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cptaebphd 01-28-2005 12:25 PM

Re: 2005 Honda CBR 600RR - Street
I'm not complaining about the 600 SS bikes. I really like reading the stories, but the bikes don't fit my life right now. In the real world of commuting (95% of my riding), these bikes make no sense. And for that, they make me smile. Especially, with the trendy tribal flames motif.

NOW, if I get stationed at Edwards AFB (next to Willow Spings!), I'll be heavily in the SS market and the 600RR will make perfect sense as will a set of full leathers. That's not to say that I won't take my present DL650 out on the track, but I'd like a bike that was specifically engineered for superior track performance. And I'm sure I'll then be consumed with getting track time. My paradigm will shift...

For the record, I ran 3 miles today and I'm a 41 yo geezer. We old guys just don't pose anymore -- we buy the bikes we want. And if a bike is silly for street use, we old guys will let you know the emperor has no clothes.

Now where did I put that remote?

johnnyb 01-28-2005 12:27 PM

air-cooled twin
any thoughts on Serena's engine architecture?

BMW4VWW 01-28-2005 12:27 PM

Re: 2005 Honda CBR 600RR - Street
"I've been reading for years that 600 sportbikes are among the biggest sellers - it makes sense to write about models that the largest number of riders are interested in."

With that logic applied, we should have the majority of the reviews, and shootouts on cruisers. I personally find variety interesting, and hope that MO looks at a many different motorcycles as possible. I do enjoy the technology that goes into making the new 600's a fraction of a percent faster each year, however for my money I would prefer MO's efforts to cover a broad range of bikes, and spend less time and resources on the flavor of the month shootouts. VWW

sarnali 01-28-2005 12:30 PM

Re: 2005 Honda CBR 600RR - Street
No one said we couldn't ride 600 sportbikes, I don't because they don't suit the kind of riding I do. I ride almost everywhere, almost everyday. A sportbike just doesn't work in that type of riding

Believe me, if you want one go ahead, I don't care.

BMW4VWW 01-28-2005 12:31 PM

Re: air-cooled twin
Less aerodynamic than the competitionÂ’s, butt apparently makes more horsepower. VWW

longride 01-28-2005 12:32 PM

Re: 2005 Honda CBR 600RR - Street
This test is why I come to MO. I learn so much from people that are not only motorcycle experts, but are personal trainers too. "Going to the gym" fixes all the faults of every motorcycle of every kind. I wish I would have known this doing the Streetfighter Shootout. That Brutale feeling a little small and uncomfortable? Go to the gym. That Buell seating position feeling a little tight? Go to the gym. That test ride on a 900SS have you feeling like you are doing pushups? Gym dummy? It was so simple and I could never see it. Here I've been sitting with a remote in my hand all these years, hoping that would do some good, and I come to find out that everything wrong with every motorcycle I ever rode, could be fixed by going to the gym. I hear Gen-Mar and Heli Bars are going out of business. Their web site pages say, you guessed it, "Go to the gym".

Sean said:

"I didn't spend much time on freeways and surface streets, but the little time that I did spend, saw my hands tingling from engine buzz and my back hurting from suspension jolts."


"Truly, this bike is aimed at hardcore backroad enthusiasts and track day junkies. "

Wimp. Just go to the gym. Put the remote down too.

ewok1 01-28-2005 01:14 PM

I should say I just paid almost 12 bucks just for the privilege of telling you how much I like my Adventure.

I'm lukewarm, maybe even tepid, over the bike.

The truth is, if I was at the starting point I would buy a tiger.

But it's still a fantastic bike, it just has some niggling problems. It is a little on the tempermental side, the seat takes getting used to and it takes a full hour to change the oil.

It does haul ass. It is way quicker than the gs1200 in the sense that is handles quite a bit better and it really has a good motor.

So if you don't mind quirks and just want a raw huge dirt bike you can ride on the street, then the katoom is your bike. Anyone on this site within riding distance of Coeur d'Alene Idaho is welcome to take her for a spin.

I join the goobs who want something reviewed in addition to the sport bikes, altho i want to know about those too.

i think the guys reviewing the bikes on this site give you something fun to read. They do a good job of it. I especially like what the sport bike pilot says because we fit the same demographic. Old fart, amateur racing, overeducated, Idaho guys. There might be just two of us. Nope, I know at least one more.

But, if you take anyone else's advice on what bike to buy, you deserve to be disappointed.

$11.94 ain't bad for getting to write stupid stuff somebody else might read on the internet, even tho it took me a few weeks for me to reup. This was fun.

Is a vtx1300 a cruiser? harrumph. I won't go along with that. Why do they put the pegs forward of your butt? That just doesn't make any sense.

cptaebphd 01-28-2005 01:50 PM

Re: Welll since you asked...
kpaul said "After 6 weeks, you will be getting a hard-on when you ride a 600."

And don't forget that working out will not only fix all bikes, it will also correct ED. No word on what to do if your erection lasts longer than 4 hours.

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