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Default Another bike...

How about a ZX9R? ('06 ZZR900??) 50#'s less, 40 HP more, a seating position that is just as comfortable, and it can wear soft luggage as well as the next sport tourer.
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Default Re: Concours & Interceptor

Why not the Daytona spec motor? Torque curve. We sprint riders live in the 4-8k range. not that the Daytona's is a bad motor, but why worry about top-end when all your grunt is in a nice-usable band?
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Default Re: Concours & Interceptor

Glad to hear the hard bags work well. I just traded my Mean Streak for an '04 VFR this past weekend...and pick up the hard bags tomorrow (great discounts on 04's). Hopefully I can figure out how to mount the bags, but how do you get the silly a$$ grin off your face?
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Default Re: Concours & Interceptor

Used to own a 1994 Concours. Have been wondering when y'all would post a review of the bike. Y'all are entitled to your opinion and you have some valid points.

Now my opinion. I had a blast with my Concours. I took it for a ride all over the state of California once. FRom L.A. to Yosemite. Then up thru the gold country up to Sacto. Then up around Clear Lake. Out to Highway 1 and south all the way back to Socal.

I'd get up at seven a.m. and ride pretty much all day until early evening. At night I was ready for a rest but no way was I exhausted. Next morning I was alway ready to rip again.

The bike had plenty of power for me. More than enough. The bike is one of the best values out there. Lots of aftermarket stuf too because it has been around for years. Lots of user group support on the web.
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Default Re: Concours & Interceptor

Ah, '80s tech engines.

I rode my first-gen Ninja ('86 GPz900R) for 11 years.

I remember sometime in there, I think after it ate it's first set of cams, I test rode a Concours, since the powerplant is a derivative of the same engine (1 liter, milder cams). I was not impressed. Compared to even the early Ninja, it handled like a boat - well, like an early-80's boxer twin BMW. It was heavy, too flexible, and I thought the brakes needed an upgrade to deal with the added weight. I don't understand why Kawasaki didn't continue using the engine case as a stressed member, as in the 1stgen Ninja.

I think it's time Kawasaki came out with a Concours replacement. I hope they don't continue the displacement wars. I'd like to see a bike with the refinement of the VFR/V-Tech (whatever!) or the FJR1300, but displacing 850-950cc -- and not scrimping on suspension or brake technology.

- Jim in Las Vegas
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Default Re: Concours & Interceptor

Ummmm, I don't get it. What was the point of the 2 way comparison between these two bikes? I mean one is a straight 4 carbed, tour bike with shaft drive and some sporty pretensions. The other is far more sporty, modern, chain driven, a v-twin and not as much for touring. I see only 2 ways they are similar.... in measured HP and number of spark plugs. Are these the only bikes you could get that week? What gives?
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Default Re: Concours & Interceptor

I have a 2003 Concours and a 2004 Ninja 500. I grew up on '80s UJMs, so both of these bikes feel like home to me, but both handle better than anything I rode from that era. I hop on the 500 when I want something small and light and am always impressed by it, but am even more impressed when I hop on the Conc and it can do almost everything the little Ninja can do.

Guess ignorance and old age (37) is bliss...

It gets me that no magazine has ever tested a Connie that has been modified with a few functional farkles, such as a good debuzzing, cartridge emulator/resprung fork and ZZR1200 shock, with a Rifle windshield. These things transform the bike and it is still cheaper than anything else in it's class afterward.
Wayne Bengston
2004 Ninja 500
2003 Concours
1986 Fazer
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