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stoney8888 11-18-2004 03:41 AM

Re: Harley Davidson Flame Wear
I love sporting a jacket that says ride free on it when e-bass is putting around on about $25,000.99 worth of very needed product.

nokneedragin 11-18-2004 04:03 AM

Re: Harley Davidson Flame Wear

Where can I get that free HD??

Maybe its an invitation for anyone to ride your bike?

I'm confused by the village people look anyway.

Definitely not subtle.

OK back to sleep.. er... I mean work

longride 11-18-2004 04:20 AM

Re: Harley Davidson Flame Wear
EB my friend, you have stones that are many times bigger than mine to do this article. I think the flames in the reader feedback are far exceeding the flames on the jacket and boots. And remember, the members of the GPTB are always behind you. If you are wearing that stuff we may be a bit further behind.

pdad13 11-18-2004 04:56 AM

Re: Harley Davidson Flame Wear
Macho, macho man/I want to be a macho man/Macho, macho man/I want to be a macho man/Macho, macho man, I want to be macho!...

captainwhoopass 11-18-2004 05:08 AM

Re: Harley Davidson Flame Wear
I have to disagree there. Harley-Davidson beer is clearly the worst idea previous to this one.

bboule 11-18-2004 05:13 AM

Re: Harley Davidson Flame Wear
Not going to comment on the style if that's your thing go for it...

But how dumb are they to make motorcycle boots without some extra padding over the area on the foot where you shift?

Or putting metal H-D logos on the boots so you can scratch up your $25k Harley? They should have put embroidered H-D logos on the uppers where they wouldn't scratch up the bike.

I guess these are not really a problem since they know that the people who get this stuff are not actually going to ride the bike, just pose.

johnnyb 11-18-2004 05:40 AM

Re: Harley Davidson Flame Wear
I CAN'T wait to see this stuff modelled in the upcoming cruiser comparo. A bunch of the other OEMs are follwing the HD model with their own line of lifestyle apparel-ka-CHING. Should be highly interesting.

mscuddy 11-18-2004 06:17 AM

Re: Harley Davidson Flame Wear's cold gin time again....

captainwhoopass 11-18-2004 06:19 AM

Re: Harley Davidson Flame Wear
Many Harleys have heel-toe shifters, so the extra padding on top of the left toe probably isn't a big request.

As far as poorly designed motorcycle riding gear goes, all the companies that still make sportbike jackets with exposed metal zippers in the front are the worst examples that I can come up with. You would think that they would eventually figure out that those damage fuel tanks. Evidently the people who design the gear don't always use it or they would have figured out by now to either move the zipper to another location or design a flap to cover it so it won't scratch the tank.

xlr8r 11-18-2004 06:27 AM

Re: Harley Davidson Flame Wear
But if my eyeballs were shaking that bad, I wouldn't be able to read your t-shirt, would I? Btw, I already have a license plate sticker that says 'I'm sorry, officer, I think you must be mistaken' ( i.e. it can't go fast enough to get a ticket).

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