually afford this thing Catagory: Naked, Race-Tricked, SV-650 Sleeper...Nothing says...snicker...snicker...he...he...he...Ha...Ha. Wanpin a squid-kid on what he think's benieth-him...and under you.

IN THE...Balls Out...Stoned and doing Speed...Dreaming About...Having more money than I can spend Catagory: 750cc Kawasaki Mach III engine, in a stiff-enough frame and modern tires...Once, again, a Fantasy of my Youth.

longride 02-07-2005 03:50 AM

Re: Let's Hear It
I doubt I couldlive with one motorcycle for very long. I like them all, and would own them all. if I had the resources. Having a passenger for most of my rides has changed my needs, as having a 2 up tourer in the garage is a given. Now where do I go from there? The ZX9, VMax, and 76 FX are a good start for me. I would love to add a 79 CBX, as that is one of the bikes I truly missed when I sold it. The new Speed 3 is getting alot of my attention, but I believe it will replace one of the others in the collection, and not add to it. I wouldlike to have at least one BMW some day. The 1200GT is the one I would get now. I like that bike. Certainly, there is no one bike I could have, or build that would do it all. If I do build that hardtail, jockey shift, bobber one day, that might come close.

ccd3 02-07-2005 03:53 AM

Puch Rules
Every other bike has been an also-ran in comparison to my 1978 Puch "Newport". 1.5 Hp. Maximum speed 28 mph leaned-out on Bel Ray synth (so I thought- the extra 3mph was in actuality probably due to the fact I weighed 80 lbs).

I remember the first time I "wicked-'er up" The rush from 15 to 25...then 28!!! made me bleary-eyed. The pavement beneath me seemed to speed by so quickly. The din of the screaming Austrian powerplant was to be modeled by weed-wackers and leaf blowers still 20 years in the future.

My newfound noteriety in my quiet neighborhood made me the talk of the cafeteria. Everyone rode Stingrays.. I had a Moped. Pretty-soon, I had a girlfriend. She dug the bike. I was part of the package.

I became stuff of 6th-grade legend when I took a nasty 18 mph spill going over a buddy's bmx ramp. It's the only scar I have from 30 years of riding. I also realize much of my "Wonder Years" was spent pushing said moped... I learned to always carry a spare plug soon after. I guess it was sort of like riding a [insert bike you don;t like here]!!!

It was such a wonderful, fleeting moment in life. With a new found driver's license and a spanking-new Honda XL-80, the once-great Newport found itself moving further back into the recesses of the garage. The bikes grew- 80cc became 185, became 250, and so on. They were sold as I progressed- but I couldn;t get rid of the dorky-looking beige moped (with pin-striping!)

After a couple of years or so, I tried to kick her over and sneak her out. She was seized-tight. My payback for shunning her for speed and 4" of suspension travel.

All the new bikes.. mine included... are crap when it came to the spirit of the mighty Puch Newport. Wish I still had her. Think I'll go surf over to Ebay now...

Grundoon 02-07-2005 03:58 AM

Re: Let's Hear It
". . . you can put fake, stick-on bullet holes on it and pretend you're Tom Cruise in "MI2"."

But only if you can fire your Uzi while performing a stoppie!

iamz 02-07-2005 03:58 AM

Re: Let's Hear It
I'm pretty much in agreement with both of you on this one. I would only refine your list further by insisting that it be air cooled and no more than 2 cylinders, both for ease of maintainence. Even the Ducati 620 twin with 2 valves per cylinder would work for me. You have a couple extra measurment to make when adjusting valves but their easy to get to and I'm guessing you just have to take your time.

I would also like to keep the weight at around 400 lbs or less. A longer travel suspension would be nice to allow for riding on less than perfectly paved roads like fire roads and some not so rugged trails. Thats where the light weight manuverability of the bike would be useful.

The more I write, the more I think I'm trying to convince myself to go out and buy the 620 Multistrada. It's not quite a trail bike though, is it. It needs just a little more suspension travel.

jungkvist 02-07-2005 04:24 AM

To me...
...the Valk's a Twee-er...Is it a tourer or cruiser; and it ain't a, Nobody Cared!

The Rune: Over priced, and and over-concepted...nowhere to go...but, The Bank!

What the Hell! Honda has more money than God, they can afford a couple screw-ups.

HelterSkelter 02-07-2005 04:31 AM

Re: Let's Hear It
I've gotta go with Longride on this, my bud has one which I've ridden a bunch, it does nothing for me either and I hate not being able to see my feet when riding.

Also I wasn't blown away by the handling or power.

seruzawa 02-07-2005 04:43 AM

As neat as 1911s can be they have the same problem all single action autos have..... too dangerous to carry with one up the pipe. Gotta go with the Para 12-45 or the tough-as-nails-never-fail-to-feed Ruger P90.

jungkvist 02-07-2005 04:46 AM

Wow! Frank Capra, would be proud...
Man, you should write screen-plays! You just-about had tears!

If you write so eloquently about a Puch! Imagine what you could do with...Shatter women, living hopeless lives, with deceitful hunbands, uncaring children, an overbearing mother, drug addiction, and occasional commercial-interuptions, on the LifeTime for Women network?

Whoo-Wee! You got Genius in ya, Boy!

seruzawa 02-07-2005 04:47 AM

Re: Let's Hear It
Sounds like a R1200Gs would fill the need with a little modding.

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