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sportbike_pilot 02-03-2005 08:11 PM

Re: Out of the Canyons & Onto the Track
MO's own Alfonse Palamia deserves muy grande kudos for his contribution to this story. I have never spent three days with a photographer who worked as hard as Fonzie did on this piece in my entire life. Thank you.

- Martin Hackworth

apwired 02-03-2005 08:32 PM

Re: Out of the Canyons & Onto the Track
I don't know who is more awesome, me or you Martin!

Thank you for the kind words... girlfriend!

Wambo 02-03-2005 08:35 PM

Re: Out of the Canyons & Onto the Track
This was a very enjoyable read. I've yet to venture on to a track (maybe this year at PIR?) so the individual views and descriptions made me picture in my mind some of what was going on. It's much more than I thought. I was suprised at first about draining the antifreeze out of the cooling system but after I thought about it, it made sense. However, does water alone keep those bikes cool enough? I'm sure there are some tricks to it but it's better than a rider leaned over in a corner hitting a patch of antifreeze-I would bet it would ruin your day!

Hey, Sean and Marvin; Can I be next?

sportbike_pilot 02-03-2005 08:42 PM

Re: Out of the Canyons & Onto the Track
You're still pissed because you didn't have any vasolene left for your lens, aren't you?


SeanAlexander 02-03-2005 08:44 PM

Re: Out of the Canyons & Onto the Track
I'm placing both of you on super double-secret probation! -Sean

SeanAlexander 02-03-2005 08:49 PM

Re: Out of the Canyons & Onto the Track
Actually, Antifreeze is exactly that... its purpose is to prevent the coolant from freezing, it also includes additives to inhib rust & sludge, as well as lubricating properties for your waterpump etc...

Pure H2O has a better capacity to absorb and dissipate heat, so your bike will actually run [i]cooler on water than it will on antifreeze. Adding a surficant like Water Wetter to the water will improve it's heat dissipation ability, as well as adding lubricating and anti-rust properties.... However, your water will still freeze and break the waterpump impeller, at 32 degrees. -Sean

HobbleFoot 02-03-2005 08:58 PM

Re: Out of the Canyons & Onto the Track
Great article! I would love to go to the track, but my insurance company won't cover my bike if I do. I guess it's just the risk you take, but for me right now, I still enjoy the canyons.

Pinkslip 02-03-2005 09:36 PM

Re: Out of the Canyons & Onto the Track
(In response to Wambo's inquery about effective cooling with water only-- 100% distilled water keeps your bike cooler than an anti-freeze/water mixture. In Cali, most people (in cars and bikes) run a 70/30 mix (water/anti-freeze), because our winters don't get cold enough to require that much anti-freeze. Water Wetter works great too!)

I have been wanting to do a track day for a while now. After reading this article, I am even more anxious! I've even been playing with the idea of significantly limiting my street riding, as long as I could make up for it with track day time. Expensive sacrifice though(?).

Great article to all involved!

cptaebphd 02-04-2005 01:34 AM

Re: Out of the Canyons & Onto the Track
Outstanding article!! Martin, et. al. youÂ’ve performed a great service by showing all of us street riders the right/responsible way to enjoy the max performance of our bikes.

Walking us through the entire process with novices – pure gold! Personally, this is EXACTLY what I wanted to know. When/if I get stationed at Edwards again (I was there for a year, but my time was pretty much spoken for), I’m going to make it a personal goal to spend quality time at Willow Springs.

Having piloted F-16s and T-38s (from the back seat and only after clearing 300 ft), I can see the comparison with motorcycle riding. However, I prefer bikes – they don’t pummel my brain/stomach/sinuses. Pulling Gs is indeed a young man’s game…

Again, fine work!

jungkvist 02-04-2005 01:44 AM

Where it's at...
I think the track is where many of us belong. Trouble is, it's damn expensive. If track riding became more popular, who knows, the price could come down. Then, bi-monthly track days might become the equivilant to a golf outing. Anyway I'd rather be pushing my bike/luck, on the track, than the street. Thanks for the piece.

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