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rider_md 01-02-2005 03:57 PM

Re: Concours & Interceptor
and oh yeah, you guys forgot to mention what a gas guzzler the vfr800 is...

or maybe that's just the way i ride it... lol.

dunno, but when i fill up to the neck of the tank inlet, and i ride until the last bar blinking on a mix of local rural / suburban / urban, i get around 180-200 mi to the tank... bleah... 220-240 mi on the highway.

with a 5.8 gallon tank (supposedly), that's not what i expect from a sports-TOURER

but that's my only complaint about my steer. otherwise its a faithful fun beauty IMHO.

rider_md 01-02-2005 03:58 PM

Re: Concours & Interceptor
oh yeah, and the hardbags totally rock and are ultrapractical

longride 01-02-2005 04:13 PM

Re: Concours & Interceptor
The Japanese pretty much pigeon-holed themselves years ago with the Price/Performance criteria. Bikes have to get faster, lighter and cheaper each year or they go down the dumper. They have to win that big "shootout" or the squids will stay away in droves. The VFR is a very nice motorcycle, but by your criteria, and even theirs, it's underpowered and overpriced. It's not really a sport bike, nor is it a tourer. It's a "tweener" as they say in sports, and at possibly too hefty a price when compared to other options. I still thought it was a damn fine motorcycle though.

WVRidgerunner 01-02-2005 04:30 PM

Re: Concours & Interceptor
Agreed, nice review! I notice that most of the negative comments regarding the VFR come from people who don't currently own one. There's always a tendency to overrate what you ride, but the VFR truly is an amazing machine.

Like MichaelO, I also started riding late (began at age 52, am 58 now) and , like most of my generation, started on a cruiser (an 800 Intruder). It was a fun little bike, but I lusted for more performance. This led to a '98 Valk, which was the closest thing to a locomotive I've ever ridden. After putting 10,000 mi. or so on the Valk, I decided that what I really wanted was something that was smaller, lighter, and handled better. Kinda like a Sportbike. But of course, I was "too old" for a Sportbike. So I bought an SV650 and had a great time blasting through the West Virginia twisties and having no trouble keeping up with my sportbike-riding younger friends.

Now I was starting to realize that what I really enjoyed was going fast on curvy roads at high lean angles. Being a mature individual, I realized that I would probably kill myself If I kept bumping up my cornering speeds on the street. So I decided that I had better head for a track to see what the little SV could do. I enrolled in a CLASS at VIR and almost instantly I was hooked!

However, the front end limitations of the SV led me to begin searching for a more track-worthy bike. I know, I know, you can put on some aftermarket forks and turn the SV into a great little trackbike, but I wanted a real Sportbike. But I also wanted a bike that wouldn't induce numbbuns in 2 hours of riding.

I started thinking VFR, but didn't want an '01 after reading lukewarm reviews of the VTEC and loss of the beloved cam-gear whine. I was lucky to find a holdover, yellow 2000 VFR, which I bought "new" in 2001 for $7,000.

Since then I have been in absolute motorcycle Nirvana! What other bike can you ride from West Virginia to Barber (hitting, of course, "The Dragon" and the Cherohala on the way down), do a couple of track days at Barber and return completely refreshed 2,500 miles later? The bike now has 14,000 mi. and the only maintenance has been oil changes every 3,000mi. I think it is one of the prettiest bikes ever made. I challenge anyone to name a better all-around street-trackday bike.

OK, it could use another 200 cc and 30 hp. Let's hope that Honda is reading this board and putting the finishing touches on the 2006 VFR 1000!

seruzawa 01-02-2005 05:22 PM

Re: Concours & Interceptor
When a company engages in the yearly sportbike tweaking game to make their own main sport models obsolete each year then I guess it's just too bad when the sales of their other sport oriented models suffer. It's difficult to have your cake and eat it too.

kowalke67 01-02-2005 05:26 PM

Re: Concours & Interceptor
Being a mature individual, I realized that I would probably kill myself If I kept bumping up my cornering speeds on the street. So I decided that I had better head for a track to see what the little SV could do.

