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longride 10-27-2004 05:28 AM

Re: 2005 Victory Hammer & 8-Ball
Victory teaming with S&S to build motors and parts will probably be the smartest thing they did to secure a place in the cruiser world. Without the option to build the motor, most buyers would look elseware for their cruiser fix. Victory has come a long way in a few years, and they had to. Another mfg. of nice motorcycles is always welcome.

boru4761 10-27-2004 05:59 AM

Re: 2005 Victory Hammer & 8-Ball
or just lop a cylinder off (a la the Buell Blast) and call it the Ace.

ValkBandit 10-27-2004 06:04 AM

Muscle cruiser? HAH!
i test rode a triumph rocket III last week, and ever since then, when i hear someone (other than a V-Max owner) say "muscle cruiser," i just have to laugh.

i'm not buying a rocket because i don't care for the ergos, but if triumph ever puts that engine in a touring or sport-touring bike, i'm pouncing. one of the GREAT engines of all time.

if you haven't ridden one yet, you owe it to yourself. makes v-twins feel like kiddy trikes.

wrecks 10-27-2004 06:56 AM

Re: 2005 Victory Hammer & 8-Ball
That's especially true in canada, here Acura sells the 1.7EL, which is a civic in a tuxedo. Remember the Cadillac Cimmaron? Cavallac.

staff 10-27-2004 07:47 AM

Re: Can't touch this
>>The thought of the barhoppers cruising Yellowstone in winter with apehangers and EZ-Leakers(tm) is a bit disturbing though. Does anyone sell insulated armchaps?

Disturbing but true!

Keep us posted here at MO if you find neoprene armchaps please during your search.... my little arms are starting to freeze over oh so bad now that winter is on the horizon here in LA!

F451 10-27-2004 08:18 AM

"This is because Victory hasn't been mired in "tradition", instead they've tried (successfully) to balance function with form."

Yes, and can you spell b-u-l-l-s-h-i-t? The new Hammer is as trendy as it gets: wire rear tire, larger engine, and on-and-on. The damn thing looks like the cartoon character Baby Huey. It is butt-ugly. Now, the 8-Ball is a winner as it was probably done for all the wrong reasons (an entry level cruiser) and ended up being the essence of cruising. And don't tell me that Victory planned it that way because the rest of the lineup would be just as good.

F451 10-27-2004 08:44 AM

Re: Muscle cruiser? HAH!
Test riding the Rocket III has increased my shirt sleeve length by one inch.

ddlewis 10-27-2004 09:14 AM

Re: Horsecrap
[i]>"This is because Victory hasn't been mired in "tradition", instead they've tried (successfully) to balance function with form.

True. if it weren't for 'tradition' the motor would be 90°, watercooled, half as big and twice as powerful. :) Seriously though, how can you build a harley knockoff cruiser and claim not to be traditional at the same time.. oxymoronic by definition.

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