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Default Re: Let's Hear It

I think we might have two different theories on what looks cool if you think a 50 dollar bungee cord attached fairing looks cool. Put a sv engine in a fz6 and I be writing a check right now.
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Default Re: Let's Hear It

Sounds not too different from my 1984 BMW R100RS. . .
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Default Re: Gives SHOOT-OUT a whole new meaning

What I had in mind was more like target shooting followed by a road race to a Mexican restaurant.
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Springfield makes the current FBI-issue 1911-style pistol. S&W makes one, too - as do Para and Kimber.

The Colt-manufacture 1911s tend to be slightly inferior out of the box, and it takes rather a lot of work to get them to competition-spec. How those competition spec. guns work when filled with mud, though, I don't know.

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Default Re: Let's Hear It

You all are killing me. The best bike is the one you have right now. Just get on it and ride the damn thing. Not having a bike really sucks. But, we love to fanastize, so here goes MY LIST:

1. Best Everyday Bike: 99-04 Triumph Sprint ST with a Zero Gravity smoked screen, Gen-Mar risers, ThrottleMeister, Triumph carbon can.

2. Best Do Everything Bike: '02 Ducati ST4s with a Corbin seat, Paulimoto clutch plate & vented cover, Dr. Ducati bar risers, Pirelli Diablos, DucatiDesign headlight upgrade, ThrottleMeister. Maybe some CycleCat bling-bling and Termingoni carbon cans.

3. Best Sex on Wheels: MV Agusta Brutale S.

The only bike that doesn't need a thing done to it. The only improvement MV could do is drop in the 1000cc mill. This bike is the only one I would sell my beloved Sprint to buy. In a perfect world, I would have my Duc, Triumph, and this bike in the garage.

4. Best Hooligan: a street legal H-D XR-750 (see EXTREME XR's article from the 2004 MO archives)

5. Best Jap Old Skool: '82 Kawasaki KZ-1000R Eddie Lawson Replica (with WP suspension) I fell in love with KZ's after I saw Mad Max. The ELR was the coolest bike ever in the 1980's. All I could afford in high school was a '80 KZ 750. I made it into a MFP replica.

6. Best Euro Old Skool: 76-79 Laverda Jota

Orange never looked so good. I am still searching for one.

7. Best 2 stroke: Bultaco Metralla. simple, beautiful, fast. Totally outclassed by the Yamaha RD's.

8. Best Unabtainium: '05 Ducati 999R

9. Best Dual Purpose: Who cares?

10. Best Poser: 50's Harley Panhead. Bobbed, not chopped. See Chopper Dave's website.
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Default Re: Let's Hear It

Ok, ole Creaking Bones will take a somewhat more serious shot this time..no Runpet 50 or Marusho Lilac cracks.

What I'd really, really like is:

1. Twin - big suprise there...

2. 11-1200cc - V - probably 90 degree, but narrower angle OK.

3. 6- 6.5 gal tank

4. Ergos as per BMW R90S, FJR 13 or ST 13.

5. Monster low & mids with a decent hit up top

6. Ultra high build quality , fit & finish - Hey, I've worked my ass off to get to this point - come on - pamper me!

7. Light on the plastic.

8. NO cruiser licks anywhere anytime. Hey cruiser bunch, love ya, just don't want to ride the same ride!

9. Good fuel mileage in std long distance ride

10. Ultra premium suspension & easy to adjust, especially suspension sag.

11. Shaft or belt drive OR - gasp! enclosed chain - Hokey Smokes...Yammie 920 incoming!!

12. Significant consideration given to making easy to service - consider the do it yourself bunch - like me.

13. Colors other than red & black

14. Extensive accessories a la BMW & HD.

15. Nice saddlebags and styled to look sharp without bags. And furthermore, avoid the stupid ass BMW thing and place the muffler right where the left bag should be.

16. 525 lbs wet and ready to ride.

17. Saddle designed by someone who can spell AND understand ergonomics.

Kinda sounds like an Aprilia Futura with saner ergos and nicer styling. Yup, sure does.

Of course it could be a Strom 1000 OR BMW R12GS, but with pure street wheel tire combo. Only problem for me with Strom & GS is styling - I like adventure bike styling, but - well - I guess what I really want is an adventure/sport tourer without the dirt licks. I can get a KTM for that and do it right anyway.

No, JohnnyB...not that old, not ready for nursing home. B. Bush can bake me cookies anytime. For other purposes, see babe on GoDaddy.com commercial....HAH!

And in my best Columbo "one more thing" - keep David Robb, Chris Bangle AND the author of the Futura plastic as far from my dreams and far can be!
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Default Re: Gives SHOOT-OUT a whole new meaning

and a foot race to the john.
911 is for Pussies.
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Default "I don't need no teenage queen..."

...I just want my M-14!

1911 is on my list of things to get. I have a Glock as well (they can co-exist!)
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Default Easy: VFR1000 V5

...and at least 40 lbs lighter with a seat as comfortable as the Futura's. That would be the shizzle on the dizzle.
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