Ah, a man of wisdom I see.

I'm following a similar pattern with my motorcycle riding as well. Outside of not wanting to kill or maim myself (or my bike) on unpredictable public roads I have another reason to take it to the track. That's the only place I'll ever see a curve in the road without having to drive 150 miles. You see I live in the flat and straight as an arrow lands of Chicago. Great city. Crappy motorcycle roads.

I'm looking for a track day bike that also isnÂ’t overly uncompromising on the street. I'm considering either a 2002 Daytona 955i or something smaller like a 2003 Speed 4 or a SV650, in that order. Like you say, the front end of the SV is something I'd think I'd outgrow fairly quick. If I were going through the trouble to spend another grand or more on new suspension I'd rather have some more power to grow into as well. That's no dig on the SV. That's the "reentry" bike I should have bought when I started riding again four years ago and should still own now to compliment my current bike. Which leads me toÂ…

I'm going to accept your challenge though and offer up the Ducati ST3 as at least as good of an all-around street-track day bike (you were very right when you say there's a tendency to overrate what you ride so allow me please:-) ). I can't compete with the affordability of an '00 VFR (hence the search for a track day bike) but performance wise I think the ST3 is in there. I am taking the ST3 to the track this year to see how I like track days. If I get hooked like a lot of people do then IÂ’ll buy one of the bikes mentioned as my main track day bike so it wonÂ’t cost me so many $$$Â’s if/when I finally go down.

I'd be very excited to see MO put on a middleweight sport tourer test this year. The new Triumph Sprint ST (the 1050cc triple is really upping the ante) vs. the Ducati ST3 & ST4 vs the BMW K1200S vs the VFR (you have to have the ultimate measuring stick involved or it's just not a valid sport tourer test!) vs the Yamaha FJR1300 vs the Honda ST1300. The FJR seems to keep winning this comparo so maybe one of the new sport tourers will finally knock it off the throne.

kowalke67 01-02-2005 05:39 PM

Re: Concours & Interceptor
Nope, not ugly at all. It's just the opposite.

dagofast 01-02-2005 05:54 PM

Re: Concours & Interceptor
Geez,! What's the deal? Is Big K not wine'in & dining you boys? You describe The Concours as one of the "Holy Trinity" and then proceed to bag on it? Let's see, It's older than the viffer, so that must be the "son". The SV is no where to be seen, so it must be the "holy ghost"? So that must mean you guy's are blaspheming the BIG guy?

Listen: Connies were carving up twisies and crossing continents when you guys were in diapers. And they still will be when your too old to cram yourselves on the latest 600cc sportbike.

If you want to be taken seriously as moto scribes, why not try tapping into the knowledge base that exists for the bike at COG and numerous listservs?

Beg Kawasaki to leave the bike for awhile, Put a Clearview, Cee Baileys or Rifle windshield on it. Mount some Avon Azaro's. Install a forkbrace, maybe some Progressive springs, Racetech cartidge emulators. Slip on some Cobra F1's.

For the price of a full viffer service ($890.!), you'll have a bike that will amaze you.

Out here in reality, where we have to pay our own hard earned bucks to ride, happy Connie owners use all the money they saved for more gas.

sarnali 01-02-2005 06:18 PM

Re: Concours & Interceptor
Agreed, They brought this crap on themselves for pandering to the likes of Motorcyclist and Sportrider. Props to Suzuki for keeping the Bandit around. They must have paid off the GSXR tooling awhile back, Kawasaki too with the Concours. Honda seems to have an inkling with the CBR-RR derived 919 and 599.

Soichiro must be spinning in his grave at what the bean counters and pocket protectors has done to his baby.

sarnali 01-02-2005 06:24 PM

Re: Concours & Interceptor
Some low hanging fruit here guys.......

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